West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 5 - September/October 1978

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Newsletter No.6  (sic)

Benstead Cup events
     The rough stuff competition was an entertaining event, won by Graham Richardson, with Fraser Pett second and Clement Collins third.  The number of clear rounds was remarkable, but so too was the number of faults collected by a few entrants who provided a source of innocent merriment to the onlookers.
     Congratulations are due to the seven riders out of twelve starters who completed the 100-mile standard ride on a course following the DA boundary as closely as possible.  The route was not much liked, being very hilly, twisty, and too built up in the north, so no doubt next year we'll use a different one.
     Winners of events which normally have a map as prize may choose instead to receive a special centenary medal, suitably engraved.  These, and people who wish to buy a medal to commemorate their standard rides, should contact George Alesbury or Harold Coleman as soon as possible, otherwise the medals might not be ready in time for presentation at the dinner.
     The tourist trial on 10 September will be a half-day event, as last year, with checks on the state of riders' machines and on equipment carried, e.g. tool kits.  In addition there will be a quick quiz on subjects such as map-reading, the Highway Code, nature study, and touring knowledge.
     The hill-climb takes place on the morning of 8 October, on the hill to the west of Oakhanger (Barts 9q4).  The start is at OS Grid Ref. 761359, and the climb is of about 70m (230') over a distance of lkm.  It pays to drink plenty at lunch time, because the extra weight should help you in the freewheeling competition in the afternoon, on the hill from Wheatley down to Kingsley (Barts 9p5).  Remove saddle-bags at GR 791385 before riding up to the start, making sure you have a toe-strap or something for tying your crank to your chainstay.  These competitions are open to members riding touring machines.

100-mile standard ride re-run  For those who missed this event and who would like a centenary certificate or medal for it, Harold Coleman will be leading a re-run on 24 September.  Meet at Pirbright Green at 8-45 for the start at 9 o'clock sharp.

Intermediate run on 15 October  It is hoped to arrange a visit to Peter Hoyte's collection of old cycles in the morning, so members wishing to join the run at elevenses should be prepared for us to arrive late.

Forthcoming events
     Youth Hostel weekends:    14/15 October Crockham Hill
                               11/12 November Goudhurst
                               16/17 December Beachy Head
     Photographic competition and slide show - details overleaf.
     Hill-climb and freewheeling competitions - details above.
     Annual General Meeting  -  5 November.  Come and criticise or praise this year's committee, elect next year's, and tell them what events you would like the DA to organise.
     Dinner & Social  -  25 November.  Reserve this Saturday night for the DA's social high spot of the year, especially good this centenary and golden jubilee year.

     The secretary wishes to urge members to fit mud-flaps to their rear mudguards when they come out on club-runs. They are cheap, weigh next to nothing, and are very effective in cutting down the amount of spray thrown up behind a bicycle. It is not very nice to turn up at home or a cafe spattered with mud from anti-social club-mates.

Chris Jeggo

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