West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 17 - September/October 1980

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COMING SHORTLY - GREAT DOUBLE BILL - 'HILLCLIMB' and 'FREEWHEELING' both on Sunday 12th October - don't miss them, especially if you want to figure in the Benstead Cup results.

Seen on recent GENERAL GROUP RUN - coffin being slid through front window of house in Whitchurch( face in upstairs window looked very worried! ) and scarecrow in field with arm around naked blonde shop window dummy!

Have you been on a YHA trip lately? Have you been abroad lately? Do both by joining the D.A. TRIP TO THE ISLE OF WIGHT over 20/21 Sept to meet up with our friends from the EAST SUSSEX D.A. - contact Keith Parfitt instantly.

Talking about Keith, he has been getting very good numbers out with the INTERMEDIATE GROUP including some ATTRACTIVE YOUNG LADIES - better than coffins and scarecrows eh?

D.A. CLUBROOM - at Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Road, Guilford - a few yards past the 'Jolly Farmer', Wednesdays Sept 3rd, Oct 1st, Oct 29th, Nov 26th. Come along for a good evening and meet all the best people in cycling. PLEASE BRING AN OLD MUG AS A GIFT TO THE D.A., SO THAT WE CAN SERVE TEA AND COFFEE IN THE FUTURE. THANK YOU

Are you lacking that CERTAIN SOMETHING? If so what you need is a DECRAMINATING INTEROSSITER - no self respecting cyclist should be without one, Stewart Jackson is reported to have used one whilst breaking the tricycle 12hr record recently - congratulations Stewart. Professor Hamish McSmith has the full technical specification and is the man to consult. Manufacture will almost certainly be placed in the shaky hands of that well known three wheeled layabout Dave Bolingbroke.

*D.A. PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION AND SLIDE SHOW this year will be in the luxurious comfort of the Guildford Rowing Club - it's worth a visit for the beer alone. Enter up to three slides in each of the three categories:- Club Life, Land and Sea Scape, and General, for 8p per slide or 7Op for a full entry of 9 slides. 35mm colour slide films as prizes for the winners of each category. Saturday 4th November 7pm - do enter, do come along.

David Whittle has returned from the Continent sporting a beard - it almost makes him look handsome but unfortunately you can still see some of his face!

WHAT IS A 'WOOZ LENS'? answer at the bottom of the page.

Clement Collins has also returned from the Continent and is preparing a talk on "HOW TO DISARM KNIFE TOTING ITALIAN TENT INTRUDERS"!

D.A. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - St Augustines Church Hall, Albert Road, Addlestone, Sunday 9th Nov. 5pm - after tea at 4pm. The D.A. RULES passed at last years A.G.M., have been approved by the CTC Council so we can proceed accordingly. Your Officers and Committee must be elected for next year, at present they are:- President - Bill Inder, Hon. Secretary - John Whatmore, Hon. Treasurer - George Alesbury, Runs Secretary - Russ Mantle, Committee - Harold Coleman(Chairman & Event Sec), Kathleen Parfitt, Keith Parfitt(Membership Sec), Jillian Smith (Social Sec) and Tim Staton(Publicity Sec). Unfortunately our Secretary John Whatmore and Tim Staton are not standing for re-election.- thankyou John and Tim for your good work. How about YOU coming onto the Committee and contributing to the D.A., The work load has been spread amongst the Committee so no one person is doing too much. If not you, how about proposing a friend- with his consent of course. Written nominations will take preference at the A.G.M. and Nomination Forms will be made available soon - they must be submitted to the Secretary at least one week before the A.G.M. In the absence of written nominations, nominations will be accepted at the meeting. There is also provision for the election of up to three Honorary Vice-Presidents at the moment there are two - George Alesbury and Harold Coleman.

Talking of elections, the elections for the National Council occur shortly, I should like to continue as your representative, if you wish me to please give me your vote. Voting slips will be in the next issue of Cycletouring.

D.A. BARN DANCE Friday 24th November 8 to 11pm, Brook Hall, Ottershaw(the 'Otter' is just across the road - be carefull on the return trip) - a good evening with your D.A. friends - tickets available soon at £1 including light refreshments.

A WOOZ LENS is a ZOOM LENS upside down! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

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