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Agenda for the Annual General Meeting at St. Augustines Church Hall, Addlestone, 5/11/78.

  1. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To elect a Chairman for the meeting.
  3. To read and confirm the Minutes of the 1977 A.G.M.
  4. To receive and adopt the Annual Report.
  5. To receive and adopt the Annual Accounts.
  6. To elect the Officers and Committee for 1978/79:-
    1. President.
    2. Vice-President.
    3. Hon. Secretary.
    4. Hon. Treasurer.
    5. Hon. Runs Secretary.
    6. Hon. Consulting Solicitor.
    7. Hon. Auditor.
    8. Decide number of and elect Committee.
  7. To elect a Map Librarian.
  8. Benstead Cup Events.
  9. To discuss any other competent business.


Ladies and Gentlemen, another poor summer but a good Centenary Year for the C.T.C. and a good Golden Jubilee Year for our D.A., with new events and special activities.  Sadly, our enjoyment has been tempered by the untimely death, on the 1st of June, of our Vice-President Don Field, who had served the D.A. for so many years and who won the Benstead Challenge Cup a record five times.

D.A. membership has grown during the year from 612 to 703, a rise of over 14%.

Average Attendance - Sundays 27.5 (29).  Thursday Evenings 10 (12).  A total of 168 (157) riders have ridden with the D.A. during the year.  (Last year's figures in brackets.)

Sections - Support for the General fell off badly whilst Russ Mantle was unable to lead due to his unfortunate accident - other riders must be prepared to act as Runs Leaders.  The Intermediate became established on a weekly basis early in the year with a different Runs Leader each week - which must result in there being more competent runs Leaders in the D.A.  The Wayfarers have continued to devotedly follow Bill Inder wherever he may lead them though it is hoped that some of the younger riders will try leading in the future.  Newcomers Rides have again been organised by Bill Inder throughout the Summer.  An Associated Group of 17 young riders has been formed in Guildford by Keith Parfitt.

Youth Hostel Weekends - increased support has been shown due largely to Keith Parfitt introducing younger members to this aspect of cycling.  Trips have been made to:-  Alfriston, Overton, Whitwell (Isle of Wight), Arundel, Burley, Totland Bay, Southampton, Portsmouth and Blackboys, which was a Joint Run with the East Sussex D.A.  The Thursday Nighters have also had weekends away at Hazleton and the Isle of Wight.

Train Assisted Runs - just one this year, with excellent co-operation from British Rail.  Maybe more next year.

The D.A. Disco was organised by Les Sutton and attracted some 70 'Cool Customers'.  It didn't produce any new riders but it did make a profit.

The Anual Dinner - another successful event, much enjoyed by those attending - do come to this year's Grand Jubilee Dinner, 25th November.

The CTC Centenary Dinner in January started 1978 off in fine style and was attended by six D.A. members.

A Special Slide Show featured D.A. photographs, many transferred on to slides by Gordon Appleby, from the 1920s and 30s, early cycling posters and equipment and, as a contrast, slides from a recent tour of Yugoslavia by Stuart Jackson.  It provided a pleasant evening of nostalgia for some 50 members.

The D.A.'s 50th Birthday Tea in April, at Elstead, followed the 50 mile Reliability Ride.  65 members enjoyed a wonderful feast and presented Bill Inder with a Gold Filigree CTC Badge in appreciation of his 50 years service to the D.A.  It is intended that the Birthday Tea should become an annual event.

The Home Counties D.A.s Centenary Rally at Godalming proved a great success with nearly 400 attending from all over Great Britain, France, Australia, Canada and the U.S.A.!  An event of which we, as the local D.A., can feel justifiably proud.  A similar event is being planned for next year by the West London D.A. - how about attending?

CTC Centenary Relay Ride around Great Britain - we had the honour of starting the whole thing, by riding the first leg from Godalming to South Harting.  Fraser Pett enjoyed the unique distinction of riding in both the first and last legs.  D.A. member Simon Doughty was the first CTC member to complete the whole route of over 1500 miles, which he did in 15 days.  Tony Pryce has since followed in his tracks - well done Simon and Tony.

The Harrogate Rally was attended by 10 D.A. members.

The Centenary Tea at Addlestone was enjoyed by 43 members who watched our President cut a special cake.

The Photographic Competition was again popular with an entry of 75 slides.  Winners were:-  Land and Seascape - K. Bolingbroke;  Club Life - H. Smith;  Record and General - R. Mantle.

The new D.A. Stand has been used at two 'Sports for All' Shows in Guildford, BAC Weybridge, Sutton Place and Guildford Town Show, during which the D.A. participated in the procession.  Keith Parfitt was ably assisted by D.A. members at all these events.

D.A. members have assisted in conducting Cycling Proficiency Tests in Woking and Guildford.

A News Sheet has been added to our Runs List through much hard work by Chris Jeggo.

Benstead Cup competition events have continued to be popular, with more riders willing to have a go for the fun of it:-
50 mile Reliability Ride - a record entry of 34 with 31 completing the course, 15 inside 3½ hours, 8 inside 4 hours, 8 inside 4½ hours and one inside 5½ hours.  Also 9 older riders spent the day riding their own '50', joining the others at Elstead for the 'Birthday Tea' - we hope that this ride will be continued in the future.
Stonehenge and back Reliability Ride, a new event which attracted an entry of 11 riders, 4 completing the 250kms course and 6 the 200kms course, all well within the 13 hours allowed.  Ray Craig was the organiser with help from Bob and Joyce Patmore and Ken and Sylvia Pett.
Speedjudging  21 entries, winner Les Sutton, 2nd George Alesbury, 3rd M. Langman.
Roughstuff - 11 entries, winner Graham Richardson, 2nd F. Pett, 3rd C. Collins.
100 mile Reliability Ride - a very tough course this year around the D.A. borders.  Run on two dates - July 9th and Sept 24th.  A total of 15 entries, 3 finishing just in 7½ hours and 7 well inside 8½ hours.
Tourist Trial - for which the Bernard Howell Memorial trophy is awarded this year - a challenging half-day event, convincingly won by Chris Jeggo from Harold Coleman, who was just one point clear of Graham Richardson.
Hillclimb - entry of   , winner Mark Langman, 2nd Chris Jeggo, 3rd John Essex.
Freewheeling - entry of   , winner Graham Richardson, 2nd H. Coleman, 3rd Gary Evans.
Attendance - Edwards Attendance Cup - won by our President Bill Inder with his usual wide margin of 180 points to Keith Parfitt's 133 and Graham Richardson's 130.
The Benstead Challenge Cup winner for the second year is Chris Jeggo, 2nd Graham Richardson and 3rd Harold Coleman.  N.B. Whilst there were three Reliability Rides this year only any two counted towards the Benstead Cup - surprisingly, only three members completed all three.

Nine Committee Meetings have been held at members' homes.  Attendances:-  Alesbury 8, Coleman 9, Collins 8, Field 3, Inder 9, Jeggo 9, Mantle 8, Parfitt 7, Sutton 8, Craig 2 co-opted in June.

The Committee express their gratitude to all those who have assisted in D.A. activities during the year and in particular to John Essex for supplying hundreds of Runs Lists and our Ladies who have kindly provided refreshments at the two Slide Shows.

During the year the D.A. has become more outward looking and there has been an increasing readiness to support D.A. events and assist in activities such as Town Shows, Cycle Training schemes and Road Planning Committees.  All of which are important, not merely so that we keep people aware of the CTC, but also to ensure that our rights and interests as road users are protected.  To capitalise on our progress in the coming year, an active Committee will be needed together with willing support from D.A. members.
Many D.A.s have fallen by the wayside over the years and, in fact, some are experiencing grave difficulties even during these times of increasing CTC prosperity - not the West Surrey.  Our D.A. is now 50 years old and healthy;  it is up to all of us to keep it that way.

I thank you for letting me be your Honorary Secretary for the last six years and especially during 1978, the Centenary of the CTC and the Golden Jubilee of the West Surrey D.A.

By order of the D.A. Committee  20th October 1978.   
H. S. Coleman   
Signed  H. S. Coleman.
Hon. Sec. West Surrey D.A.

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