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The accounts for 1993/4 were audited and then accepted by the Committee, at its meeting on 30th November 1994.  Proposed by Harry Statham and seconded by Roger Philo.

Membership numbers this year have increased from around 800 in 1993/4 to 902 in '94/5.  All the groups are recruiting a few new members.  All the DA events went well with the Tour of the Hills bringing in the most riders.

The Sunday Attendance competition, which gives a maximum of four points each Sunday, was won by Marguerite Statham with 136 points;  2nd was David Pinkess with 131 points and Helen Pinkess was 3rd with 118 points.
The average number of riders out for any of Sunday was 37 (up from 32)
The average out for all of Sunday was 12
The maximum for any of Sunday was 61
The minimum for any of Sunday was 13 (excluding 0 for Christmas)


WOKING AND DISTRICT WAYFARERS     Report from David Nightingale

This year has seen an increase in the number of riders out, at times exceeding 20 people which has for safety reasons necessitated a partial split to allow space for motorists to fill!  I would like to thank all those who have assisted in helping to keep the group running smoothly.  As one boss used to say 'Credit where credit's due!' in praise of each member who in their own way help to create such an excellent atmosphere.  Thank you all, especially when you are led astray down mystery routes!


This small group was pleased to have provided runs for the WSDA which started from Cranleigh and the occasional rides which began at Dorking.  From April the ALL-DAY ride was introduced, this ride started from Cranleigh, one trip every month, except in August.  In August, a successful Off-road excursion took place from Bramley.  Trevor and Neil led a very enjoyable ride which finished late afternoon.  Some riders cooled off in the river!  Finally a thanks to CW riders who helped at Benstead Cup events.

GUILDFORD AND GODALMING CTC     Report from Helen and Chris Juden and Claudia and David Whittle.

In our second year we have continued to arrange at least two easy-paced Sunday rides per month and a few extra fixtures.  Attendance has been even better than last year, with an average of 15 people on the rides.  The format has been all-day rides of 30-40 miles aimed at families and occasional cyclists, always meeting at the same time and starting from Guildford and Godalming alternately.  We give every ride a name and visit a place of interest each time (as well as making the usual cafe and pub stops).  This is a successful formula as we have attracted and retained many new riders.

As well as appealing to newcomers, the ride name is a "handle" which assists with press coverage.  We have continued to get regular editorial space in the Surrey Advertiser, producing a steady stream of telephone enquirers, to whom we send our list of rides.  The list is also distributed through cycle shops, council offices and libraries, backed up by larger poster versions.  We work hard to make the list as professional and attractive as possible, and have recently added general information about the CTC, the DA, other riding groups and the campaign groups on the reverse.  This outward-looking publicity, directed at the general public, has been effective in encouraging new people to ride with us, the majority of whom have never cycled with a club before.  We are pleased that most have continued to ride with us from time to time, and many have joined the CTC.

This year we have held 32 rides with an average attendance of 15 (11 in 1994).  On six occcasions more than 20 people were out, and the maximum was 40 in National Bike Week.  There is a hard core of about a dozen, including 2 families, who lead rides and a large number who come out occasionally - overall about 150 different names appear in our runs book, one-third of them women.

Our rides are planned collectively, consulting the group quarterly, and most riders are happy to do thirty-something miles.  The few who ride frequently and have become fitter are encouraged to try the Intermediate group, and to this end we have arranged to meet up or ride with the Intermediates when this is feasible.

Most of our riders stay out all day with the group, but wish to be home before dark, so we only have tea stops in the summer.  The shorter day and shorter mileage expectations of our group mean that the present DA and Benstead Cup events are of little appeal to our riders, so we hope to find other opportunities to develop cohesion between the various DA groups in the future.  We do have regular contact and overlap with those who join the Thursday Evening rides from Godalming, both road and off-road riders, and the Guildford and Godalming cycle campaign groups.

In National Bike Week a "spokes" style ride was arranged in our area.  On this occasion we had three starts and mustered some 40 people for rides to Thursley, where we met cyclists from Farnham, Haslemere and Cranleigh making a total of about 80 for a mass picnic.  This was a great day and we hope that other DA groups might participate next year.

Other special events have included a much-enjoyed Christmas Dinner and a surprisingly well attended mid-summer's night ride.

As the group grows in strength and consistency, we can plan other activities:  there is a youth hostel weekend coming up and we hope to entice people to a slide show with the Charlotteville CC.  Maybe we shall try weekly rides in the spring;  we certainly look forward to an increasingly diverse programme next year.

INTERMEDIATES     Report from Ken Bolingbroke

Early in the year the attendance for these runs was always good and we have had some very well led enjoyable runs the last few years.  It is a great pity the number of people coming out has dropped since the beginning of the summer.  There seems to be a lack of enthusiasm at the moment due to many other events and holidays.  Roy Richardson had to go to Hospital for an operation.  We all hope he makes a full recovery and also Bob Crosby after his accident while on a map-reading competition.  Thanks to Bob for being the previous runs' leader.  Chris Jeggo's Mystery Tour - only 3 people turned up;  Ken's Docklands Tour - only 4 people;  and Alan Holbrook's Tour of the Isle of Wight - only Alan.  Let's see some improvement on this now the new runs' list is out.

HARDRIDERS     Report from Roger Philo

The Group again had higher attendances in winter, the average for November to March being just under 8, more than double that for October and April-September.  Lunch destinations ranged from Brighton and Haywards Heath to Hambledon, Hampshire and Worlds End (near Newbury).  Roger Philo, the group's nominal leader, has put in very few appearances since March, so thanks are due to Peter Norris, who has led many of the rides in this period and won high praise from other members of the group for his selection of routes.

JUNIORS     Report from Claire Bright

The West Surrey Junior Cyclists are still going strong.  We are a group of Juniors who like cycling and whose parents like some supervision.  Rides start from West Clandon twice a month on Saturdays.  Alternately we have a "long" and a "short" ride.  The short rides aim to be back by lunchtime and the long ones are all day.  A few criteria are necessary:  cycle helmets for all members, spare inner tube, a little money and a drink.  The ages are from 11 but we will take 10-year-olds if accompanied by their own adult.  We do guarantee (or aim to) 2 adults on each ride.  Apart from the main rides we have a family day in the summer.  In 1995 we went to Gomshall for lunch with families (including younger brothers and sisters) riding a.m. and p.m.  It was a lovely day and the sun shone.  6 riders have shown interest in the WSDA activities, they have joined in some Sunday rides and one has taken part in Benstead Cup events.

Thanks are sincerely given to Keith Parfitt who organises the rides and does a valiant job in organising the Juniors.  Without him this group wouldn't exist.

MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDES     Report from Nigel Mathias

The "Off Road Group" are an informal section that usually ride every Thursday evening during the summer from May to late August, meeting at CTC HQ around 7.15pm.  We are about 9 strong on most evenings and we ride for 2-2.5 hours covering 12 to 25 miles depending on the available daylight.  We have ridden on most of the tracks and bridleways in the Godalming area and some Saturday afternoon rides are planned for the next couple of months (Oct/Nov).

MIDWEEK WAYFARERS     Report from Marguerite Statham

The least number out was on February 1st when we had 5 but on February 8th we had our highest (all year) of 23.  The average out each week was 14.  The total number of different people out over the year was 57.  In the Attendance Competition (which gives a "coffee" point, only) 1st was Harry Statham with 49;  2nd was Roy Richardson with 45 in spite of a spell in hospital and 3rd was President, George Alesbury with 44.  Harry Statham wins the George Alesbury Tankard.

We have had a good year with two train/car assisted rides each month from May to September as well as a local ride every week.  On "away" days the group often rides together but on local rides the group usually splits into two, after coffee, with the "A" group going slightly further and faster than the "B" group - but the reverse has been known to happen!!  We have attracted several new members and hope that many more will join us next year - Ladies especially welcome.

THURSDAY EVENING RIDES     Report from Martin Taplin

This summer's good weather has provided ideal conditions for our Thursday evening rides out into the attractive countryside of south-west Surrey.  We meet at 7.15pm for a prompt start at 7.30pm.  All rides start and finish at the CTC Headquarters in Godalming.  The distance and pace of the ride is always dictated by the composition of the group.  However, a combination of long, warm summer evenings and an enthusiastic group has encouraged us, on occasions, to extend our rides as far west as Runfold (near Farnham);  east to beyond Cranleigh;  and south across the county boundary into West Sussex.  The 'pub' stop is always an important part of the evening - and, indeed, the choice of 'pub' often dictates the chosen direction of the ride!  Car parking at headquarters provides the opportunity for convenient transfer from car to bike for those who may find it 'tight' cycling over for the 7.30pm start.



1st  Phil Hampton  404.4 points;
2nd  Harold Coleman  397.4 points;
3rd  Clive Richardson  383.1 points.


1st  Gill Norris  357.0 points;
2nd  Marguerite Statham  160.0 points;
3rd  Fiona Peacock  135.1 points.

BERNARD HOWELL TROPHY     (Highest Veteran)

1st  Harold Coleman  397.4 points;
2nd  John Pugh  371.7 points;
3rd  Eric Parr  288.0 points.

JUNIOR BENSTEAD CUP     (Only awarded to a Junior over 100 points)

1st  Neil Strudwick  106.8 points;
2nd  Ian Callaghan  95.1 points;
3rd  Amy Juden  69.4 points.


GOLD  Harold Coleman and John Pugh;
SILVER  Peter Norris, Phil Hampton, Roger Philo and Clive Richardson;
BRONZE  Gill Norris and Eric Parr.

WOODEN CRANK  Ian Callaghan.



The DA's season of events commenced as usual with the '50'.  The weather was fine and the lanes of the route at their 'spring' best - I have never seen so many bluebells.  28 of the 30 starters successfully finished the course.  On the same day a 20-mile ride in 2 hours was completed by 6 junior riders.  (Harold Coleman)


42 entries, 38 starters, 36 finishers, 14 WSDA starters, 13 finishers.  Ideal cycling weather, sunny but not too warm.


85 entries, 67 starters and 66 finishers.  The 15 WSDA starters all finished.  The route was modified this year to remove the loop back through Shackleford and Puttenham at the start and to avoid as much of the A303 as possible.  The latter change meant taking the route through some hilly terrain north-east of Salisbury and some riders did comment about this at the finish.  The new route was clearly tougher as the first riders back were an hour and a half later than last year.


32 starters and 27 finishers including 9 WSDA starters and 6 finishers.  1994 had 25 starters, 22 finishers and the first year, 1991, 5 starters including the two organisers.  This event had fine weather again and obviously continues to grow in popularity.


103 riders accepted the challenge of the DA's most popular event, of whom 85 finished including 13 West Surrey members.  The event was blessed by a perfect summer's day which no doubt accounted for over 50 riders entering 'on the line'.  This presented its own problems but the lessons learnt will be put to good use in the future.


These two rides were held on the same day and shared a considerable amount of the same course.  The scenic routes, like the '50 Reliability' could justly be described as 'sporting courses' so the successful riders finished tired but satisfied - 12 for the 100 and 7 for the 75.


21 competitors in total although only 15 rode all 3 events on a glorious sunny day.  5 North Hampshire, 1 Essex, 1 Herts., 1 Bristol and 13 West Surrey took part.
1st= Clive Richardson and Geoff Smith;  3rd Paul Holmes.

DATC     Final results not yet available



The re-born DA Dinner was enjoyed for the third year by 47 members and friends.  The food and service provided by the YMCA were excellent.  The Guest Speaker was Les Warner - the past, much respected National Secretary of the CTC - who, as expected, entertained us well.  Chris Jeggo replied on behalf of the DA by telling some pleasant and amusing reminiscences.  Cups, medals and certificates, including a special award to 'Eric the Arrow Parr', were duly presented to an accompaniment of enthusiastic applause.

THE NATIONAL CTC DINNER on February 25th '95 was organised by the West Surrey DA and was held at the YMCA at Guildford.  81 people attended a successful evening with everyone enjoying the meal and social programme.  A 'thank you' to HQ and especially Jill and Alan for their help.  The 1996 National Dinner is in Bristol.


A group of us have visited twice to participate in a friendly game of bowling with the residents.  Jim Carson organised the evening entertainment.  He was also very good at the scoring system.

CHRISTMAS TEA was held at Wheelers Rest.  33 people went.


This weekend (Fri-Mon) was organised by Marguerite with Geoff Taylor putting the rides together which was no easy task as we had 3 "ability" groups on the Sat and Sun.  14 WSDA members went plus two from Bristol (Gillian and Hamish) and two from East Yorkshire (Margaret and Ken). We stayed in a very comfortable Guest House in Moreton in Marsh.


Started by Marguerite Statham with additional material from Russ Mantle and put onto computer by Roger Philo, this is now being updated continually by further entries from Russ - the indispensible guide to where to find tea and cakes (some members would probably like a star rating on the cakes, any volunteers to research this?).

MAGAZINE     Report from the Editor, David Nightingale.

Ed knows that there are still many improvements to make, eg larger print, a wider variety of sections etc.  If you have any suggestions or articles they will be gratefully received.  There are no longer any deadlines for submission of articles, as Ed is trying to get as many in as fast as you can print, type or write them, and by building up a resource from which to draw, thus avoiding the last-minute shortage panic.  We need more advertisers;  help in this area would be appreciated.  My thanks to Chris, Roger, Marguerite and Keith for their help, and to all those who contribute articles.


Some groups are doing their own.
Keith continued with the 'reports' in the DA section of "Cycletouring and Campaigning".
Mark Statham designed and printed posters for all the events as well as numerous others that Helen and David Pinkess distributed around the area together with the Runs Lists.

CRN     (Cyclists' Rights Network)

As the groups below are now active in their relevant areas the WSDA committee has been able to concentrate on the leisure activities.

FARNHAM GROUP     A Report from Anne Neale

The Farnham CRN has, during the past year, continued with campaigning for improved facilities for cyclists, both on road and by rail.  We have been assured by Surrey County Council that the building of the Farnham Cycle Route will begin this financial year, and we have provided input to the STAR project (Strategic Traffic Action in Rural Areas).  If the A31 Farnham "Improvement Scheme" is ever built, the plans will include some of our proposals for cycling facilities, including a new underpass.  Waverley Borough Council have offered us some money to help with the publication of our local rides booklet.  The group supported Jason Lane's "Bikes on Trains" motion at the CTC AGM.  We are part of the West Surrey Cycling Forum, and welcome the new Woking Rights Group.  Our Sunday rides continue.  A good number of mixed ability cyclists joined our twice monthly rides, with our shorter ride being particularly suitable for newcomers.  During the winter we shall be leading one ride per month only, of about 25-35 miles.  We incorporated our two June rides into National Bike Week, welcoming several new riders.


Both groups continue to strive for better facilities for all cyclists.

WOKING group has a meeting once a month at Goldwater Lodge.  Contact Roy Benson, 6, Heathside Gardens.

SOUTHEAST CYCLING FORUM     Report from Keith Parfitt

The DA contributed £75 towards this organisation.  This has enabled me (Keith) to take part in the Management meetings held at West Malling during the week.  The objective of this group is to encourage all types of cycling in the southeast, eg a Cycling Festival was held at Ashford on 12th March '95.  A cycling development plan has been produced covering all aspects of cycling.  Mark Adams is the Cycling Development Officer.

We are now very strong on riders and I congratulate the Leaders of the groups on some well led excursions and note that the town and village named groups have established good followings.  I have enjoyed my time as secretary and thank the committee and everyone else who has helped, especially my typist, Marguerite.


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