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Annual Report for the year 2003

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The West Surrey DA has 1097 CTC members within its boundary.  Throughout the year the DA organises weekly runs, events and publishes a quarterly magazine (with a circulation of 140 copies) - The West Surrey Cyclist - available by post, from club officials or at local cycle shops.  500 copies of the DA runs list are produced each quarter.  It is distributed with the DA magazine and also published on the DA web site @ www.westsurreyctcda.org.uk .  All runs groups have remained active throughout the year.  The DA organized a successful weekend of cycling based at Lulworth in Dorset in May.  A mixed group of riders stayed at the Youth Hostel and other local accommodation.  Week-long touring events have been to Europe.

Officers and Committee:

President Roy Banks
Chairman Peter Clint
Secretary Derek Tanner
Treasurer Phil Hamilton
Runs SecretaryTom Hargreaves
Committee Members
Geoff Smith
Keith Chesterton
Edwina Roberts
Jeff Banks
Ros Banks
Other Posts
Magazine EditorGeoff Smith
Archivist Keith Chesterton
Auditor Rowland Masset
Vice Presidents Harold Coleman George Alesbury Chris Jeggo
Clive Richardson    

Runs Groups:

The DA is organised into Runs groups that meet Wednesdays and Sundays at points around the area.

The Sundayrider Group continues to be led by Tom Hargreaves and has met on 43 Sundays this year with an average of 6 riders.  Rides covered the DA area and excursions to Sussex, Hampshire, The Isle of Wight, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The Intermediate Group led by Trevor Strudwick provides half-day rides from Woking to coffee every fortnight, with Chas Green leading a full day ride to the DA boundary and beyond once a month.  It has had an average attendance of 5 riders this year.

The Wayfarer Groups meet Sundays and Wednesdays.  The Woking group meets outside the post office every Sunday with a steady core of over ten riders.  The Guildford & Godalming group has been led this year by Peter Fennemore and continues to follow the popular half-day to lunch format.  The published halfway coffee stop is a popular point for riders to join from the DA margins.  It meets first and third Sundays of the month with typically 2-6 riders.  The most popular in terms of total riders is the Midweek group.  Led by Sybil Preston / John Ostrom and Rico Signore, the average attendance is now approaching 30 drawn from a total of 65 recorded members.  Riders are now beginning to split into sub-groups to cater for the growing range of abilities.  The “Paragon Lunch Group” continues to be very popular;  originally instigated to allow riders of all abilities to make their way to a common lunch point, the group is now experimenting with group rides of agreeable distance from coffee to lunch.  Train-assisted rides together with good weather this year have provided a welcome ride in the relatively quiet lanes of Hampshire and Sussex.

The Cycle Rights Network (Farnham) (CRN), Simon and Barbara Scoble have handed leadership to Liz Palethorpe and the group has had a very successful year.  The monthly rides, on average 40 miles, have been well attended and two longer and faster rides in the summer were also popular.  Two Youth Hostel weekends away in March and October to Margate and Truleigh Hill near Brighton were greatly enjoyed.  BBQs were held after the July and August rides and a Christmas ‘get together’ is also planned.  There have been regular meetings with Waverley Borough Council trying to finalise cycle routes through Farnham.

Events and Awards:

The DA organised six events this year that contributed to the Benstead Cup / AUDAX / DATC Events 2003.  A total of 44 different people from the DA took part in one or more of these events this year.  This number is similar to the levels of support over the last 4 years.  The total number of riders for all events is 293, which has grown due to support for the DA’s most popular events.

Event Date Riders
West Surrey Others Total
Stonehenge/Danebury 23 March 12 76 88
50 mile Reliability 27 April 30 2 32
Scorathon (Treasure Hunt) 18 May 14 0 14
Rough Stuff Events 13 July 7 7 14
Tour of the Hills / Greensand 17 August 12 123 135
Tricyclathon 28 September 5 5 10

The Stonehenge/Danebury event was held in March with excellent weather.  The Reliability Ride continues to be the most popular event for riders within the district, despite the fact that the finishing point in Holmbury St Mary had to be changed due to refurbishment of the usual venue.  Keith Chesterton organised another excellent Scorathon (Treasure Hunt) in May, starting in Bramley.  A higher turnout than recently was achieved this year.  The Tour of the Hills/ Greensands (100km Audax and 50km non-Audax) routes were again run concurrently with good turnout.  The Rough Stuff (Offroad) event was held this year in blistering heat with a better attendance than recent years.  The Tricyclathon which rounds off the season with a social / competitive event once again only just reached qualifying numbers and may be discontinued next year.  The Benstead Cup was awarded this year for all-round attendance at DA events and club rides.  Other members also qualified for awards as follows:

Benstead CupDon Jones
Benstead Cup - Runner UpGeoff Smith
Ladies Benstead ShieldMary Clarke
Bernard Howell Trophy -
(Highest Placed Veteran)
Don Jones
Bill Inder Sunday Attendance Clive Richardson
George Alesbury Tankard -
Midweek Wayfarers Attendance
Ian McGregor
The Bert Bartholomew TrophyRoy Banks
Not Awarded
Junior Benstead Cup
Junior Attendance Cup
The Keith Parfitt
Memorial Trophy
Members awarded DA Medals this year were:
1st    Geoff Smith (jnr)
2nd    Clive Richardson
3rd    Tom Hargreaves
Senior 1st    Don Jones
Senior 2nd    Rico Signore
Senior 3rd    Ian McGregor


Peter Clint, supported by Edwina Roberts, is now established as the DA’s Right To Ride rep.  He has provided valuable input to local modal transport studies and continues to seek more help to build on this year’s efforts.  Nominated members attend to provide comment and advice on cycle facilities at all local council cycle forums.

DA 75th Birthday Party:

A major event was celebration of the DA’s 75th birthday.  On June 21st, Ros Banks, Chas Green and many other helpers organised the day with the support of the tearooms at Seale Craft Centre where a hospitality and display stand, including copies of a publication of the DA’s history, was manned for the day.  Groups of riders set off on 75 miles or a choice of three 25 km rides during the day, returning to a traditional tea party.  George Alesbury, the longest serving member of the club with 67 years membership, cut the cake.  The day was completed by an audiovisual film show, containing sequences of DA outings, provided by Derek Tanner, with complimentary ice creams at the interval.  In all, members and guests clocked up 1,185 km of riding and consumed 46 teas and 31 ice creams on the day.

CTC 125 Birthday Event - Round Region Ride:

Anne Tanner, on behalf of South East Region, has coordinated 11 DAs for the CTC 125 Birthday Round Region Ride, launched in February by CTC President Phil Liggett.  The “Golden Pump” has travelled from DA to DA around the SE region in almost exactly 9 months.


Jeff Banks, Ros Banks and Edwina Roberts joined the committee this year and the extra help has enabled all new CTC members in the DA region to be contacted with a welcome letter and introductory runs list.  Runs group liaison has been improved and more effort has been given to campaigning.  The committee thank all members for their comments and support throughout the year.

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