West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 11 - September/October 1979

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The D.A. PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION & SLIDE SHOW IS ON SATURDAY 3rd NOVEMBER, 7 pm at the Scout Hut, Horsell. There are three categories for the competition:- 1. Land and Seascape. 2. Clublife. 3. Record and General. Mark your slides with your name and the category number. Maximum entry - three slides per category. Entry Fee - 7p per slide, or BARGAIN OFFER of 60p for 9. Winners in each category receive not only the glory but a colour slide film as well. Slides must be handed to Russ Mantle not later than Sunday 14th October(Day of the Hillclimb). Its a good evening with refreshments .

DON'T DO IT CHARLIE PILBEAM! - I've already got one! Charlie kindly promised me his "Osgear" when he dies, for my collection of old gear mechanisms, and in his enthusiasm to let me have it I feared that he might do something foolish. Another kind cyclist has given me one so theres no rush now Charlie - buy me a pint instead. Any other mechanisms gratefully received.

PUT YOUR BEST WHEEL FORWARD and take part in the TOURIST TRIAL on Sunday 16th Sept. Chris Jeggo has been working hard on a new formula aimed at reducing the "Racing" aspect. The emphasis will be on map reading, condition of machine, appearance of rider, observation, speedjudging, general knowledge and tools carried - in choosing what equipment to carry, imagine that you are setting off on a days run through remote countryside(so a Barclaycard wont help you). You will need an Ordnance Survey Map 1:50,000 scale, sheet 186, a pencil and a ball pen(and a bike!).

Did you know that Gordon Appleby - "FLASH GORDON" to you - resigned his "Post" and "Stamped" out of the Guildford Postal Service all because they refused to issue him with "An All Campag" bike? Also he wasn't very amused at the size of the Musette they gave him, nor the fact that it was full of letters. Gordon is now managing a cycleshop;- The Cycle Sports Centre, Liphook Rd, Haselmere. - next to the Rex Cinema - phone Haselmere 2991 or ring Gordon in the evening on Headley Down 3269. Lightweight equipment is being stocked and what they haven't got they will get - all at 10% off to D.A. members.

JOIN THOSE AT THE TOP by taking part in the D.A. HILLCLIMB. Sunday 14th October.

Make a note in your diary of the D.A. ANNUAL DINNER AND PRIZE GIVING at the Cotteridge Hotel, Woking on Saturday 24th November. Once again no expense is being spared to make this a special occasion - delectable dishes, short but sparkling speeches, wonderful wines, dancing girls and boys - Quicksteps, Jive, Waltzes, Rock and Roll, all to the worlds finest entertainers.

David Wells, Eddie Hargraves, Stuart Jackson, Ray Craig, Robert Pigeon and now Clement Collins - all persist in riding trikes. John Harper did try it but came to his senses. What is it that persuades previously normal cyclists to ride those strange machines? I suppose that it must be caused by some hidden quirk of character, possibly caused by a childhood deprivation. A pint of beer to the member to come up with best suggestion.

The Annual General Meeting, St Augustines Church Hall, Addlestone on Sunday 11th Nov:, is a very important one as we have to agree the D.A. Rules - please attend. There are some good Y.H.A. trips coming up:- Oct 27/28 Inglesham, David Whittle. Nov 10/11 Goudhurst(meeting E.Sussex D.A.) Keith Parfitt. Oct 26/29 to see National Hillclimb at Bovey Tracey, Russ Mantle. Dec 22/23 Arundel(meet E.Sussex) Kieth Parfitt.

Elections for the CTC COUNCIL are due soon and there are 7 candidates for the 5 seats in our division. You will receive voting slips with your next copy of CYCLETOURING. I should very much like to retain my seat on the council and represent our D.A. If you wish me to,please make sure that you vote.

Lane End,Highlands 
Harold Coleman
(Your local rep. on 
C.T.C. Council)

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