“The West Surrey Cyclist” - July - September 2013

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Cover photo - Riders on the Bicycle Icycle
Inner front cover - CTC West Surrey 2013, Ride Leaders
Editorial front matter
  - What We Are
  - Welcome to Our World - by the Editor, Dane Maslen
Letter Column - one letter from Dave Williamson - how a GPS unit can mislead
Intermediates' Isle of Wight Trip 22/05/13 - by Marion Davison
Riding Around - with Geoff Smith
Woking Midweek Wayfarer Information - by John Murdoch
B & B Croatian Holiday - With a Difference - by Richard Ellis, accompanied by Alan Holbrooke
Cycling in the Western Cape - by Laurie Mutch
Elstead Audaxes on 19th May - by Nick Davison
The Bicycle Icycle 70km Ride - 7 April 2013 - by Mark Waters
Tour of the Hills - Marshals Still Needed - by John Murdoch
Thoughts on Cycling Safety - by Louise Gagnon
How Far? - Part 1 - by Dane Maslen
Dates for Your Diary

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