West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 12 - November/December 1979

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D.A. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 5pm Sunday 11th Nov:, St Augustines Church Hall, Addlestone, preceeded by the usual "Addlestone Tea". Please attend, "Have your say", elect your Officers and Committee for the coming year, and help pass the newly prepared D.A. RULES - it's no good disagreeing with them afterwards. Remember it is YOUR D.A.

THE FINEST SET OF TEAS EVER TO APPEAR ON A D.A. RUNS LIST? - Well they certainly could be. The CLOCK HOUSE Abinger is a new one, as is the EVELYN HALL Abinger Common, of which we have very high hopes. ADDLESTONE needs no recommendation and tea with the Charlotteville at the WATERSIDE SPORTSCLUB Guildford is not to be missed - don't forget to book with Russ for this one and for the D.A. CHRISTMAS TEA at the WINTERTON ARMS Chiddingfold, a proper sit down tea - not a buffet. Attend them all and you could become a leading light in the Liberal party!

WINTER DRAWS ON and CTC Headquarters at Godalming have a new range of clothing available to callers only :-
1. Training Top, full length with long back and sleeves, 3 pockets at back, fleecy lined, royal blue with yellow cuffs and collar, large and medium - £13.98.
2. Training Trousers, knee length, fleecy lined, large and medium - £10.95.
3. Velopants, nylon, all black, ankle zip, large and medium - £9.58.
4. Pantalons, terylene worsted, zip front, Velcro knee fastening, non-slip waist band, four pockets, large and medium - £10.98.

DON'T DELAY over buying your ticket(s) for the D.A. ANNUAL DINNER, PRIZE GIVING AND SOCIAL, Saturday 24th November, the Cotteridge Hotel, Woking. Good food, speeches kept to a minimum but very entertaining, dancing for young and old, cool cats and hot dogs. BAR complete with the longest extension we can lay our hands on. Tickets £6.50.

Lets have a D.A. BADGE. Most other D.A.s have their own, why not the West Surrey? First of all we need a good design - incorporating the "Surrey Oak Leaf"? - the D.A. colours are black, silver and royal blue, they were proposed in 1928 by Miss Gray who four years later became Mrs Inder. Come on all you frustrated artists heres your chance to leave your mark on cycling history.

The THIRD D.A. IRISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE has just returned intact. The first consisted of Keith and Kath Parfitt, Graham Richardson and myself, the second was Simon Doughty and the delectable Helen, the last - that CALAMITOUS COMBINATION - Clement Collins and David Whittle. I bet that the Irish are now all telling English Cyclists Stories! We all wish to thank the Hones for the loan of their maps - it was as beautiful as you said.

A PINT OF BEER for Simon Doughty, for the best suggestion as to why otherwise normal cyclists turn to tricycles - it is he feels because, knowing as they do that something with three of anything is more stable than something else with only two, they consider that the effort put into dragging a superfluous wheel around the countryside is well rewarded should they chance upon a hospitable hostelry and as a result have their, normally unerring, sense of balance a mite disturbed for the homeward journey. Pretty technical sort of stuff but only to be expected from a University Boffin I suppose.

You still have some time to go on a YOUTH HOSTEL WEEKEND this year - the 22/23rd December at Arundel. The Hostel will be open at 4pm on the Saturday prior to a special meal. The return journey is planned to arrive on time for the D.A. CHRISTMAS TEA. Book for YHA trip with Keith Parfitt.

Simon Doughty's
solution to the tricycle


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