West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 24 - November/December 1981

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WEST SURREY D.A. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, 5pm Sunday 8th Nov, St Augustines Church Hall, Addlestone. PLEASE ATTEND to elect your officials and to give encouragement to those who are willing to work on your behalf throughout the year. Don't forget that before the meeting is an ADDLESTONE TEA.

The BERNARD HOWELL MEMORIAL TROPHY is this year being awarded to the D.A. member who is judged to have contributed the most to the D.A. during the current year. Voting slips were attached to the last Runs List - please hand yours to a Committee Member or better still send direct to our Secretary Kathleen Parfitt - don't delay as we have a cup to be engraved by the Dinner.

One of the D.A.'s most popular events takes place on the evening of Saturday 14th Nov: at Guildford Rowing Club - the PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION. The slides range from breathtaking to hilarious, which is more than you can say for TV on a Saturday night. Refreshments available and time for a chat.

D.A. CLUBNIGHTS - at Guildford Rowing Club - Wednesday 25th Nov:, talk and slide show by Joy Lytle of the Surrey Trust for Nature Conservation - Wednesday 23rd Dec:, Christmas Social(a sort of training event for Xmas)

Talking about being fit for Christmas how about joining the combined General and Intermediate YHA WEEKEND at Telscombe Hostel(S. Downs)over 12/13th Dec. Contact Russ Mantle or Keith Parfitt.

If you look over leaf you will see that there is another combined ride, when the General, Intermediate and Wayfarers all meet for lunch at Wisborough Green - an opportunity for a comparitive study to be made of the eating and drinking habits of the different groups. Its my theory that what the Wayfarers lack in miles covered they will more than make up in pints sunk, whilst the Intermediate will probably eat the most. Do we have a Time and Motion man?

*CHRISTMAS TEA* Addlestone 2Oth Dec. An event which no selfrespecting gourmet or glutton(delete as appropriate) can afford to miss. BOOK WITH RUSS for your share of the goodies - tickets £1.10 and worth every penny - cancel your supper, you wont need it!

**D.A. ANNUAL DINNER, PRIZE GIVING and SOCIAL** Saturday 28th Nov: Cotteridge Hotel, Woking. - meet your friends + enjoy a good meal + Guest Speaker CTC National Secretary Alan Leng + receive your cups, prizes, medals and certificates + dancing for all tastes to the world's finest entertainers + well stocked bar with extension, unless someone makes off with the barmaid before time + arrangements almost concluded for two dozen beautiful Belly Dancers + all we need is YOU - tickets available soon at £8.50.

CONSTERNATION IN EAST CLANDON - windows and doors were thrown open, people spilled out on to the street, the church emptied as those attending Harvest Festival hurried outside! WHY? Inoffensive D.A. member Les Moss had his back tyre burst with such a loud report that the alarmed villagers thought that there had been a shooting!

DAVID WHITTLE is alive and well, half way up a 4000ft mountain pass in Germany. He says that though the cycling is good, returning to the Hostel where he is staying, at the end of a hard days ride, is rather daunting. He has aquired a small knowledge of the language and a larger one of the local wines - he des not think much of the beer. By the way, can anyone remember why it was that we had him deported?

It is reported in 'Cycling' that a friendly welcome awaits all cyclists at the ANGEL INN, Thames Ditton, which, like the Anchor at Ripley, features strongly in the early history of cycling. Would someone like to do some research - at their own expense of course.

A year ago I bought a pair of Holdsworthy narrow section H.P.s and said that I would report on how they wore. Well, the one on the front had to be replaced after six months but the one on the back is still good for many miles - make what you will of that. Did I have one very bad one or one very good one?

Keith tells of several attractive new lady riders out with the Intermediate, so maybe the Government is right and the worst of the recession is over.

Stuck for a Christmas present, want to invest in a work of art? The perfect answer is a D.A. badge.

No room left for a Simon Doughty cartoon - can anyone help by providing a means of reducing them in size? Seriously, it would be of great assistance.


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