West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 30 - November/December 1982

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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 7th November - this is when you can vote for the people who you wish to be your officers and committee for the coming year. These are the members who will give of their time and energies to organise the D.A.'s runs and events, so turn up, let tbem know what you want and give them you support. The meeting is preceeded by an ADDLESTONE TEA. If you wish to put a motion to the meeting please submit it in writing to our Secretary, Kath Parfitt, by 3rd November latest.

One of the events organised by the committee, and the Social Secretary in particular(Gillian Smith), is the WEST SURREY ANNUAL DINNER on Saturday 27th November, at the Cotteridge Hotel, Woking. In order to get full value from our FIVE PIECE REAL LIVE BAND - I am not pulling your leg this time - the speeches have been trimmed BUT the Toast to the Club will be given by a NATIONAL CHAMPION AND RECORD HOLDER. X PRESENTATION OF PRIZES, CERTIFICATES AND CUPS X REAL LIVE BAR WITH EXTENSION X DANCING FOR ALL. The price has been kept to last years, including the band! This is thanks to the fund raising efforts and genorosity of members during the year. Tickets available soon at £8.50.

PLEASE will those who have any CUPS, MEDALS, BADGES OR TROPHIES awarded to themselves or the D.A. during the year, bring or send them to the Annual Dinner, so that they can be put on show for all to see - especially MICHAEL JEGGO, PADDY SHEA and JOHN WHATMORE. Lets also have the D.A. trophies on view again after the presentations - very few people ever see them.

Always on show at the Annual Dinner are the D.A. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS which Bill has faithfully assembled from the start of the D.A. in 1928. This fascinating record of the D.A.'s characters and activities relies upon the photographs given by members - please keep this in mind when you next have some prints done. It's tbe only way of ensuring that your face is not forgotten - if you have the nerve!


Our friends of the CHARLOTEVILLE CYCLING CLUB have their Annual Dinner and Dance on Nov 6th at the Refectory, Guildford Cathderal. They would be pleased to see any West Surrey members. Keith(Glfd 60776) is organising a D.A. group - tickets £8.50.

1.  Derek Constable(E. Horsley:3369) is looking for a 24" frame.
2.  Mr Winteridge(Woking 62723) has 44 and 48 tooth Chater Lea chainwheels.
3.  Mr Pye at Ashplants(Woking 61225) has a Moulton, repainted - yellow, 3 speed hub, good tyres, rear carrier - £30. A good shopping machine or you could convert to a touring machine with a very good luggage capacity.

A report from our ROVING REPORTER - you should watch his eyes - on the General and Intermediate Run of WET SUNDAY Sept 19th, tells of an attempt to break the Generals record of 15 PUNCTURES IN ONE DAY! A new rider, with 27" frame and extended seat pillar, did his best to help. After boasting that he never had punctures because he used Tuffy Tape, he promptly had three. From then on he was known as 'MR TUFFY TAPE' - could this be Peter Heenan,who vanquished all the opposition in the Freewheeling? Sounds about his size.

The FAMOUS CHRISTMAS TEA takes place at Addlestone on Sunday 19th December. We have yet to manage to clear the table of food, so come and give a hand. Book with Russ.

The CHRISTMAS MORNING APPETISER RUN once again guarantees you being in good shape to tackle your Christmas Dinner - your shape afterwards is another matter.

The SPONSORED RIDE for the WHITE LODGE SPASTIC CENTRE raised £580 - hows that for combining business with pleasure? A big thank you is passed on to all those who rode and especially to Gillian and her fellow organisers - well done.

THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE BENSTEAD CUP COMPETITION will be available at the Annual General Meeting as part of the D.A.'s Annual Report.

The TRIP TO BOULOGNE over 18th/19th Sept attracted nine D.A. riders - the Jeggo family, Ray Craig, Jeanette Bellveau, Simon Doughty and La Belle Helene, and John Whatmore. They rode in the 5th International Randonnee organised by the Audax Club Boulonnais. The weather, food and wine were of the finest French quality. West Surrey did not get the vast Silver Cup for the club with the greatest numbers there, Weybridge Wheelers had 40, but did receive a pennant and MICHAEL JEGGO; ALL 4YRS OF HIM; received a large silver cup as the YOUNGEST RIDER - he stoked his dad's tandem. Lynette Jeggo, who had no assistance from Michaels younger brother William on the back of her bike, only received a bouquet - is there no justice?

The PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION,on Saturday 13th Nov at the D.A. Clubroom, is ideal entertainment for all the family with rarely any pictures which Dad has to avert his eyes from. The pictures come from far and wide - it's surprising how far you can get by bicycle with the help of an aeroplane. Doors open at 7p.m. and there will be refreshments including that well known brand by MR SAMUEL SMITH, two 'Cups' of which are guaranteed to add colour to any slide.

As we are approaching the silly season you just might appreciate the following poem produced by the CTC COMPUTER in a desperate attempt to prove its worth:-

I8T41, U8T43.

I have just read this weeks 'Cycling' and see that MICHAEL JEGGO has got his name in it for his exploits in France - Silver Cups, Press Coverage, and all before he is five! What hope is there for the rest of us poor mortals in the future? I should sell your bikes and take up Hang Gliding, though he'll probably take it up as a side line before he's six.

To finish on a happy note - MR and MRS LARKE proudly announce the birth of their daughter CLAIRE ANNE - congratulations Bill and Kathy.

The cartoon is Simon Doughty's way of showing the tax payers that his recently obtained Degree in Geography was worth the expense.*"/@£_&'()+=-;~:?
Another Dinner to tempt you -
on Dec 4th at Bourne Hall,
about one mile outside
Farnham. Tickets between
£7 and £8,they're still bargaining with the band! Contact Russ Mantle.

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