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Welcome to the online history and archives of West Surrey CTC, formerly West Surrey DA of the CTC.  If you haven't visited for a while, check out the latest updates.

So far as this website is concerned, 'archives' means the reproduction in electronic form of material, possibly ephemeral, that already exists on paper while 'history' means a story, a narrative, an account written with the benefit of hindsight, capturing the important aspects while leaving out details that now seem unimportant.

I welcome feedback on content.  The DA has a considerable quantity of archives (many now in the Surrey History Centre in Woking), some more interesting than others.  Please let me know what you find interesting.  If you have anything you think suitable for inclusion, please send it to me.  My contact details are below, including my e-address in a form which I hope is easily human-readable but not recognisable by spammers' automated web trawlers.

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