All-day Sunday Intermediates - Logs

I have always kept a rough record of rides I have led for CTC West Surrey (formerly W Surrey District Association (DA) of the CTC), mainly as an aid to planning new rides with the aim of avoiding over frequent repetition of routes etc.

In October 2004 I switched my recording from paper to computer, using a plain text file.  In October 2005 I switched to HTML files, simply because they are a good software- and hardware-independent way of storing formatted text.  Recently I realised that others might find it useful to have access to them, so I have added cross-links and uploaded them.

Please note that they were never intended as reading matter.  They are mere jottings, hurried diary entries made shortly after each ride before the details (particularly of the route taken) get forgotten.  They cover DA years from 1st October to 30th September.

Chris Jeggo

10 October 2010

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