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"Cycle Touring & Campaigning" was the magazine of the CTC from December 1988 to January 2003, preceded by "Cycletouring" and followed by "Cycle".

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April / May 1992 - CTC DA News (loose insert)


W.E. Inder

G.A. writes:  The West Surrey DA reports with great sorrow the death on 8 February, in his 88th year, of Bill Inder, President and founder member.

It was in the spring 1921 that he, with two friends, decided that playing football for a local club on Saturday afternoons was fine, but left them at a loose end on Sundays.  So, as all three had bikes of a sort, they began to work off excess energies on Sunday cycle rides, rapidly working up from their first outing of 18 miles over the North Downs to trips to the South Coast.  By late July they were cycle camping in East Anglia, including a 100-mile day - this on 'dreadnought' cycles with 24in frames and 28 x 1½in wheels, loaded with camping kit.

A chance meeting with the Windsor, Eton and Slough Section of the then Metropolitan DA resulted, in September 1922, of the formation of a sub-section of that group with Bill as leader.  The CTC had arrived at Woking, with activities extending to cycle tours to the continent.  By 1928 the strength of the sub-section was such that DA status was sought and on 28 April the West Surrey DA was inaugurated with Bill as Secretary/Treasurer.

Around this period, as a member of the Charlotteville CC, Bill the tourist took up time trialling at all distances, encouraging others to do the same. This introduced many of the racing club members to the CTC, the resulting friendly relationship continuing to this day.

Under his guidance the DA developed with little change except for a period of amalgamation with the Kingston Section of the Metropolitan DA between 1931 and 1963.  In November 1955, the ill health of his wife Gladys, forced Bill to step down as Secretary/ Treasurer.  A grateful and sympathic DA immediately elected him to be their President, which office he held with distinction for the remainder of his time.

During his 27 years of retirement, the schools' cycle training and testing programme together with Road Safety Committee work occupied much of his time.  Until failing health in recent months, this didn't prevent his appearing for Wayfarers' events, Sunday runs or Thursday evening meetings, nor from his Saturday afternoon introductory runs for young cyclists.

Bill's long life was one of service to others, his great love was the joy of cycling in quiet lanes, along bridleways and rough tracks.  He introduced hundreds of people to the delights of cycling, always ready to give help and advice with the gentle kindness that endeared him to so many.  Over the years members came and went but he seemed to go on for ever, always there, always dependable, seemingly immortal.  Now he is gone from us, but his memory will linger in the hearts and minds of us who rode with him for so many years.

It is said that a cycling club is a most democratic institution and whatever the background of the members may be, within the club they are fellow cyclists among equals.  Surely Bill was a first among those equals.

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