West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 28 - July/August 1982

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What a FABULOUS FIFTY - perfect weather, spring flowers and blossom at their best and 52 ENTRIES! - a new record for the DA - 33 finished inside 3½ hours, 9 in 4 hrs, 7 in 4½ hrs, 1 in 5 hrs and one, though finishing, followed a different route to everyone else.

The SPEEDJUDGING event had a new winner in Les Moss with Clive Paxman second and B Slorach third.
The ROUGHSTUFF was won by Dave Butler from Graham Richardson, and B Slorach was THIRD AGAIN.

Ray Craig's 'STONEHENGE' Ride was run in superb weather in fact passing under the shade of a tree was a pleasure.  There were 55 finishers including 22 from West Surrey, 7 of whom finished within 11 hours to obtain maximum points (50) towards the Benstead Cup.

To date the leading positions in the Benstead Cup competition are - 1.G Richardson 271pts; 2.D Butler 237; 3.L Moss 225; 4.B Slorach 224; 5.H Coleman 214; 6.C Paxman 193.

DON'T FORGET that there are still two more Reliability Rides to come and your points towards the B/Cup are taken from any two of them.
100 MILE RELIABILITY July 4th - certificates for 7, 8 and 9 hours;
TOUR OF THE HILLS Aug 15th - includes all the best views in Surrey - Audax Event - Grimpeur Medal available - contact Chris Jeggo, Aldershot 546472.
Ray Craig's SUPER GRIMPEUR July 18th - nearly 8000ft of climbing, good training run for the 'Tour of the Hills' - contact Ray on Tadley 6867.(Not a B/Cup event)

In the March/April Newsletter I offered a tandem, on behalf of its owner, to a member who would take out a blind person.  I am pleased to say that the tandem, a 1938 Smithfield, now has a new home with Ron and Pam Jarmaine of Ash.  Pam will now be able to accompany Ron and their three young sons on bicycle rides.

How about joining the other West Surrey stalwarts on the CTC NATIONAL 400KM AUDAX RIDE on 24th and 25th July?  It starts from Godalming so we ought to provide the largest number of riders - I think that there is an award for the DA that does.  I am going to ride and YOU must be younger than me!  Any offers of help at the start and finish at Charterhouse will be greatly appreciated - please contact me.

Chris Jeggo reports a marvellous weekend enjoyed in Wales with 5 other DA members.  They stayed at Staunton YH and on the Saturday rode a 200km Audax event crossing the 'DESERT OF MID-WALES'.  Frequent stops were made for photographs and just before tackling the dreaded 'Devil's Staircase' they met Dave Bolingbroke and Barry Annis and his friend with the attractive frame.

Our DA representatives in the 'Traces de Napoleon' event at Pontel near Boulogne over 1st-3rd May surprised themselves by winning a dirty great SILVER CUP as the second largest number of participants from a UK Club - well done.  They all enjoyed themselves but seem uncertain as to whether they did much cycling or not.


STOP PRESS! On 20th June West Surrey member Stewart Jackson, riding under Farnham Road Club colours, broke course record in the National Championship 24 hour event with 497 miles 356 yards. Congratulations Stewart.

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