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Annual Report for the year 2001

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The West Surrey DA has just over 1000 CTC members within its boundary.  Throughout the year the DA organises weekly runs, events and publishes a quarterly magazine (with a circulation of 160 copies) - The West Surrey Cyclist - available by post, from club officials or at local cycle shops.  500 copies of the DA runs list are produced each quarter.  It is distributed with the DA magazine and also published on the DA web site @ www.westsurreyctcda.org.uk

Following an initiative last year to boost participation in DA events, attendance has not significantly increased.  The impact of foot and mouth in the area was limited as all the local roads used for club runs remained open;  however, the impact especially on potential new attendees is hard to assess.

Organisation and Officers:

President Les Houlton
Chairman Chris Jeggo
Secretary Derek Tanner
Treasurer Phil Hamilton
Runs SecretaryTom Hargreaves
Hilary Stephenson
David Nightingale
Roy Benson
Keith Chesterton
Geoff Smith
Non Committee Officers
Archivist Keith Chesterton
Auditor Rowland Masset
Magazine EditorGeoff Smith
Vice Presidents Harry Statham George Alesbury  
Roy Banks David Nightingale Harold Coleman

This year sees the departure from the DA of Vice President Harry Statham and his wife Marguerite.  For many years they have supported the DA with their experience and enthusiasm.  To commemorate their departure and wish them every success in their new home, some 50 members attended a presentation celebration during the Wednesday run on 31st October.  Congratulations also go to Ros Banks, the elected secretary this year, on the birth of twin boys in August.

The DA is organised into Runs groups which meet Wednesdays and Sundays at points around the area.

The Hardrider and Intermediate groups have met nearly every Sunday throughout the year starting their rides from throughout and beyond the boundary of the DA, sometimes meeting up with riders from adjacent DAs.  The Hard Riders had an average of 6 riders.  The Intermediate Group flourished through the autumn and winter, with attendances averaging seven, but their leader, Chris Jeggo, was sidelined in April with Achilles tendinitis, then injured in a motorcycle accident in June and attendances dropped as a result.  It is still not clear when Chris will resume club cycling at Intermediate level and he has stepped down as group leader.  A new leader will be required next year to follow the excellent example set by Chris.

The Wayfarer groups do not keep records of their riders.  The Woking group meets outside the post office every Sunday with a steady core of over ten riders.  The Guildford & Godalming group meets fortnightly with typically 4-6 riders.  The most popular in terms of total riders is the Midweek group that meets at various locations around Woking.  The average attendance is about 20 (with a highest attendance of 30) drawn from a total of 62 recorded members.  The creation of the “Paragon Lunch Group” has proved very successful, as it allows midweekers of all ages to make their way to the designated pub for a sociable lunchtime gathering.  The 14 train-assisted rides had mixed fortunes this year, as the weather did not always favour longer outings and the long-distance visit to the Isle of Wight fell victim to gale-force winds.  Jim Cheatham replaces Marguerite on the organizing team next year.

The Cycle Rights Network (Farnham) (CRN) Group organizes rides on the second Sunday of each month and the chairman, Brian Thomas, reports that as a result of many years hard work, preparation and determination, by many people including at least three preceding chairmen of the group, a cycle network around Farnham linking North and South Farnham, and East and West Farnham, with a link to a number of schools, has reached fruition by having the scheme incorporated into the Draft Local Plan of Waverley Borough Council.  Having reached this stage it is now reasonably easy to see elements of the plan being funded by central government under the auspices of the Farnham Movement Package.  Other successes include obtaining SITA Landfill Tax funding to upgrade a route between Farnham and Guildford north of the Hog's Back to make it usable all year round.  The next objective is to achieve a route to enable reasonably safe cycling from Upper Hale all the way through to Wrecclesham.

Events and Awards:

The DA organised six events this year that contributed to the Benstead Cup / AUDAX / DATC Events 2001.  A total of 46 people from the DA took part in one or more of these events this year.  This number does not compare well with the past few years when over twice this number took part in events.

Event Date Riders
West Surrey Others Total
Scorathon (Treasure Hunt) 28 April 8 - 8
50 mile Reliability 13 May 29 2 31
Stonehenge/Danebury 10 June 14 51 65
Rough Stuff Events 15 July 5 3 8
Tour of the Hills 19 August 3 94 97
Tricyclathon 30 September 4 6 10

The season started with the Scorathon in April, starting this year from a venue in Guildford.  The aim was partly to attract those who only want an accessible start point.  The turn-out was however lower than that found when a similar event was run from Dunsfold two years ago.  The 50 mile reliability ride in May was well supported by riders from the DA.  Other events had much lower attendance from DA riders than usual compared to previous years.  The two most popular events were as in the past the Tour of the Hills and the Stonehenge/Danebury.  Numbers for these two events were swelled from the ranks of the AUDAX and racing cyclists.  The foot & mouth disease restrictions although lifted by the time of the event are probably reflected in the low turn-out.  Poor weather might explain the similarly small number for the tricyclathon, which was only able to reach the minimum number of riders to comply with DATC rules by the organiser and time-keeper riding the event.

The Benstead Cup was awarded this year to Tom Hargreaves;  other members also qualified for awards as follows:

Benstead CupTom Hargreaves
Benstead Cup - Runner UpDon Jones
Ladies Benstead Shield Anne Tanner
Bernard Howell Trophy -
(Highest Placed Veteran)
Don Jones
Bill Inder - Sunday AttendanceTom Hargreaves
George Alesbury Tankard -
Midweek Wayfarers Attendance
Rico Signore
Not Awarded
Junior Benstead Cup
Junior Attendance Cup
The Keith Parfitt
Memorial Trophy
The Bert Bartholomew
100 mile Trophy

Members qualifying for DA Badges this year were:

Gold Tom Hargreaves
Silver Don Jones, Geoff Smith (jnr), Trevor Strudwick, Phil Hamilton
Bronze  Doug Johnson, Chris Boggon, Clive Richardson, Anne Tanner, John Gillbe, Rico Signore, Harold Coleman, Peter Callaghan

Probably the most memorable event for 20 dedicated members this year was the evening visit to the "Hogs Back Brewery" in May.  Organised by Ros Banks, enthusiasm and stamina were demonstrated when the event started (and continued) with self-serve samples of the product.


Roy Benson and Chris Jeggo are not standing for re-election next year and many thanks must go to them for their hard work in promoting and supporting the DA and its events.  The committee will be looking for new members and helpers to continue their excellent work this year.

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