West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 3 - May/June 1978

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Newsletter No. 3

Relay Ride
     By now you will have read in "Cycletouring" that the send-off from Club HQ at Godalming on 27 May is going to be quite an event.  I intend to be there, as do many of you, no doubt.  The more the merrier!  The DA Committee hopes the merriment will not be spoiled by a shambles in front of the TV cameras which will almost certainly be present, so please let me know if you expect to be there.  You are not committing yourself to anything:  it is just that we would like to have an idea of numbers so that we can do a little planning if need be.  (The less the better, so long as we avoid making a mess of things.)
     Fraser Pett will represent the DA in the team riding the final leg of the Relay Ride on Thursday 1 June.  I will be leading a run (see list) that afternoon to see them arrive at Windsor.
     How many members have thoughts of gaining a Centenary certificate for riding fifteen or more sections of the route?  Would a YH weekend covering part of it be a good idea?

Benstead Cup  -  further information
     The scoring system is as follows.  In the six competitive events (speed-judging, rough-stuff, tourist trial, hill-climb, free-wheeling, and attendance) the winner gets 100 points, and each successive place attracts 100/N points less, where N is the number of competitors in the event.  Thus with five entries the scoring would be:  1st-100, 2nd-80, 3rd-60, etc.  With twenty entries: 1st-100, 2nd-95, 3rd-90, etc.  If you came 5th-equal in an event with 19 entries and 17½ finishers (1 punctured, 1 stoker fell off a tandem), Harold would have no difficulty in working out your score to six decimal places on his pocket calculator.  The two standard rides are worth up to 50 points each to all riders:  10 for starting, 40 for finishing within 4 (or 8½) hours, with 3 deducted for each minute outside the standard time.
     Full-length mudguards are required for Benstead Cup events (except on trikes which have no provision for fitting them).  This rule has always existed but has not always been enforced in the past.  Mudlarks please note!
     Speed-judging (15 June).  Ride round a 5-mile circuit both ways and try to get your times equal (without your watch).  Good fun.
     Rough-stuff (29 June).  Ride a short but interesting circuit in the woods near Pirbright:  1 fault for a foot down, hand on tree, or going off course;  3 faults for falling off;  time decides a tie.  Good for a laugh.
     100-mile standard ride (9 July).  This year's course follows the DA's boundary (excluding rough-stuff!).  Good for ...?  Qualifying times are 7½ or 8½ hours overall.

Stonehenge and back  (4 June)
     The advertisement in "Cycletouring" (p.107) has already excited quite a bit of interest.  The 200km route is Ash - Basingstoke - Andover - Stonehenge - Stockbridge - Alresford - Cove using lanes wherever practicable.  The 250km course is similar with two extra loops out to Kingsclere and Mottisfont on the outward leg.  There are cafés at Andover, Amesbury, Stockbridge, Alresford.  Further details can be obtained from Ray Craig.

Centenary Medals
     Headquarters are producing special medals for DA's to award for competitions or standard rides.  They will cost about £1 each, and engraving could cost as much again.  If you are interested please let a committee member know.
EXTRA! June 1. WINDSOR. CWM 2.30.
Chris Jeggo

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