CTC West Surrey Runs List April- June 1988

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This runs list had no abbreviation decoder, so here it is:
Meets:  AS - Ash Station;  CHR - Clock House, Ripley;  CLG - Central Library Guildford; 
CWM - Chobham War Memorial;  FG - Frimley Green;  PG - Pirbright Green; 
VAW - Victoria Arch, Woking;  WH - White Hart (New Haw).
Sections:  G - General;  I - Intermediate;  W - Wayfarers.
Other:  HE - Happy Eater;  LC - Little Chef.
The map references are 6-figure National Grid.
Also note that Helen Gill (a leader) is now (2018) Helen Pinkess.

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APRIL 1988

1-4G  Tour of Dorset.  Lulworth Cove Youth Hostel.  R Mantle.
3I  Meet   WH 9.15.  Coffee, Gomshall Mill.  Lunch Rusper OS187 205373.
Joan Robinson.  Tea, Barn Cafe, Newlands Cnr, 4.30.
W" VAW 10.  Coffee, Gomshall Mill.  Lunch Ewhurst OS187 090409.
Tea as above
10  G/I/W  " Jacobs Well Scout Hut.  Benstead Cup 50 miles in 3½, 4, 4½
or 5 hours.  Starts between 8 & 9 a.m.  Finish at Kings Head,
Holmbury St Mary for lunch.  Tea, The Paddocks, Gambles Lane,
Nr Ripley 4.30.
I/W" VAW 9.45.  Coffee, HE Burnt Common.  Lunch Holmbury St Mary
OS187 112442.  Tea as above
17  G" CTC HQ Godalming 9.15.  Coffee HE Rake.  Lunch Finchdean
OS 197 738128.  C. Richardson.  Tea Hillcrest Cafe, Hindhead 5pm
South Bucks 120km. Marlow 9 a.m.  R Philo for details.
I" CLG 10.  Coffee Bramley.  Lunch Baynards Stn OS187 076351.
K Parfitt.
W" Brookwood Cross Rds. 10.  Coffee, LC York Town.  Lunch Heckfield
OS186 728600.  Tea Redfields Garden Centre, Crookham 4.30
24  G/I/W   DAs 60 Birthday Rides
" VAW 9.  Coffee Redfields Garden Centre, Crookham.  Lunch
Swallowfield OS186 735647.  60 mile ride.  Tea St Augustine's
Church Hall, Albert Rd, Addlestone 5 p.m.
W" PG 9.30.  Coffee as above.  Lunch Eversley OS186 775628.
60km ride.  Tea as above
29 April - 2 May   Home Counties Rally (Kent).  Helen Gill - Frensham 2893.
Thursday evenings:   April  14    Seven Stars, Pyrford
28    Castle Grove, Chobham

Tuesdays:  Easy rides every week,  phone George Alesbury, Weybridge 843285 for details.
Evening rides from CTC HQ, 7.30pm.

CLUBROOM:   Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Road, Guildford 8pm
Wednesday 6 April 'Bring your own slides' night - come along with a few slides of
recent club rides.

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MAY 1988

1G    Meet   AS 9.15.  Coffee Chawton.  Lunch Easton OS185 512321.
Tea Redfields Garden Centre, Crookham 5 p.m.
I" WH 9.45.  Easy ride through Windsor Park.
W  " VAW 10.  Coffee LC Sunninghill.  Windsor Park and Burnham
Beeches.  Tea Magna Carta Cafe, Runnymede 4.30.
8G" FG 8.15.  Coffee LC Heckfield.  Lunch Burghclere OS174 472612.
Tea LC York Town 5 p.m.
I" CLG 9.00.  Easy ride.  Details Keith Parfitt
W" CWM 9.45.  Coffee Bracknell.  Lunch Shurlock Row OS175
831746.  Tea LC York Town 5 p.m.
I Northants Milton Keynes Tourist Trial.  7.55 train from
Woking.  R Philo for details
14-15   Weekend:  Cheddar Gorge.  C Greening - Brookwood 2193
15  G" CHR 9.15.  Coffee Headley.  Lunch Merlecommon OS187 408485
Tea Old Cartlodge Tea Rooms, Dunley Hill 5 p.m.
I/W  " VAW 9.30.  Coffee Barn Cafe, Newlands Cnr.  Lunch
Ockley OS187 145395.  Tea as above.
22G/I/W   Charity Ride in aid of Surrey Wildlife Trust from
Shalford Meadows Park.  Details from Chris Juden -
Godalming 25794.
29   East End/Southend Ride.  Details from D Pinkess - Wok 24093
G" CLG 9.  Coffee LC Five Oaks.  Lunch Amberley OS197 027118.
Tea Millstream Tea Rooms, Bramley 5 p.m.
I" VAW 9.15.  Coffee Dunley Hill.  Lunch Charlwood OS187 243413.
Tea as above.  Mrs Statham.
W" PG 10.  Coffee HE Seale.  Lunch Sleaford OS186 802381.
Tea as above.
Thursday evenings:   May  5  Fox & Hounds, Sutton Green
12    Victoria, Woodham
19    New Inn, Cartbridge
26    Cricketers, Rowtown

Tuesdays:  Easy rides every week:  phone George Alesbury - Weybridge 843285 - for details.
Evening rides from CTC HQ 7.30pm.

CLUBROOM:   Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Road, Guildford 8pm
Wednesday 4 May. Films from the CTC archives - period pieces
including 'Cyclists' Special', 'How a Bicycle is Made' etc.

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JUNE 1988

5G    Meet   AS 9.15.  Coffee Selborne.  Lunch Buriton OS197 738202
C Richardson.  Tea Old House Tea Rooms, Adversane 5 p.m.
I  " CLG 8.45.  Coffee LC Five Oaks.  Lunch Worthing OS198 149024.
Tea as above.
W  " VAW 10.  Coffee Coleus, North Camp.  Lunch Odiham OS186 738509.
Tea LC York Town 4.30.
12  G/I/W  " CTC HQ, Godalming 7.45.  Benstead Cup 200km Audax Ride to
Stonehenge.  Finish at CTC HQ Godalming where
refreshments will be available from 3 p.m.
I" CTC HQ.  Easy ride.  Details from K Parfitt, start 9am.
W" PG 10.  Coffee HE Seale.  Lunch Arford OS186 828369.  Tea
as for Benstead Cup event (above)
19  G" CWM 9.  Coffee Dinton Pastures near Winnersh.  Lunch Dogmore
End OS175 668840.  Tea LC Sunninghill 5 p.m.
London/Brighton Ride.  Helen Gill
I/W" VAW 9.30.  Coffee HE Burnt Common.  Lunch West Humble,
OS187 168518.  Tea The Paddocks, Gambles Lane near Ripley 4.30.
26  G" CTC HQ, Godalming 8.30.  Coffee Adversane.  Lunch Brighton
OS198 314039.  Tea LC Five Oaks 5 p.m.  P Holmes
I" VAW 9.30.  Coffee LC Milford.  Lunch Balls Cross OS186 987263.
Tea Clock House, Abinger Hammer 5 p.m.  Joan Robinson.
W" VAW 10.  Coffee Millstream, Bramley.  Lunch Baynards Station
OS187 075351.  Tea Clock House, Abinger Hammer.
Thursday evenings:   June  2  Sadlers Arms, Send Marsh
9  Stag & Hounds, Knowle Hill
16    Fox, Rickford
23    Red Lion, Brimshot
30    Queens Head, Old Woking

Tuesdays:  Easy rides every week.  Phone George Alesbury Weybridge 843285 for details.
Evening rides from CTC HQ, 7.30pm.

CLUBROOM:   Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Road, Guildford 8pm.
Wednesday   1 June  Cycling from Freiburg to Guildford, slide
show by Dave Whittle.
Wednesday  29 June  Outdoor Event - celebrate summer !


  APRIL1/2/3/4  Generals Y.H. weekend - Russ Mantle. Aldershot 28275
3Newcomers Ride from New Haw - Roger Philo
*1050 Mile Reliability Ride - Roy Banks. Wentworth 2676
17South Bucks 120km - Roger Philo (as above)
Newcomers Ride from Guildford.  Keith Parfitt. Guildford 60776
23 (Sat)  Social Night at Guildford Rowing Club to celebrate the D.A.'s
60th birthday
Club 60 mile
Club 60 km
  Ride followed by birthday tea
29 - 2 May  Home Counties Rally - Kent.  Helen Gill. Frensham 2893
  MAY8Northants/Milton Keynes Tourist Trial - Roger Philo (as above)
14National AGM, Leicester 2 p.m.
14/15Ann and Chris Greening weekend.  Woking 62875
22Charity Ride in aid of Surrey Wildlife Trust. Chris Juden Gdmg 25794
27-30London-Paris Charity Ride.  CTC HQ (04868 7217)
29Eastend-Southend.  David Pinkess, Woking 24093
  JUNE5Ride to the South Coast, Roger Philo (as above)
11-19National Bike Week
*12Stonehenge 200km, Chris Juden/Roy Banks (as above)
18 (Sat)  Club Night Special
Easy ride for newcomers - Roger Philo (as above)
25 - 10 July  End-to-end, Marguerite Statham, Woking 63289
  JULY2-3York Rally
*10Tour of the Hills, Roy Banks (as above)
17Swimming and tea at Jenny and Mike Harlow's, Fox Hollow, Sutton
Place, nr Peaslake. Just turn up with the family at 3 p.m.
23/24National 400km Randonnee, also 100km, Oxford.
23-30A.I.T. Rally, Telford
CTC New Forest Cycling Week
World of Wheels Festival, Harrogate
30-6 August  CTC Birthday Rides, North Yorkshire
  SEPTEMBER  3/4B.C.T.C. Final, West Kent
*11100 Reliability Ride, Roy Banks (as above)
17/18Possible Autumn Weekend with Ann and Chris Greening (as above)
25Tourist Competition - Ian Parker
* OCTOBER  16Hill Climb, Freewheel, Speed judging
* Benstead Cup Events

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