West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 34 - July/August 1983

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Is it a Cyclo Cross rider keeping fit in the off season?  Is it an Australian Cyclist - they would be underneath their bicycles wouldn't they?  No - it's CLIVE RICHARDSON carrying his new bicycle above his head as he walks through muddy puddles!  With Clive as a member the progress of the DA team on their journey from Land's End to John O'Groats is liable to be erratic whenever it rains.

Those very smart DA JERSEYS are being worn by more and more DA riders.  The colours are very attractive and, importantly, show up well on the road - as they were designed to.  Simon Doughty is the man to contact if you would like one.

Large quantity of DOUBTFUL QUALITY PIPE TOBACCO for sale - contact Bill Inder - he just can't face it any more!

After a miserable cold rainfall just before the start, riders on the 'STONEHENGE' AUDAX RIDE enjoyed a glorious day of sunshine, with the English countryside looking at its best.  20 DA members rode, of which 18 finished within the time limit - a telephone call from some far flung pub revealed that Keith Parfitt and Ed Long had decided to switch to another pastime.  Revelations of the event were: 71 yr old 'Bionic Bert' Bartholomew and 13 yr old Phillip Stone.

The DA SUMMER SOCIAL was a great success again.  Some 6O members and friends had a boat trip up the River Wey in the evening sunshine, followed by an excellent meal back at the Clubroom.  Many thanks to organiser Gillian Smith, her helpers Beryl Field and Evelyn Alesbury, and Keith and Kath Parfitt who manned the bar as usual.

The next Benstead Cup event is the 100 MILE RELIABILITY RIDE on 3rd June.  An attractive route takes you through Berkshire to the Chilterns and provides views of the Thames at Goring and Henley.

Regrettably, the race organised in Guildford on 13th July by the CHARLOTTEVILLE CC has been cancelled - by the County Council.

The 'TOUR OF THE HILLS' takes place on 7th August: embracing 15 of Surrey's best hills and many of its prettiest lanes.  The finish is at the top of Newlands Corner with welcoming refreshments at the Barn Cafe.  Entry forms and route details from Simon Doughty (Gfd 5047O6).  Special badges available for finishing in 5 and 7 hours.

GROUP RIDING is very different to riding alone, when you have only your own safety to worry about.  In a group a sudden swerve or braking can result in injuries and damaged bikes for several of your friends.  For your own safety, and that of your friends, don't waver about, keep alert for warnings of potholes and obstructions and pass on the warnings to those hehind you.  Don't overtake other riders without good reason and always look behind you before doing so.  Don't ride in the middle of the road and be prepared to 'single out' to allow a car to pass.  Don't charge past your Runs Leader; he has been good enough to plan the route and accept the responsibility of getting you to your destination and back again - he deserves some respect.  Finally, take pride in your ability to ride in close company as a safe and responsible member of a group - for your sake, the safety of your friends, and the good name of the CTC.

*CLUB NIGHTS* - 6th July, 3rd August, 31st August: football, rounders, tug-o-war; 28th September: talk/slide show by North Hants Canal Society.

The Intermediate have to provide RUNS FOR NEW AND INEXPERIENCED RIDERS as well as the regulars.  In order to cope satisfactorily, more Runs Leaders are needed - please agree to lead a run now and then - contact Keith Parfitt.

The WOKING WHIRL takes place on Sat 2nd July and the DA will take part in the procession.  If you would like to join in, it is expected to commence at 1pm from Brewery Road Car Park, Woking - check with Gillian Smith (Woking 61294)

The DA Stand will be in operation at the GUILDORD TOWN SHOW on 3rd and 4th Sept. at Stoke Park.  Helpers are needed to man the stand and to keep the pedals turning on the stationary bicycle for the 'Guess the Mileage Competition'.  Contact Les Moss (Woking 63262).

Ray Craig's 'SUPER GRIMPEUR', embracing Leith Hill and Holmbury Hill, on 31st July, will make ideal training for the Tour of the Hills - contact Ray (Tadley 6867) for an entry form.

INSTANT CURE FOR HAYFEVER!! - as discovered by George Alesbury.  Whilst trying to slide his bike under an electrified fence, he touched the wire with his nose and received several thousand volts up his hooter; this came as a bit of a shock AND CURED HIS HAYFEVER!

VETS TRIENNIAL 100 mile ride 19th June - What a wonderful day it was.  The countryside could not have looked better, and Bill Inder's route provided a delightful mixture of open roads and wooded lanes - Weare Street seemed almost enchanted.  Well done everyone who helped - one of the oldest riders said it was his eighth ride and the best yet - high praise indeed.  Poor old George Alesbury was turned out of home and forced to ride on his birthday!  He was so upset that his eyes were watering!  He said that it was hayfever but, as we all know, he cured that a fortnight earlier.  'SWEEPER-UP EXTRAORDINARY' - Chris Seymour dashed home to get some ball bearings for a tandem freewheel which had lost all but two!  Chris returned on his motorbike for speed, then home again to swop back to his bike and rejoin the ride.

By the time you read this Chris, Dave, Clive, Les and myself will be on our way from LAND'S END TO JOHN O'GROATS.  We all hope to get there - and return (by train) with some good tales to tell and slides to show.

Current positions in the BENSTEAD CUP COMPETITION after the '50', Speedjudging, Roughstuff and 'Stonehenge' are: 1st - Russ Mantle 221 pts, 2nd - Dave Butler 220, 3rd - Simon Doughty 193, 4th - Bert Bartholomew 172, 5th Harold Coleman 166, 6th - Graham Richardson 157, 7th - Chris Seymour 156, 8th - Phillip Stone 153.

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