West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 10 - July/August 1979

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It is rumoured that the four intrepid D.A. riders who completed the 200 mile Meriden trip have all developed WEB FEET as a result of the 100 miles of torrential rain on the return journey. Bill says that the only cure is to apply a mixture of "Axle Grease, British Railways Tea and the muck from the bottom of his Pipe"!

Have you seen the new magazine "CYCLING WORLD"? Definitely slanted towards touring, with articles on clothing, camping, bikes, equipment, E.T.C. Published once a month at 20 pence, so it is not over expensive.

This years "50 Mile" and "STONEHENGE & BACK" RELIABILITY RIDES both produced record entries and some new riders - congratulations to all who rode especially those on their first attempt. Next ride the "100 Mile RELIABILITY RIDE" in 7,8 or 9 hours on Sunday July 8th. It is based on a course produced by David Loe, so you know who to blame - it will be interesting to see if he rides.

DAVID BOLINGBROKE got the "BIRD" on the way to STONEHENGE - a damned great cockerel to be precise! It ran straight under the front wheel of his trike. Upon deciding that an unsuccessful suicide attempt is definitely painful, it made a high speed and noisy return to its farmyard, going through the middle of my frame on the way - I dare it to repeat the manoeuvre nearer to Christmas.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET that helpers are needed at the BCTC FINALS in the Mole Valley area and at the D.A. STAND at the GUILDFORD SHOW. Both events are over the 1st and 2nd of September. If you can assist contact Keith, Chris or myself. Remember that the future of the CTC can only be assured by recruiting new members.

The "LONDON TO BRIGHTON BIKE RALLY" attracted over 2000 cyclists, including 17 from West Surrey. It was quite an experience. The enthusiasm and weather were splendid but the bike-handling of many was appalling, with the result that one or two disappeared in ambulances and several through hedges. One fellow re-appeared with sundry scratches and only half a pair of handlebars, got back on and continued to Brighton!

If you are riding a Reliability Ride or Touring in new countryside, a MAP HOLDER is a great asset. There is nothing worse than constantly having to stop in order to check your route. The "PLETSCHER MAP HOLDER" costs about £1.65 and is secured by the handle-bar extension bolt - very easy to fit.

Did you know that TONY PRYCE was 6ft 4in tall before he took up cycling and got caught in the rain.

Does a challenge bring out the best in you? If so buy RAE CRAIG'S TANDEM TRIKE. It is up for sale complete with instruction manual on how to ride it.

MYSTERY YHA WEEKEND July 28/29th - commit yourself to the unknown - Keith Parfitt is leading and he doesn't know where he is going either. Not to be missed - book early.

It is always pleasing to get results from your labours. Those of us involved in producing the D.A. INFORMATION SHEET are gratified that it has resulted in enquiries and the appearance of new riders.

If BIKE MAINTENANCE is nothing more than a chore to you or you simply seek the best, the AZTEC brake cables are the answer. They are silky smooth in operation and need no oil or grease. See the "FREEWHEEL" in "CYCLETOURING" or try the brakes on my Hetchins.

We have been requested to assist in supervising DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD SCHEMES in our area. If you can help please contact Keith Parfitt.

ROBERT PIDGEON thinks that he may have created a D.A. record by being at the Sunday Morning Start with the WAYFARERS, having "Elevenses" with the GENERAL, lunch with the INTERMEDIATE and turning up for tea with MARY WELLS - the complete story is about to be serialised in a Sunday Newspaper so he should be able to pay for a round of drinks - for a change! Who said that?

Join the INTERMEDIATE run to SHEFFIELD PARK on July 22nd and meet some fellow members from WEST KENT. We hope to have a ride on the train and do some biking together.

Even more new cameras are to be seen amongst D.A. members so the PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION in November should be well worth attending. Make sure that you enter some slides, the more people that enter the more interesting it is. As nice as it is,you do not have to own an expensive SLR to take a good picture so have a go.


P.S. Anyone interested in a hostel trip after August 18th (weekdays or weekends), please contact David Loe on Claygate 64919.

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