West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 15 - May/June 1980

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Sunday 22nd June - West Surrey D.A. are running the CTC TRIENNIAL VETERANS 100 MILE RIDE, Bill Inder has planned an attractive course, maps and leaflets are being prepared. The start is at CTC HQ Godalming, 11s's at Selborne, lunch at Tilford Village Hall and tea at Rudgewick Hall Bucks Green. All these venues have been booked. Some D.A. members have already volunteered to lead one of the groups of 10 to 12 riders. More members are still needed to lead Runs, ride with one of the groups and assist the leader, act as a marshall at a turning point, and to assist with the various little jobs. PLEASE HELP THE WEST SURREY to put on a really good event for the CTC. There will be a telephone service at HQ on the day so that should help of any sort be needed, including a "Sag Waggon", it can be made available with the minimum of delay. There are official practise rides on the two Sundays before the event. PLEASE TELEPHONE ME (Woking 60385) TO OFFER WHAT HELP YOU CAN - I HAVEN'T GOT THE TIME TO ASK EVERYBODY.

Have you met the LOVELY LADY called FOXEY HALLAM? She comes from Ripley and has just started to ride with the D.A., but judging from her riding gear and style she is no newcomer to a bicycle

If you live in the Guildford area you will be pleased to hear of "THE BICYCLE REPAIR MAN" 25, Kings Rd(off Stoke Rd). He is keen to do your repairs properly and to supply what you need - a pleasant contrast to some cycle dealers who seem only to be interested in selling new bicycles which are often unroadworthy as they are not properly checked.

There must be something lacking in THE YOUNG MEN OF WEST SURREY as the delectable Claudia had had to resort to advertising in Cycletouring for a touring companion!

GRAVE DANGER TO CYCLISTS, our President missed a complete weeks riding because he strained his back whilst decorating. This is a practice to be strictly avoided by cyclists at all times. It is physica11y tiring, time consuming and the resu1ts can mean the wife inviting the relations round for "Sunday Tea"!!!

The new BENSTEAD CUP LEAFLET contains information on all this years events ask for your copy. The next events are SPEED JUDGING and ROUGHSTUFF both on Sunday 11th May - RIDE.

AUDAX RIDES are proving popular with D.A. riders - they dominated the field in the Reading/Salisbury event, 6 rode the "Dorset Coast 200kms and entries are being made for other events including the Windsor/Chester 600km! Don't forget the D.A.s own "Stonehenge and back" 200km on June 21st. Ray Craig is also organising an Aldershot/Brockenhurst 300 km ride later on - 19th/20th July. Audax regulations demand FULL MUDGUARDS and WORKING LIGHTS for all rides.

There has been TROUBLE IN THE PARFITT HOUSEHOLD as a result of their trips to Ireland and France - Keith, wishing to combine the best of both cultures, keeps demanding "Coq au Guiness".

Rumour has it that MICHAEL PAUL JEGGO will become a brother in September, which should mean another tandem in the D.A. in due course.

ANOTHER HELPFUL CYCLE SHOP! Frank Shaw Lightweight Cycles, Mytchett Rd, Mytchett - Campag Stronglight, T.A., Shimano etc.

THE 100 MILE RELIABILITY on Sunday 6th July, follows last years popular course, crossing the Thames and heading for the Chilterns. It should seem pretty easy to those who fought the wind and rain on the Reading/Salisbury - provided that they haven't given up riding.

ARE YOU A BIRD FANCIER? Well Before you head straight for Brighton keep your eyes open in the lanes just south of Cranleigh. A local resident owns large and brightly coloured parrots and macaws, and lets them fly about the countryside. Russ is reported to have been training one to shout "Don't be late for tea" to all passing cyclists.

THE D.A. PHOTO ALBUMS provide a fascinating record of D.A. riders and events going right back to the 1920s. The trouble now is that so many people are taking slides and not getting any prints. If you do take any black & white or colour prints how about making a gift to the D.A. of some copies, so that we keep a continuous record.
LATE NEWS - April 20th -
D.A. '50' - dry again - entrants
32 - finishers 31 - anyone seen
R. Nicoll?
May 17/18th. Audax to Meriden & back,
300 & 400km, interested? Then
contact Chris Jeggo. Farnboro' 46472

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