Bill Thompson's Photos of West Surrey CTC

Bill Thompson recently sent me some photographs for the archives so I have scanned them and present them here. With help from a few others I have named nearly everyone, but not all with 100% confidence. If you can supply a missing name or correct an error I would love to hear from you. Also, can you provide a date, place or occasion. For example, photo 2 was taken in the Black Swan, presumably at Martyr's Green, looks like Christmas time, and photos 3 and 4 look like the same occasion.

George, John and Ken
Photo 1: ?, George Alesbury, John Widley (hiding someone), Ken Bolingbroke
Anke and Russ
Photo 2: Anke Blackburn and Russ Mantle
Libby to Ian
Photo 3: Libby Jupe, Jean Tedder, Peter Callaghan, Marguerite Statham, Marion Thompson, Ian Callaghan
Jim to Roy
Photo 4: Jim Cheatham, Don Jones, Rico Signore, Wally Happy, Richard Ellis, someone scarcely visible (Ken Travis?) and Roy Banks
Harry and many others at Seale
Photo 5: Harry Statham, Eric Parr, Ken Travis, Bryon Alden, Richard Ellis, Les Houlton with Harold Coleman behind, Jim Cheatham with someone behind, Don Jones, Rico Signore, Jean Tedder, Anke Blackburn with someone behind, Marguerite Statham with someone behind, George Alesbury, and are the three on the extreme right members of W Surrey at all?
Near East Tisted
Photo 6: Nearest the camera are John Widley (yellow top) and Les Houlton. Ken Bolingbroke is second from left (yellow-white-green DA jersey, no helmet).
The man further back below the < of the Privett sign may well be Bob Page.
Rico to Peter at dinner party
Photo 7: Dave Williamson, Rico Signore, Jeff Banks, ?, Alan Holbrook, Peter Clint, ?, Marion Thompson
Harold, Dane, Bill etc at Seale
Photo 8: Harold Coleman, ? (Charlotteville man), Roly Masset, Dane Maslen, 2 people facing away, and Bill Thompson at Seale Tea Room
Marguerite, many others, Roy
Photo 9: Marguerite and Harry Statham, Don Jones, Les Houlton, Jean Tedder, Anke Blackburn, Wally Happy, ?, John Ostrom, Ken Travis with Oscar the dog, Richard Ellis, Rico Signore, Bryon Alden, Keith Chesterton, John Widley and Roy Banks at a swimming party at Don Jones's house 'Fairfield' in Chiddingfold
Bob, Don, X, Harold, Cliff, Roy and Rico
Photo 10: Bob Page, Don Jones, ?, Harold Coleman, Cliff Boarer, Roy Banks and Rico Signore
Ron, Bill and Mark Silver
Photo 11: Ron Richardson (with his Les Dunster special), Bill Thompson and Mark Silver (with a Bates)

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