West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 13 - January/February 1980

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JOHN WHATMORE(our new Secretary) wishes to tempt you with FRENCH FOOD, FRENCH WINES, FRENCH GIRLS and, I nearly forgot, FRENCH SCENERY. If so, Messieur Jean Whatmore is the homme to parle with. John is keen to organise a D.A. Trip to Northern France over Easter or shortly after. Reasonable pace, time to view and photograph, wayside drinks a speciality. Anyone interested should ring John on Chertsey 65390, to discuss and/or make suggestions.

D.A. BADGE - designs have been submitted by two members so far. Please give it some thought and let me have your ideas. Don't worry if you are no artist, we can always get it redrawn.

LOST - DAVID WHITTLE - last seen after the Charloteville Dinner, heading south across the fields apparently guided by some distant star. Will anyone knowing of his whereabouts please keep it to himself.

THE NEW D.A. COMMITTEE had its first meeting on Dec: 7th and several members WILLINGLY undertook responsibilities extra to those for which they were elected at the A.G.M. Your Officers and Committee are:- President - Bill Inder, Secretary - John Whatmore, Treasurer - George Alesbury, Runs Secretary - Russ Mantle; Gillian Smith - Social Sec:, Kath and Keith Parfitt - Membership and Publicity(Town Shows etc) Sec's, Tim Staton - Press Sec:, Harold Coleman - Chairman and Event Sec:, and please remember that I am a CTC Councillor - if you have any queries or want a point of view put forward,contact me - Woking 60385. These people are giving up there spare time to help you and the Club - be prepared to assist and thereby help yourself.


This years HOME COUNTIES RALLY is being organised by our friends in the the EAST SUSSEX D.A. It will be based at SELMESTON(6mls east of Lewes) using the Cricket Ground for camping with good facilities, and the Village Hall for the social events(Slide Show & Barn Dance) and meals. There will be conducted runs through delightful local countryside. The rally dates are 3/4/5th May with the campsite open the evening of Friday 2nd. There will be a WEST SURREY GROUP going determined to enjoy themselves as much as they did last year at Alesbury - ask David Whittle when we find him. Contact Mrs Iris Stevens, 3 Lansdowne Crescent, Hailsham, East Sussex.,s.a.e. please - list of local accommodation available.

Keith Parfitt tells me that the F.O.E. LONDON TO BRIGHTON RIDE is on Sat: 3rd May. He is thinking of riding in it again and then at the end of the day heading for Selmeston and the Home Counties Rally, only a few miles away. 17 D.A. members rode last year, it was quite an experience being part of 2000 or more cyclists and the route was very pleasant - once out of London.

The CTC does its best to protect your interests but it cannot deal with all the local problems regarding road-closures, dangerous road junctions etc. It is essential that members help themselves and each other by taking an interest in such matters. Chris Jeggo has commenced acting as a CTC Planning Officer in his area. He is anxious that other members who are similarly concerned should contact him(Farnborough 46472) with a view to co-operating in varying degrees, from just reporting potholes to attending local meetings and maybe acting as Planning Officer in your area. There is a CTC body to help and advise you - the TOWN AND COUNTRYSIDE COMMITTEE.

Keith Parfitts YHA Weekend to Arundel was a great success, 23 West Surrey members joined 50 more CTC members for fantastic food and a lot of fun - you should have seen what they did to me, on top of which Kath Parfitt slapped my face! With out doubt the finest YHA Weekend I have ever been on - book early for Christmas 1980.

THE 1980 TRIENNIAL RIDES on June 22nd, for CTC riders over 50, are being staged in different parts of the country. The WEST SURREY are running one of the 100 mile rides and assistance will be needed from as many D.A. members as possible. It provides a chance for us younger members(well I'll only be 49) to say thank you in a practical way, to the older members who have put so much time and effort into our Club

Make a note in your new (CTC?) diary of the Benstead Challenge Cup Events for 1980:- April 20th - 50ml Reliability. June 1st - "Stonehenge & Back". May 11th - Speedjudging & Roughstuff. July 6th - 100ml Reliability. Sept: 14th "Tourist Trial". October 12th - Hill-climb & Freewheeling. N.B. All events are on Sundays in accordance with the wishes of the Annual General Meeting - if you don't like it make sure you are at the next AGM.

Well that's the good news and now for the bad news - David Whittle has been found! What hope is there for a year that starts like that?

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers, I look forward to seeing you both in the near future.


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