West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 33 - May/June 1983

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VETERANS' TRIENNIAL 100 MILE RELIABILITY RIDE June 19th - to help all those who are now assisting, there will be practice runs on Sunday May 22nd and Sunday June 5th.  The first to cover the course from Godalming to the lunch stop at Tilford, the second to cover the course from Tilford to the finish back at Godalming.  Convenient venues for tea have been arranged for both days.  Besides helping you to remember the course, the runs will be enjoyable rides in their own right, so please come along.

Sunday May 8th SPEEDJUDGING - the gentlest of events - just ride the 3½ mile course in both directions and try to take the same amount of time WITHOUT THE HELP OF A WATCH.

ROUGHSTUFF - not quite so gentle but an interesting test of skill in and out of the trees and up and down the bumps - laughs guaranteed.

COLEMAN'S DIARY - March 20th - used Intermediate Run as therapy after "me operation" - worked well.  Arrived at Binsted to find DAVE BELL (on his own!) propping up the bar.  This, mark you, after only a week or two of marriage.  Had Rose thrown him out?  Was Rose really at home doing the washing by choice, as Dave claimed?  Has Rose gone back to Mum?  I always told you not to trust him Rose, and come away with me!

Sunday June 5th 'STONEHENGE AND BACK' 200km (125mls) Audax ride - the longest of our reliability rides.  The attractive route is always enjoyed and meeting the many riders from other DAs and clubs makes for an interesting day.  FOR THOSE WHO WANT A SHORTER RIDE there will be a 100km (62½ml) event also starting at Aldershot.  Apply to Ray Craig (Tadley 6867) for entry forms.

Do you have difficulty in writing letters, in spelling or even in just producing something that is readable?  If so you need a WEST SURREY BALL PEN.  As recommended and used by Les Moss who c1aims that they are the only pens which can write all the necessary noughts on the cheque for his phone bill without running out.  These superb instruments are available in blue, black, red and green from Gillian Smith at 25p each - THEY REALLY ARE EXCELLENT PENS.

From our Continental Correspondent -

EASTER TRIP: THE 'SAINT-LO CIDER MEET' was thoroughly enjoyed by 23 DA members.  The town was invaded and attacked by a pincer movement of West Surrey cyclists coming from Le Havre and Cherbourg, with reinforcements led by CCP Davies from St Malo.  The weather varied from sunshine to snow(!) but spirits were undampened (two puns there).  Our French hosts coped superbly with over 1300 cyclists, providing some marvellous meals (if you like tripe) and some highly volatile cider.  Over 200 Britons joined the invasion and West Surrey DA came home with a trophy won for their number of participants x km from St.Lo.  The most exciting time seems to have been had by Gillian Smith who shared her dormitory with eleven men!  We look forward to seeing your pictures Gillian.

Have you seen the latest line in tandem stokers?  They come PRE-PACKED IN POLYTHENE!  See Les Moss for details.

So you think you're fit eh?  Well, come along and prove it on the "TOUR OF THE HILLS".  This year there are two extra climbs squeezed into the 100km, a UNIQUE MEDAL designed for the event, and the finish is at the Barn Cafe Newlands Corner - so you can freewheel all the way home.  Audax UK rules apply.  Entry £1.00 to Simon Doughty, 29 Ganghill, Guildford (G'fd 504706).

IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RIDE IN THE "TOUR OF THE HILLS" Simon would be very pleased if you will be a helper or marshal - it's most enjoyable to watch the riders suffering whilst you laze at the roadside!  PLEASE contact Simon.

In the present copy of Cycletouring there is an entry form for the NATIONAL 400km over July 23/24th - fill it in and join the 'West Surrey Team'.  The massed DA jerseys should look terrific and show up well through both day and night.

'BOAT AND BANGER EVENING' - Saturday June 11th.  A gentle boat trip up the River Wey followed by supper at the clubhouse.  Adults £3.50, children expected to be £3 - tickets must be paid for in advance - don't delay as seats are limited.  Contact Gillian Smith (Woking 61294).  Boat leaves the boathouse - NOT THE ROWING CLUB - at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome at the Clubroom for the rest of the evening but supper can only be for those booking both boat trip and meal.

CORRECTION - Rose and Dave were married 19.2.83 and not 19.2.82 as published.  I apologise for any embarrassment caused - the effect is still the same though; Dave has stolen Rose away from us.

CHRIS JEGGO wins the pint of beer for the first correct description of the 'GETAWAY BICYCLE' - frame: yellow, forks: white, mudguards: green, size: 22".

Do you have a DA BADGE?  If not, ask Keith Parfitt or Gillian Smith - don't forget that there is a handmade model bicycle waiting for the person who buys the 100th and it's getting very near.

If you are contemplating a tour and can't face the cost of the maps, hire them from the DA MAP LIBRARY - some of them are a little old, but there shouldn't be many new roads in the rural areas - contact Gary Lockwood on Guildford 892220.

CLUBNIGHT 8TH JUNE - 'THE WATERCRESS LINE' - talk and slideshow - no guesses as to which railway line we have a run going soon afterwards - see the Runs List.

Two brand new SILKY SHORT SLEEVED RACING JERSEYS (38") in almost DA colours - white with three bands of green, yellow (not gold), and green around middle - very good quality, £9 each - contact Doreen Lindsey (Haslemere 2090).

Doing some Time Trialling? - Jeannette (Walton 46084) has a virtually new REGINA ORO 6 BLOCK 14-15-16-17-18-19 for sale.

Talking of racing, the Charlotteville are organising a race in Guildford on the evening of Wed July 13th.  Course: High St, North St, and Market St - which will call for stamina and bike handling as well as speed.

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