West Surrey CTC Runs List September/October 1974

 Hon. Sec; H.Coleman, Lane End, Highlands Lane, Westfield.(Woking 60385)
 Hon. Runs Sec; R.Mantle, 68, Haig Rd., Aldershot, Hants. (A'shot 28275)
 Hon. Map Librarian, G.Keller, 1 Chobham Close, Ottershaw.(O'shaw 3125)
 Local enquiries to W.Inder, 33 High St., Horsell, Woking (Wok.72074)
          or K.Parfitt, 24, Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford (G'ford 60776)
 Meeting places;- A., Victoria Arch, Woking.  B., Central Library, North
 St., Guildford.   CWM., Chobham War Memorial.  FRP., Fox, Rickford,
   Pirbright.  MG., Mayford Green (Bird in hand). BCR., Brookwood crossroads.
   MAP REFERENCES are for Barts. half-inch series.  xxxxxxxxxxxxx
                      TEAS booked for times stated.
   Date    Destination   Map ref:   Meet at      Tea at
   Sept. 1  Assisting in the B.C.T.C. final in the Dorking area.  Meet at
            Guildford Library 9.15am sharp. Tea at Dorking Halls 4.45pm.
" 8 Southend 9.b.4. CWM.,9.15 Rose Hill Tea Cottage, (11's Burchetts Green) Warfield, 5pm.
" 15 Selborne 9.r.4. FRP.,9.15 Rendezvous Cafe, Fleet,5pm. (11's included in visit to Bird World near Rowledge.)
" 22 Amberley Station 6.m.4. B.,9.15 Mead Vale, Plough Lane, (Bridge Inn) Ewhurst Green, 5pm.
" 29 Benstead Cup; 100 kilometres. Pirbright Green 9.30. (Carry Barts. sheet 9 & pencil) Amy's Cafe, Tongham,5pm.
Oct. 6 Outwood 9.o.18 Rio Cafe, Ripley, 5pm. Meet at "25" finish, Wisley Common 9.30.
" 13 Wanston (11's, Fleet) 8.p.15. BCR., 9.15. The Cedars,Binsted,5pm
" 20 Oakhanger 9.q.4. FRP.,9.30. Benstead Cup. Hill-climb at Oakhanger 12.15; free-wheeling on Wheatley Hill 2.30 U.R.S. church hall,Elstead 5
" 27 Dogmore End 9.d.2. Pirbright Gn.9. Home Dainties, (Black Horse) Crowthorne, 4.45pm. 11's at "25" finish, Pangbourne Lane.
Nov. 2 Goudhurst Y.H.A. week-end. Merrow church 9.30. 11's, Horsham.
" 3 Turners Hill 6.f.12 B.,9.30 Rio Cafe, Ripley, 4.45pm. Annual General Meeting after tea.
WAYFARERS SECTION Sept. 1 B.C.T.C. final. Arrangements as for General Section.
" 8 Play Hatch 9.e.4. FRP.,10 Rose Hill Tea Cottage, W'field5
" 15 Selborne 9.r.3. FRP.,10.15 Rendezvous Cafe, Fleet, 5pm.
" 22 Ramsnest Common 9.r.9. B.,10.30 Ewhurst Green(Mead Vale)5pm.
" 29 As General Section
Oct. 6 Joint run with Kentish Wheelers Old Members. Meet Rio Cafe, Ripley 10am. Lunch Ewhurst Green. Rio Cafe, Ripley, 5pm. BOOK MEALS to W.Inder by 1st Oct.
" 13 Horseblock Hollow 9.o.12 Lunch, Hambledon. Cedars, Binsted 5pm ('Ville hill-climb)
" 20 As General Section except FRP.,10.
" 27 Pingewood(Cunning Man) 9.g.2. FG.,10.30. Crowthorne. 4.45pm.
Nov. 3 Walliswood 9.q.13. MG.,10.15. Silent Pool 11. Rio Cafe, (A.G.M. after tea.) Ripley, 4.45pm.
C.T.C. members are welcome at the following clubrooms;- Charlotteville C.C., Jacobs Well scout hut, Fridays, 8-10pm; Farnham Road Club, The Central Club, South St., Farnham, Tuesdays, 8.30-10pm.
Dates to remember;- A.G.M. 3rd Nov; Slide show, Horsell scout hut Sat. 9th Nov. (date to be confirmed) Annual Dinner & Social, Sat. 23rd Nov. Woking.
EVENING RUNS Thursdays. Rendezvous at destinations at 8.30pm Sept.5 Knowle Hill (Stag & Hounds) Oct.3. Thorpe (Red Lion) " 12 Sunningdale (Chequers) " 10. Pyrford (Seven Stars) " 19 Cobham Park (Plough, Plough Lane)" 17. Ottershaw (Castle) " 26 Sutton Green (Fox & Hounds) " 24. Brimshott (Red Lion) " 31. Cartbridge (New Inn)

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