“The West Surrey Cyclist” - January - March 2013

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Cover photo - Tour of Britain - König, Tiernan-Locke and Haas at the top of Barhatch Lane
Inner front cover - CTC West Surrey 2013, Ride Leaders
Editorial front matter
  - What We Are
  - Welcome to Our World - by the Editor, Dane Maslen
  - Write Something!
Winter Riding - by John Murdoch
My First Sportive - by Phil Hamilton
Letter Column - Anonymous contribution about buying (or not) birthday drinks
How Far? How Fast? How Hilly? - by Dane Maslen
L'Eroica - by Nick Davison
The Danube Delta (part 4) - by Derek Tanner
Blog Talk - by Mark Waters
Tour of the Hills 2012 - by Don Gray
Summer Navigator Results - by Arthur Twiggs
100-mile Reliability Ride 2012 - by Dane Maslen
Members' Dinner - 9th February 2013
Dates for Your Diary

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