"The West Surrey Cyclist" - April - June 1994

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Front cover - very similar to Issue 1
Inner front cover - advertisement - Wyke Hurst at Normandy
D.A. Committee 1993 / 1994 - same as in previous issue
Editorial - by David Nightingale
Information - by Harry Statham
UK Section of the Tour de France - by Harry Statham and others
Letter advertising cycling holidays in France
Notes for Magazine - obituary - Jack Howard - by George Alesbury
Letter and further information from S. Hampshire DA on their 'Celebration of Cycling' in June
Letter to DA Secretaries from Alan Harlow, CTC Director, on the club's national calendar and other matters.
Three months' attendance points (Dec - Feb)
Sunday Attendance Competition - Mid-term Report - by Roger Philo
Events April - June 1994 - the runs list
The Guildford Cycling Group - by Claudia Whittle
Solution to Braintwister - by Chris Jeggo
Audax UK - description and brief history of the Long Distance Cyclists' Association
Advertisement - E. Sussex DA's 100 & 200km Southdowns Randonnées.
Advertisement - KM154 - Kirkpatrick MacMillan Cycle Rally
Advertisement - CTC Home Counties Rally at Pangbourne
Benstead Challenge Cup Competition - 1994 - the rules
Sunday January 2nd 1994 - by Roger Philo
Cotswold Weekend (Cheltenham CTC and Cheltenham & County CC) - information and booking form
Mid-Wales Cycle Ride (Radnorshire Wildlife Trust) - information and booking form
Bicycle Maintenance and Repair - repeat of some of the last issue's information on Roy Banks's evening class.
The Woking Wayfarers - by David Nightingale
Outer back cover - advertisement - Acorn Cycles

Selected items transcribed from the original printed copy:


Sorry for the delay in getting this issue out.  Ed has had his brain cell thinking about other things, then OPP's is it March already !!!!  Panic nearly the end of March PANIC PANIC !!!!!!

There is plenty of info in this issue thank you to all contributors.

A big thank you to our two new advertisers and welldone to Keith for finding them.  Special thanks to Chris for his help in the production of this magazine, and putting up with Ed.

If anyone is on friendly terms with shops etc who have notice boards please contact ed!  One World in the Peacock Centre are displaying one of our A5 posters.

If anyone else would like to have a go at editing the magazine please give ed a call.  Have a fun spring ...... Ed.



Dear Ed    A Word re available information.........

Have a list of B and B's for Home Counties Rally from £12.50 to £30.00 also registration info if required  Phone 0483 763289

Sports council are funding a cycling development officer for SE Region this DA is also assisting the funding in a small way, so what should be this officers priority duties for our district?  Please tell me (Written answers prefered).

Committee has approved distribution of this Magazine to West Surrey Libraries for display on paper racks.

Rory's ride to see the partial eclipse of the Sun.  Start at Guildford Library, 5pm Tue 10th May.

Hon Sec.

1861  Michaux Bicycle

UK Section of the Tour de France

March 4, Marguerite and I took a look at the tour route today, South Harting Hill looks the best spot to "slow'em down a bit", therefore we are proposing to cycle from Liss station on 7th July at about 10 am, (we shall use the car).  Station parking is £1.50 per day, may be more on the 7th ???

The enclosed tour info comes from the landlord of the pub where we had our lunch.  He told me that he already had an offer from a french insurance company to book his establishment for the occasion, apparently the professional organisers quite enjoy our topless beer.

The spot we've chosen is well wooded and within 1/2 mile of the village, so do join us if you are free.  If its a nice day a picnic lunch will be ideal, as I anticipate the pubs will be busy.



180 riders in the World's greatest cycling event arrive via the Channel Tunnel on the evening of Tuesday, 5th July.

The riders will set off from Dover Castle on the Wednesday morning, on a route which takes in Folkestone, Canterbury, Ashford, Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, Maresfield, Wivelsfield, Burgess Hill and Ditchling, finishing on Brighton sea front after a lap around the town.

The riders are transported to Portsmouth, where the stage on Thursday, 7th July starts and finishes.  This day presents the opportunity to see the start and finish in Portsmouth, or, as shown on the map, it should be possible to see the race at two places on the route.

Notes for Magazine

It is with much sadness I have to report the death of one of our oldest members, Jack Howard, at the age of 88.  Jack passed quietly away in a Nursing Home on 28th February 94, and his funeral took place at Aldershot Crematorium on the 7th March 94.  Unfortunately, the date and time of the funeral did not reach us until a late hour on the preceeding evening and attendance from the DA was restricted to Cath Parfitt and myself.  A most regrettable situation, bringing home to us all the need to make an effort to maintain some communication with our former members, particularly where they are confined to a Nursing establishment with no family to support them.

A very strong rider in his day, Jack joined the WSDA in 1953, following the demise of Reading DA, Farnborough Section.  He rode both single and tandem cycles and was a keen member of the Woking Hardriders group where the target was to average 100 miles, or more, every Sunday throughout the summer months.  Most years this was achieved and Jack made sure he was one of those who bettered the target figure.

A number of accidents involving motor cars lowered his ability to cover the miles and after the loss of his wife some years ago, Jack ceased to attend runs, but did continue to cycle right up until the time when ill health dictated his retirement into a Nursing Home.

Always a good clubman and a very keen Life Member of the CTC, devoted to the cause of cycling, his friends will miss him greatly.

George Alesbury     14 03 94

Sunday Attendance Competition Mid-term Report

As we approach the halfway stage in this year's attendance competition it look as if the winner will be one of Bob, David, Helen, Clive or Marguerite.  I may appear to be in with a chance myself but I expect to drop back as the Audax and DATC seasons get going.  This may also apply to David and Helen, and especially to Bob, who wants to complete a Super Randonneur series this year.  So perhaps it will be Marguerite again or Clive.  So far, our most consistent attender is David Nightingale, 2 points every Sunday to Dec 5th.

The prospect of publication of detailed lists seems to have encouraged group leaders to make accurate returns, I had only one correction to make after the last issue of the magazine appeared.  Or perhaps this means most of our riders aren't sufficiently interested in the competition to complain about mistakes.  Despite the arguments it causes I'm in favour of the competition.  Apart from the obvious fact that if nobody was interested we wouldn't have any arguments, I'm sure it encourages some to ride in weather conditions they wouldn't otherwise ride in.

The information collected for the competition also allows us to see how well supported the D.A's various riding groups are.  In the 1989-90 Annual Report Chris Jeggo commented on a continuing decline in numbers of riders on Sundays.  He gave the following figures:  Average number of riders out for some or all of the day; 33, 26, 25, 23, 21 for 85-86 to 89-90 and average number of riders out all day; 14, 10, 10, 9, 7 for the same years.  He also said the 85-86 figures were typical for 1981-86.  I haven't got the 90-91 to 92-93 figures to hand but 93-94 is off to a promising start.  The average number of riders out for some or all of the day for Oct - Jan is 33 and average for all day is 9.  So at least for riders out for some of the day we are back to the 81-86 levels, and summer hasn't started yet.  The Woking Wayfarers are our largest group, average for some or all day 12.6, followed by the Intermediates 10.2, Hardriders 8.2, and Southern Wayfarers 2.1.  I'm sure the publicity blitz recently undertaken by the Southern Wayfarers will increase their numbers, indeed the February ride from Guildford had 3 new (to me) faces.

I know I'm asking for trouble in commenting on the way another group leader runs his group but I think it's a pity the Woking Wayfarers make no provision for riders wishing to stay out all day.  With an average of 12.6 and a maximum (so far) of 20 the group must have some riders who would like to continue at least to lunch.  As on average 50% of the Hardriders and 40% of the Intermediates stay out all day perhaps 20 - 30 % (2-4 riders on average) of the Woking Wayfarers would.  The Midweek Wayfarers currently split after coffee, with one group continuing further afield for lunch and another turning back home or to a lunch stop nearer to home.  Could the Woking Wayfarers do the same if David Nightingale had some volunteers to lead rides continuing to lunch?  Not that the Midweek Wayfarers ride leaders are exactly volunteers, they get asked (told?) to lead the ride on a particular day.  Perhaps I'll try the same tactic on the Hardriders over the summer.  The Attendance competition figures show that on average 0.55 Woking Wayfarers already do stay out all day, so if you see half a rider, presumably on a unicycle, turning up at the tea stop you'll know who it is.

Roger Philo     7/2/94  (WW figures to 5/12/93)

1888 Starley 'Rover' Bicycle

The Guildford Cycling Group

The members of the Group are CTC members, who live in Guildford.

The members are cyclists, who either commute, or cycle as a leisure activity.

The aim of the group is to improve cycle facilities in Guildford; and to promote cycling as a way of transport and as a leisure activity.

The Group has already contacts with Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council, and talks to the Council on how to improve cycling facilities in Guildford.

The Group has also produced a document, which is called:




This document will give more detailed information.

If you are interested to find out more, please contact me.

Claudia Whittle  0483 576067

Solution to Braintwister

Total number of teeth = 117.  The first correct solution came from Roger Philo, who duly received a pint of beer.

With 27" wheels, a chainwheel of 40 teeth and sprockets of 12, 15, 20 and 30 teeth give gear ratios of 90", 72", 54" and 36".  Any other solution giving integer gear ratios in arithmetic progression either uses chainwheel or sprocket sizes which would be unobtainable in a village cycle shop or produces gear ratios which do not cover the range considered normal for touring, 30" to 90", say.

Chris Jeggo

1839  Macmillan Bicycle

Benstead Challenge Cup Competition - 1994

The Benstead Challenge Cup was presented to the West Surrey D.A. in 1937 by Archibald Benstead, who was then Vice-President of the D.A.  The Committee of the time decided on a programme of varied events, designed to give all riders as fair a chance as possible of emerging as the best all-round cyclist in the D.A.  The competition has continued from then except for a break from 1940 to 1946 when members were serving in HM Forces.

The Cup is awarded annually to the West Surrey member who has accumulated the greatest number of points from the specified events.  Besides holding the Cup for one year the winner receives an engraved medal to keep, as does the runner-up.  A separate trophy, the Ladies Benstead Shield, is awarded to the highest placed lady.  The Junior Benstead Cup is awarded to the highest placed Junior (under 18 years at 30th September of the relevant year).  For each of these trophies, should no eligible rider score 100 points or more, the trophy shall not be awarded.

For 1994 the non-competitive events for which points shall be awarded are:  50 mile reliabilty ride, 17th April:  150km Audax, 1st May:  200km Audax, 12th June:  60km Audax roughstuff, 24th July:  105km Audax "Tour of the Hills", 14th August:  100 or 75 mile reliability ride, 4th September.  For each of these events completed within the required time 50 points shall be awarded up to a maximum of 200 points for 4 events completed.  Riders who at the end of the season have not completed 4 events within the specified time shall in addition to 50 points for each event completed within the time be awarded 10 points for each event started but not completed, or not completed within the specified time for up to a maximum of 4 events in total for completed and uncompleted events.

For 1994 the 3 competitive events for which points shall be awarded are the hillclimb, freewheeling and pacejudging, all to be held on 9th October.  For the purposes of calculating numbers of starters these 3 events shall be considered as one event, ie anyone competing in any one of these events shall be deemed, for the purposes of the points calculation detailed below, to have started in all three.  Should the number of starters, calculated in this way be less than 4, points towards the Cup shall not be awarded.  For each of these competitive events the winner shall be awarded 50 points, with points for other placings being awarded on a percentage basis, eg if there are 20 starters the second place shall be awarded 19/20 of the points awarded to the winner ie 47.5, the third place 45 and so on down to 2.5 for the 20th place.  Non finishers shall be considered as equal last and in all cases of equally placed competitors the points awarded shall be the average (arithmetic mean) for the placings concerned, eg if 4 competitors are placed equal 3rd the points awarded shall be the average of those which would have been awarded for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places.

Hillclimb and freewheeling:  Riders must enter and complete whichever of these events is run second on the same machine carrying as nearly as practicable the same load as for the first of these events, such load not to exceed that reasonable for a day ride.  "As nearly as practicable" and "reasonable" will be interpreted at the organiser's discretion but implies riders will not be expected to find another lot of sandwiches for the second event if they have eaten those they were carrying on the first event and that bricks in saddlebags will not be permitted.

These events are intended for tourists on touring machines. therefore, with the exception of the 60km roughstuff ride, only riders on machines fitted with full length mudguards can gain points towards the Cup competition.  Tricycles are exempt from this rule, due to the difficulty in fitting mudguards.

In order to encourage DA members to organise or marshal events, 10 points shall be awarded for organising or marshalling any one of the 7 events listed above, with the exception that points may not be scored for organising as well as riding an event.

Entry fees and conditions of entry shall be as specified in the entry forms for each event.

D.A. badges are awarded to those completing 3 or more of the 7 events listed above, The hillclimb, freewheeling and pacejudging shall be considered as a single event for the purpose of this calculation and completing it requires completing each of its three parts.  A gold badge shall be awarded for completing all 7 events, a silver badge for completing 5 events and a bronze badge for completing 3 events.  ("Gold", "silver" and "bronze" refer approximately to the colour of these badges and not to the material of which they are made.)

Points towards the Benstead Cup competition shall also be awarded from the Sunday Attendance competition, with the winner of the Attendance competition being awarded 100 points and other placings being awarded points on the same percentage basis as described above for the hillclimb etc.  For this calculation only riders who have scored 10 or more points in the Sunday Attendance competition shall be considered.

Sunday Attendance Competition for the Bill Inder Trophy

As the results of this competition are required for the calculation of Benstead Cup results it is run on a yearly basis from 1st October to 30th September, ie the 1994 Benstead Cup results will contain scores from the Sunday Attendance competition run from 1st October 1993 to 30th September 1994.  Points are awarded for attendance on Sunday runs and Sunday events which appear on the DA runs lists.  For Sunday runs there is one point each for morning start, elevenses, lunch and afternoon tea.  Where adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems and other contingencies unforseen at the time of compilation of the runs list prevent groups from reaching the destinations stated on the runs list, points may still be awarded to group members for elevenses, lunch or afternoon tea at places other than those given on the runs list.  Individuals not riding with the D.A'.s organised groups may not claim points for attendance at places other than those specified on the runs list.  As some riders may find the distance ridden on the DA's Sunday rides too large if the ride to and from their homes is included, arrival at the start or departure from afternoon tea, or arrival or departure from elevenses or lunch using a motor vehicle to transport the cycle shall not prevent the award of attendance points, providing arrival or departure as appropriate is by cycle.

For Sunday events on the runs list, whether organised by West Surrey DA or not, 4 points shall be awarded for completing the event, except in the case of half day events where it would be possible to ride, at an average speed of 15 km/hr to or from the event and one of the DA's Sunday ride points, arriving at an appropriate time.  For example if an event finishes at 1pm and one or more of the DA's groups is having afternoon tea at place not more than 45km distant, 3 points would be awarded for completing the event and a further 1 point for attendance at the afternoon tea stop.  The runs list shall not contain more than one event per month not organised by West Surrey D.A.  Organisers and marshals of West Surrey DA events shall be awarded the same number of points in the Attendance competition as they would have received for successfully completing the event.

In the case of disputes, decision shall initially be by the organiser in the case of West Surrey DA events or the relevant group leader or leaders for other events and Sunday runs.  Riders may appeal against such decisions to the DA Committee.  In order to ensure consistency between different organisers or different group leaders the DA Committee may also rule on such matters without an appeal having been made.  In either case the decision of the DA Committee shall be final.

The above rules were approved by the D.A. Committee on 21st January 1994 and will be applied to the 1994 competition.  Suggestions for changes to these rules, to be applied from 1995, should be made to the Runs Secretary

Sunday January 2nd 1994

Unlike New Year's Day, which had been icy, Sunday was mild, dry at first and windy.  This encouraged nearly twenty people to turn up at the combined Hardriders/Intermediate start at the New Inn, Send.  Bob Crosby, leading the Intermediates, planned to head for our joint coffee stop at Dorking via West Horsley, Sheepleas, Dunley Hill and Ranmore Common.  I set off first, accompanied by Martin Gould, Phil Hampton, Gill & Peter Norris, Clive Richardson, Steve Senior and Geoff Smith.  I was planning to lead the ride via Ockham, Effingham and Westhumble but as we had gone this way a fortnight before, I changed my mind in Ockham and headed for East Horsley.  Peter got a puncture in East Horsley and while he was fixing it, Phil and Clive took the opportunity to readjust the quick releases on Martin's wheels so they were pointing backwards, not forwards, the former being slighty safer.  As we were waiting for Peter to finish, a small group of cyclists led by Alan Harlow passed us, then it started raining.  Not heavily enough for waterproofs I thought, but Clive donned his Peter Storm jacket.  This had the desired effect, it stopped raining shortly after we set off again.

When Clive stopped halfway up Dunley Hill, and some distance in front of me, I thought it was to take his jacket off.  No, he'd punctured.  I was last at that point and should have stopped, but having been extremely idle for about 10 days over Christmas, I wasn't sure I be able to start again so I continued to the top.  No sign of the others, except for Phil, who went back down to Clive.  The rest of the group came back in ones and twos as I waited.  When Clive came up the hill it was with the news that the Intermediates were only just behind us.  This prompted a sprint finish along Ranmore Common, down into Dorking and along the A25 to the Little Chef.  I think Geoff won, anyway I was well back with Phil, Martin and Steve.

Waiting for us inside were Chris Jeggo and his occasional, partially sighted, stoker, Ivan Storey.  This gave me the chance to find out if mentioning the magic number 117 to Chris was worth a drink.  It was, but I decided to defer collecting it to the next Thursday nighters meeting.  The Intermediates didn't arrive for another 10 minutes or so.  I think this is because they waited for the whole group to get to the top of Dunley Hill.  The Hardriders don't always wait at the top of hills but don't let this put you off if you were thinking of joining us.  The group will wait for new riders, it's just the group leader they don't always wait for.

On leaving the Little Chef, we lost Steve, who went home, but gained Chris and Ivan.  We climbed the hill to Tilehurst Lane and went through Bushbury, Dawesgreen and Flanchford to the southern edge of Reigate.  Geoff thought I was sprinting for the town sign here.  I wasn't, just trying to get to a slighty confusing road junction first.  We continued via Lonesome Lane, Salfords and more lanes to our lunch stop, The Plough at Smallfield.  This turned out to be very heavily festooned with Christmas decorations, crowded, only serving ploughmans lunches and not even those if you couldn't find a seat.  There weren't enough empty seats for all of us so we left.  I was concerned about the time it would take to get back to Wheelers Rest for tea so led the group back to Hookwood and Tesco's Coffee Shop, quicker and cheaper than stopping at another pub.  Unfortunately, they only serve breakfasts on Sunday, but fortunately all day.  This disappointed Phil who had spotted a vegetable curry on the menu.

There was a lot of broken glass on the road just after we left Tesco's and Martin got a puncture a few hundred yards later.  The rest of us checked our tyres as Martin replaced his inner tube.  I only got as far as checking the front tyre, where I spotted a deep cut with the inner tube clearly visible at the bottom.  I've carried a 3in square piece of old tool roll ever since Chris Juden showed me how useful this was for temporary repairs to splits and cuts and decided to use it before I got a puncture.  This meant I didn't get round to checking the rear tyre for bits of glass, which may be why I got a puncture in the rear tyre a few miles later as we were approaching Parkgate.  As I changed the rear tube Martin took the opportunity to patch the tube he'd taken out at our previous stop.  A good idea as it turned out.  Chris and Ivan left us at Parkgate and the rest of us went through Newdigate and Beare Green to climb the road from the A29 to Coldharbour.  I was definitely suffering from the Christmas break by this time and the rest of the group must have had to wait quite some time at the top for me to catch up, as they did again on the road over Leith Hill.

It was about 4:15 when we got to Abinger Hammer so we stopped to put lights on.  Gill & Peter decided to go straight home from here while the rest of us headed for Wheelers Rest via Coombe Bottom.  At least I assume that's how the rest of the group went.  I lost sight of them on the Shere bypass and didn't see them again until I got to Wheelers Rest, where they were already enjoying their tea when I arrived.  It was nearly 5 pm now so I couldn't see how the repair (rebuilding?) of the house was getting on.  Fortunately, Vanessa knew we were coming and that, unlike many of her cycling customers, we carry lights, so there was still coffee and teacakes available even for very late arrivals like me.  I had missed the Intermediates by about 20 minutes and just missed Russ Mantle, who must have owned the rear light I saw disappearing in the direction of Ripley as I turned into Gambles Lane.  I was on my second teacake when Martin came back in to say he had another puncture.  I was quite happy to stay another 10 minutes or so while he replaced the tube because I was very tired by this stage.  23" bottom gear notwithstanding I had considered walking up the steep bit of Coombe Bottom, but didn't because I thought it would be more effort than riding.  So the rest of us stayed inside talking to Vanessa, mostly about the fire, while Martin fixed his puncture.

It started raining while we were inside, so I put on my waterproof jacket and trousers before leaving.  This did not stop it raining.  Clive and Geoff turned right out of Wheelers Rest to start their long journeys to Liphook and Elstead, while I followed Martin and Phil towards Ripley.  They dropped me very quickly and I continued through Send, Old Woking and Sutton Green to home.  Although tired I couldn't take it all that easily because my roller dynamo was slipping at speeds below about 10 mph.  Despite the rain at the end and the punctures it had been a good day's ride.

Roger Philo

1879  Lawson 'Bicyclette' Machine

The Woking Wayfarers

When Roger commented on the lack of all day rides for this group I thought it best to write to the editor to explain the organisation of rides for this group.

The coffee stops:-  new coffee stops are tried and after consultation with the group if the majority like the venue it is used again.  Where possible coffee stops used by other groups (if within range) are selected to allow the meeting of groups.  To ensure variety a coffee stop will usualy only be used once per quarter.

Members of the group rode some all day rides in the summer last year, and after consultation, with regard to 1994 a similar arrangement of one or two all day rides per month have been scheduled.  The riders being asked where they would like to go, some popular rides from last year are again included.  Also on request of a member, the days where there are no scheduled all day rides TBD has been listed to allow for demand on the day.

The rides are aimed at giving people what they want, supplying a demand, hence all day rides in the summer but not in the winter.  The most important views to consider are those of the Wayfarers.  Obviously not everyone is out when the questions are asked so if you have ideas, requests, etc please put them forward.  The July - September all day venues still need ideas.  The Old Kiln Agricultural Museum Rustic Sunday on the 31st July (Coffee = Compton   Tea = Seale) will be on the list.

Active recruiting;  by chatting to other cyclists about the CTC the DA and groups.

Thanks to all the Wayfarers for being such a nice bunch of people, and to Harry and Les for all their help.

David Nightingale

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