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Annual Report 2012

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CTC West Surrey Group is the local representative body of the CTC covering the postcode areas GU1-10, 12, 15-16 and 18-27, KT7-8, 10-16 and 24, and RG45.  In addition to several special events, e.g. Reliability Rides and Audaxes, the Group organises morning and full-day on-road rides on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year plus a monthly tow-path ride.  Rides start from various locations and provide the opportunity for riders of all abilities, ranging from those seeking light exercise to the fit and experienced cyclist, to explore the country lanes of Surrey and bordering counties.  Details of rides and events are published on the Group's website (www.ctcwestsurrey.org.uk) and in its quarterly magazine, The West Surrey Cyclist.


The committee consisted of the four ex-officio posts of Chairman (Roger Philo), Rides Secretary (John Murdoch), Secretary (Nick Davison) and Treasurer (Arthur Twiggs), plus two additional members, Mark Waters (Website Organiser) and Claire Hooper (Magazine Editor).  With Claire’s resignation earlier this year, Dane Maslen took over as Editor with the October - December issue.

Members elected to honorary posts at the last AGM in recognition of their long support and services to the Group were Bill Thompson (President) and Harold Coleman, Liz Palethorpe, Clive Richardson, Rico Signore and Geoff Smith (Vice Presidents).

Events and competitions were organised by Nick Davison with assistance from Bob Macleod and Peter Hackman (Stonehenge 200, Danebury 150 and Elstead 100 audaxes), Don Gray (Tour of the Hills audax and Tour of the Greensand Hills), Roger Philo (50-, 75- and 100-mile Reliability Rides), Arthur Twiggs (Summer Navigator) and Mark Waters (Bicycle Icycle).  Thanks go to them and to the volunteers that assisted them.

Midweek and Sunday rides

In addition to groups starting primarily from Woking, Guildford, Godalming and Farnham, other groups have operated from variable start points to give the widest scope for rides.  Several of the groups have also included a selection of train- and car-assisted rides in their programmes.  All groups had rides scheduled throughout the year and no rides were cancelled due to adverse weather.  It is notable that this year has been particularly wet and windy but not icy.

Wednesdays has seen a weekly programme of full-day rides from locations around Woking by the Woking Midweek Wayfarers and monthly full-day rides from Farnham by the Farnham Wayfarers.  Both groups have continued to be well attended, the former usually splitting into two or three groups of differing speeds en route to the coffee stop and thereafter to lunch.  Often one group has gone to meet the Paragon Lunch Group for those members who like to socialise but do not want a long ride.  This has become more popular recently.  Another opportunity for our less active members has been the Evergreens ride on the first Thursday of each month along the tow-path from Brewery Road Car Park in Woking to the Cricketers in Pirbright for lunch.  An extensive programme of rides has been on offer on Sundays:  weekly full-day rides from Elstead, Farnham, Godalming or Guildford by the Sunday Riders;  weekly morning rides from Woking by the Woking Sunday Intermediates;  fortnightly full-day or morning rides from Godalming or Guildford by the Guildford and Godalming Wayfarers;  monthly morning and monthly full-day rides from Farnham by the Farnham Wayfarers;  and full-day rides once or twice a month from a variety of locations by the All-day Sunday Intermediates.  These have provided members with opportunities for rides ranging from 15-20 miles at about 8mph (morning rides by Farnham Wayfarers) to 60-90 miles at about 14mph (Sunday Riders).


Thanks to the dedication of the various organisers and the willingness of numerous members to act as helpers and marshals the Group staged its regular programme of events.

The Bicycle Icycle (1st April) attracted 18 people, twelve of whom were West Surrey riders.  The weather was very warm on the days leading up to the ride, which might account for no fewer than five advance entries.  A record!  All completed the course, except one.  The first riders home completed the course in 3 hours 55 minutes, which was identical to the two previous years.  A stop in Shere was not taken.  Several said how much they enjoyed the route, which isn't surprising considering the clear blue skies and light winds.  It was however, cold - most suitable for the Icycle ride!

The 50-mile Reliability Ride (15.04.12) had 14 starters, again mostly from West Surrey, with most opting for the Farncombe start.  Two riders tried the new 35 mile route from Farncombe.  The Kirdford cafe was used again as a refreshment stop and control point.  All riders finished.

The Stonehenge 200, Danebury 150 and Elstead 100 Audaxes (13.05.11) saw generally fine weather with only one notable flooded section requiring a late route amendment.  Paypal entries were introduced this year which swelled the entries in advance making nearly 60% of total entries.  However, total finishers on the day were marginally down from last year 54(-3):  for each route respectively 23 (+10), 15(+5), 16(-18).  The use of the village hall next door for Surrey League Races meant that car parking was a problem and the 100k riders were inconvenienced by the assembled cavalcade of riders and support vehicles.

The second Summer Navigator missed the DA competition but 10 regular riders turned up, mostly from the Farnham Easy Riders group.  Everyone finished within the time limit and the results will be published in the next issue of the magazine.

The 75- and 100-mile Reliability Rides (15.07.12) attracted 12 riders, 2 on the shorter route.  Two abandoned on the 100, one with knee problems, the other with too many punctures.  All other riders finished.

For this year’s Tour of the Hills Audax entries were well up on previous years:  128 entries were received with only 11 by post, 15 on-the-day and the rest entering electronically via PayPal.  There were the customary no-shows, and a few didn’t finish the ride, so we ended up with 93 tired, but happy finishers.  The first riders finished in less than 4h30, and the last in around 7h30.  Praise for the Event, the marshals and the catering was universal amongst the finishers with many more emails confirming this sentiment.  The Tour of the Greensand Hills, held on the same day, again proved popular with West Surrey riders.

Annual Award of Trophies

The following awards are to be made at the AGM:

Bill Inder Trophy Best Sunday attendance: Clive Richardson
George Alesbury Tankard Best Wednesday attendance: Neil Eason / John Findlay
Junior Attendance Cup Best overall attendance by a junior (under 18 on 30/09/12) (Not awarded)
Bert Bartholomew Trophy Oldest rider to complete the 100-mile Reliability Ride within the time limit: Bob McLeod
Keith Parfitt Memorial Pot For organising and helping at events: Roger Philo
The Wooden Crank Most amusing blunder during the year: TBD at AGM

Other Activities

New Year's get-together in Seale:  many members rode to Seale Craft Centre on 1st January where the tea room, ever popular with our members, opened especially for cyclists to celebrate the New Year.

Farnham Wayfarers Sunday Riders 20 Years Celebratory Ride was organised by Liz Palethorpe and run on 8th July.

A May Bank Holiday weekend trip was organised by Derek Tanner, which visited Suffolk.

A tour in the Massif Central of France was organised by John Murdoch in June.

Right to Ride:  We currently do not have a Right to Ride representative.  If anyone would be willing to take on this role, please contact the committee.

Club shirts:  The new design of club shirt has been agreed by the committee and the first batch of orders with some spares for sizing has been placed with the supplier, Owayo;  these will be available at the AGM.


Nick Davison, Secretary

October 2012

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