"The West Surrey Cyclist" - January - March 1992

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Front cover - very similar to Issue 1
Inner front cover - advertisement - Collins Cycles
Editorial - by David Nightingale
DA Committee 1991/1992
Diary Dates
Cycle Maintenance for Beginners
Newquay ... On My Own! - by Marianne Tattum-Grashe
Events Programme  (Runs List, January - March)
Tours -
 - Ladies Luxury Weekend
 - Trip to St Lo  Easter 1992
 - WSDA Wayfarers Easter Tour
 - Marguerite's Summer Tour
B&B Recommended
Crossword answers
Letters to Ed
Attendance Scores October - December
Back cover - Crossword 4

Selected items transcribed from the original printed copy:


Greetings !

Thank you all who attended the A.G.M. , which seems like a good line to follow with, a few word of thanks to the retiring committee members.

David Pinkess for his excellent work in leading the Wayfarers, allways full of enthusiasm, he has certainly inspired me and I am sure many others of you.  He also was Chairman of the Committee doing a fine job there to.

Helen Pinkess for her work behind the scenes as Secretary and also the nice Wayfarer rides she has led.

Ian Parker, and I am sure most of us at some time have been on one of his Events, I went on the 100, in 1990 and was very impressed by the route, well done Ian.

Colin Harris again working behind the scenes on Publicity.  Not forgeting Alan Darlings contributions in the early period of the last committee.  Thank you both.

I think you will all agree that we should thank those who yet again have agreed to stand for another year, giving up their time to ensure the club that we are all part of, keeps ticking along.

Here's wishing all the new committee members a year of fun!

The Woking Wayfarers are to continue as a result of motion 1 being accepted at the AGM.  These rides are at a gentle pace, and start at Woking Market 9.15 every Sunday.  Part of this group will usually return after coffee making an ideal short ride for begineers or those with limited time.  However they do rendezvous with the Wayfarers, Intermediates and Hardriders on some of the rides, so you can find out which rides suit you best by talking to other members.  The main difference between the Woking Wayfarers and the Wayfarers is as its name implies the Woking group starts from the same place every week.  The other group starts at different locations within the D.A. area every week, in order to give more people the chance to ride with the D.A. from a point local to them.

For more details ring one of the ride leaders see runs list, centre pages.

Remember the CLUBROOM holds activities for everyone within the D.A. whatever group you ride with, you can meet other club member there.  Ring Keith Parfitt for details.

A list of 1992 Events and the Library List is still to come, unfortunatly the Ed. had not recieved these yet.

Phil's Maintainance Course, A GREAT IDEA, See ARTICLE for DETAILS.  Ideal for anyone, and everyone, thank's Phil.

The 28th FEBRUARY 1992 IS THE NEXT DATE BY WHICH ALL ARTICLES, AND CONTRIBUTIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED.  This is important as it allows the Ed. time to arrange printing and more importantly do the typing, so that it can be issued before the runs list runs out ! .

Thank you to all those who have contributed to this issue, you effort is greatly appreciated.

Errors and ommissions acCepTed.


PRESIDENT Mr Bill Inder, 33, High St, Horsell, Woking.  Tel. 0483 772074
SECRETARY Mr Keith Parfitt, 24, Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford.  Tel. 0483 60776.
TREASURER Mr Roger Philo, Hunters Moon, Cumberland Avenue, Guildford GU2 6YH.  Tel. 0483 233381
Other members (positions not decided at time of printing )
Rory Fenner, Ken Bolingbroke, Jeremy Dowling


HARDRIDERS Mr Roger Philo Tel. 0483 233381
INTERMEDIATES Mr Keith Parfitt Tel. 0483 60776
WAYFARERS ( See Above ) Tel. 0483 60776
WOKING WAYFARERS Mr David Nightingale Tel. 0483 725674
MID-WEEK WAYFARERS Mr George Alesbury Tel. 0932 843285

MAGAZINE Mr David Nightingale, 11, Waverley Ct., Woking, Surrey.  Tel. 0483 725674


CLUBROOM EVENTS Ring Keith Parfitt for details of all the goings on !  This clubroom is for everyone to enjoy whatever group you ride with. 


Are you unsure what you should check or how to make minor adjustments ?  Bothered about what to do if you get a puncture ?

How about joining me for some informal and friendly sessions, when I will try to ease your worries.

I shall arrange an initial "course" of 4, One and a half hour sessions on Thursday evenings, 19th March to 9th April 1992 inclusive, commencing at 7.15pm, at a venue local to central Woking.  There may be a small charge if it is necessary to hire a suitable venue and to cover any (?) refreshments.

If you are interested please give me, Phil Hamilton a call on 0483 772008, the sooner the better, so that I can make the arrangements.

NOTE- The "course" will be designed for beginners / non-mechanics.


After reading about Marguerite's tours during the last year I felt encouraged to have a go myself.  So here is my modest account of what happened.

For reasons of my own I decided on a fixed centre in Newquay, Cornwall and drove there, with my bike on a Sunday in September.  The town was crowded with people when I arrived, as if the whole of the rest of the country had evacuated to this particular seaside resort.  I eventually managed to negotiate the one-way-system ( worse than Wokings' ) and parked outside my chosen hotel which was away from the town centre and therefore a quieter setting.  The Hotel had an indoor and outdoor swimming pool which were hardly used by anyone during the week.  My room had tea/coffee making facilities, a T.V. and a bathroom en-suite.  The view from the window was over the golf course with Fistral Bay beyond.  A perfect setting for a good week.

Monday was spent "getting the shops out of my system" and walking around Newquay taking various photographs.

There was a coach party also staying at the Hotel and on the Tuesday my bike and I managed to "hitch" a lift to the outskirts of Truro.  I cycled into the city and visited the Cathedral, before riding on to Trelissick Gardens, which are close to the King Harry Ferry which crosses the river Fal.  Having strolled around the gardens and eaten some lunch I cycled back to Newquay via Perranporth where I stopped for tea !

On Wednesday I went on a coach tour and visited the Foster Pottery and Carn Sheepskin Tannery which I think are near St. Austell, before going on to St. Michael's Mount and Lands End, where we had lunch and a couple of hours to wander around.  As Marguerite said in her article Lands End is well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area !  On the return journey we visited the Gold Centre, where a million pounds worth of gold nuggets is on display.

On Thursday I again hitched a lift on the coach and went to Bedruthan Steps where I dissembarked.  I had some lunch in the cafe and then set of along the coastal path to walk the seven miles back to Newquay.  The Sun was shining and the scenery was superb.  It was a wonderful walk.

On Friday I was back on my bike heading North in a zig zag fashion and found a lovely quiet cafe in St. Mawgan with seats in the sun in the garden, where I enjoyed elevenses ( not knowing then that I was to return for a late lunch ! ).  I carried on meandering and stopped to visit the church in St. Eval which is close to an airfield where Spitfires used to fly during the war.  My intended stop for lunch was Padstow but the town was so busy that I turned around and headed back on a different route to St. Mawgan !

On Saturday I meandered around locally ( to Newquay ) and visited places like West Pentire, Trevowah, Trevoll and Crantock where there was another idillic cafe.  Again in the sun but this time with a superb view over the sandy estuary of the river Gannel.  I could have spent a couple of hours there !

The following day, Sunday, I drove home..........

I'd done it and had a marvellous time.  Has anyone else been inspired to go anywhere ? Why don't you also write in the magazine ?


TOURS...TOURS......TOURS..... TOURS.....1992


Easy cycling in Yeovil area on weekend of June 6/7th 1992.  Owing to limited accomodation and difficulty on trains, booking will be on a "first come first served" basis.

A deposit of £15 will secure a place and avoid disappointment.

Please contact:  Sue Hamilton, 25, York Road, Woking.  Tel. 0483 772008

TRIP TO St. Lo  EASTER 1992.

If you are interested please contact Alan Holbrook  Tel. 0276 26954.


Come cycling in the New Forest and the Isle of Wight from Good Friday until Easter Monday ( 17th - 20th April 1992 ) with Marguerite.

We shall be staying in a quiet country guest house and riding out each day.  The cost will be approximately £80 which includes the Isle of Wight Ferry and entry fees to "places of interest".  You will need extra for bar lunches.

Only 12 places available - non smokers please.  Vegetarian and Vegan meals available.

£5 deposit to Marguerite by 27th January 1992.

Please contact Marguerite Statham  Tel. 0483 763289


This is a social tour for 12 non-smokers.  North Devon is a very hilly and fairly strenuous part of the country, but there will be plenty of time to walk up the hills and admire the wild flowers and scenery.  We shall ride as a group and stop for pub lunches, as well as visiting some "places of interest" including a cream tea or two.  The mileage is around 25 a day.  Some days will have a coffee stop while others will have an early lunch.

We are using a small family Hotel which is approximatly 10 minutes walk from the town and 2 minutes walk from the indoor swimming pool.  The cost for the week is £200 per person for B&B and evening meal.  A deposite of £20 is required when booking.  Please ask Marguerite for further details and a booking form.

Marguerite Statham  Tel. 0483 763289


Dear Ed.,

I was dismayed and annoyed to read Marguerite Statham's letter of 15th July 1991.  I do feel most strongly, that the facts have been distorted to make a nonsense of what really happened on that day in July.

I was one of the group that caught the train to the Isle of Wight.  The weather was kind to us and Geoff Davies was kind enough to do the preperation for the day.  He did an excellent job and should be complimented for his effort.

We had a very easy day ahead, distance wise.  There were one or two hills, but that's life.  Anyone who does any cycling at all will realise that there are very few roads that are flat, and certainly not on the Isle of Wight.  During the whole of the day we cycled only 31 miles - a distance that even the least fit should be able to manage.  At no time was anyone 'dropped' and no complaints were made to me at the time or since.

David Pinkess.

10th November 1991,
Dear Editor,

It was with great disappointment that I read Marguerite Statham's letter 15th July 1991.  I can only assume that this letter was designed to make some political point;  the account certainly bears no resemblance to what happened on the day.  It seems a shame that a long serving member of the D.A. should put so much effort into running down the work of newer club members.  This was the first time I had led a ride and I was open to suggestion or comment throughout the day.  No objections were raised.  Furthermore, the speed that people are capable of riding at or what events they decide to enter is completely irrelevant and I deeply resent any suggestion that I would spoil the enjoyment of any other " true Wayfarer".

Finally, I am surprised that the Editor should allow a one-sided personal attack of this nature to be printed in the D.A. magazine without at least making some effort to get a balanced view.

Yours faithfully,

Geoff Davies.

Ed's Reply.

I apologise for not checking the facts.  I had been under the impression that a telephone conversation had taken place re:  the letter, its author, and ride leader, and had assumed that all was alright !

The Editor is currently building a concret bunker some where in deepest Surrey, white flag hoisted aloft, together with a decleration of neutrality, Oh to be an Editor !  Sorry !


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