West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 9 - May/June 1979

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A new editor! Chris after successfully establishing our Newsletter over the past 18 months, has now found that it is a little too much to cope with as well as being D.A. Secretary, preparing reports for "Cycletouring", building up tandems, playing with Michael Paul, decorating etc etc - thankyou for all your efforts Chris.

The "LONDON TO BRIGHTON BIKE RIDE" takes place again on Saturday 12th May, starting from Speakers Corner, Hyde Park at 7.30a.m. Why not get up early, take your bike free on the train to London and support the D.A. group - there will be at least three tandems to follow, steered by Keith Parfitt, David Wells and myself. We shall follow the official route going down and then take the lanes back to Guildford.

What has 4 legs, 5 wheels, 2 sets of gears, steers both front and back? When will it see the light of day? Who is behind it?

If you want a good ride join Chris and I on our trip to Meriden and back on Sunday May 20th. I think that we have talked Graham Richardson into going.

It's good to have David Wells back with us after circumnavigating the globe on his bike. When are we going to see your slides David?

Don't forget "STONEHENGE AND BACK" on June 3rd. A choice of courses 200km(125mls) or 250km(156mls). This is the 2nd year of Ray Craig's excellent event. Fill in an entry form soon so that Ray has some idea of numbers.

Are you a younger member looking for a sound bike at a reasonable price? Mr Winteridge of "Trescoe", Broadmeads, Send, (Woking 62723) has two bikes for sale at about £25 each. A Carpenter (20" frame) and Holsworth Whirlwind (21" frame), both 26" H.P.s and fixed wheel - gears could be fitted by a dealer or better still with a little help from a friend.

Can you name the D.A. Runs Leader who went out without a pump and got three punctures in one day? Clue - D.W., and I don't mean David Wells.

A bouquet to Keith and Kathy Parfitt who gave up most of their Arundle YHA Weekend in order to bring back an ailing young D.A. rider on the train. They were deservedly thanked by an appreciative Dad.

Robert Pidgeon has been seen awheel again but says that his friend is unlikely to join him unless he can find a machine with a concave top tube to fit his anatomy.

We are very pleased to have more young riders out with the D.A. BUT unfortunately some of them seem to have little idea of how to ride with a club. All joking aside, riding 100yds ahead of the group(so that the Leader has to shout out directions), cutting across other riders front wheels, riding in the right hand gutter, constantly breaking up the group, are just not good enough. You should contribute to the safety of your fellow members not put them at risk and damage the good name of the CTC - a little thought please.

The BCTC FINAL and the GUILDFORD TOWN SHOW both occur on the weekend of 1st/2nd Sept. Volunteers are needed to assist at both events - contact Chris for the former and Keith for the latter.

DOUBLETROUBLE - don't give up your favourite brew if you should see two of John Fitch, the second one is his identical brother Hugh - two of them! I think that I will have another drink.

Graham Richardson is obviously intent on riding away with the Edwards Attendance Cup this year, he is always out - in fact you just can't seem to get away from him.

We are celebrating MID-SUMMERS DAY by having an ALL NIGHT RIDE starting from Guildford at 10.30pm on Saturday 23rd June - BREAKFAST AT BRIGHTON - a DIP IN THE BRINY - lunch at Wisborough Green.

We are doing our best to provide you with a varied programme, please make our efforts worthwhile by taking part in the events and letting a Committee Member know if you have any other ideas.


TANDEM/TRIKE RIDE June 17th - come out on something different, pennyfarthing, mono-cycle, skateboard, triplet.


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