West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 18 - November/December 1980

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WEST SURREY ANNUAL DINNER, PRIZE GIVING AND SOCIAL - Saturday 29th Nov:, Cotteridge Hotel, Woking. - the jewel in our glittering programme of social events - good food, witty cross-toasting, humorous speeches, presentation of cups and certificates, dancing (all tastes catered for) to the worlds finest entertainers and THE BAR IS OPEN UNTIL 11.30pm. Tickets available soon at £7. Do come, it really is a very enjoyable evening.

A plea from Russ Mantle - "Don't be late for Tea" and "When you join him on a tour, make sure that you have suitable low gears". Apparently many experienced riders still turn up with a bottom gear of about 45", which is just not low enough when they are laden with holiday clothing etc and off to hilly areas. There is no pleasure in walking your bicycle up steep hills and mountain passes or just managing to ride up by having to strain yourself to the limit. A gear in the lower 30's enables you to climb virtually anything without too much effort - if, like me, you are not a strong climber, don't be ashamed to have a bottom gear under 30".

Guess who took a day off work to be "Sick" so that he could get away a day early for a trip to France, actually was sick and had to leave a day late?! No names but he went with West Surreys' answer to David Niven - Barry Annis - and he has been known to ride a tricycle.

The new D.A. BADGE is now on sale. It has been made to an attractive design by Simon Doughty. Thank you all those members who submitted designs, they were all of help in arriving at the final design. We hope that you will like it and show the world that you are proud to ride with the West Surrey by wearing the badge.

D.A. CHRISTMAS TEA - Sunday 14th Dec at ADDLESTONE - even better than a normal Addlestone tea! Price £1. YOU MUST BOOK WITH RUSS MANTLE.

BENSTEAD CUP RESULTS - 1st Russ Mantle 500 pts, 2nd Harold Coleman 491 pts, 3rd Graham Richardson 482 pts - probably the closest finish ever.

ATTENDANCE COMPETITION - 1st Graham Richardson, 2nd Bill Inder, 3rd Graham Barnes.

Junior Attendance Competition - 1st Graham Barnes, 2nd Stephen Pack, 3rd David Fraser. Graham receives (for one year) our brand new cup.

EAST SUSSEX D.A. are organising another of their famous CHRISTMAS YHA WEEKENDS. This time it is at Guestling in Kent over the 20/21st of December. How about joining a "Train Assisted" D.A. group? Interested? If so contact Keith Parfitt.

Do you live in the Walton/Weybridge area? - if so are you willing to give up three evenings during the year to represent cyclists interests at Road Safety meetings? Keith Parfitt has the details.

CHRISTMAS MORNING APPETISER RUN - make your way to Horsell Scout Hut to meet your friends. Refreshments available.

I am trying a new pair of Worthy narrow section H.P. tyres, they are supposed to have a better life than Elans. They are certainly lively, I will let you know about the life in six months time.

Cold hands? Cold feet? Cold other parts? - many D.A. riders have found gloves, socks and underwear by Thermawear Ltd (Trade name Damart) to be the answer. The gloves are especially popular - they breathe and therefore are warm but not too warm. Beware of trying to keep your feet warm by wearing extra socks, you restrict your circulation and end up with chilblains - I know, and oh do they hurt. Fur lined boots are a worth while investment for winter riding.

DON'T FORGET THE D.A. AGM. SUNDAY 9th November, St Augustines Church Hall, Addlestone - another "Addlestone Tea".

I am hanging up two stockings at Christmas and hoping to get a blonde in them! If I am not out in the New Year you will know why.

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