CTC West Surrey Runs List October - December 1988

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Events Programme

There are three rides every Sunday.  The Wayfarers group goes for an easy ride
of about 40 miles, often visiting places of interest, the Intermediate group travels
at a steady pace and covers about 60 miles and the General group is for quicker
riders and usually cycles more than 70 miles.  The Family easy rides usually
start from Guildford and take place once a month.  A midweek all-day ride is held
every Tuesday as well as Tuesday evening rides from Godalming.  On Thursday
evenings some members meet at a pub.  Saturday afternoon rides fortnightly
until mid-October in the Woking area.

Monthly clubroom meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at Guildford Rowing Club,
Shalford Road, Guildford.

Newcomers are very welcome to ride with us before joining the CTC.  You don't
have to commit yourself in advance and may join part of a ride if you prefer.
To find out more about the club and our programme of rides contact one of the
following people.

  Secretary   Marguerite Statham, Woking 63289
  General Group   Russ Mantle, Aldershot 28275
  Intermediate   Roger Philo, Worplesdon 233381
  Wayfarers   Marguerite Statham, Woking 63289
  Mid-week Wayfarers    George Alesbury, Weybridge 843285
  Clubroom   Keith Parfitt, Guildford 60776

Saturday rides:  phone Bill Inder, on Woking 72074

Tuesday evening rides:  phone Chris Juden, on Godalming 25794

If you would like to lead a ride see one of the group leaders.

To simplify the runs list the number of starting places has been reduced
so that the list of abbreviations is now:

  G  General Group  FG  Frimley Green
  I  Intermediate Group  PG  Pirbright Green
  W  Wayfarers Group  AS  Ash Station
  F  Family Easy Rides  VAW    Victoria Arch, Woking Market
  HE  Happy Eater  WH  White Hart, New Haw
  LC  Little Chef  CWM    Chobham War Memorial
  CLG    Central Library, Guildford    OS  Ordnance Survey sheet number
  CHR    Clock House, Ripley

CTC blue letterhead


OCTOBER  2  GMeet   CLG 9.15.  Coffee Haslemere.  Lunch East Meon
OS 185 681 221.  Tea Hillcrest Cafe, Hindhead 5 p.m.
I  " West Kent DA Rough-Stuff Event.  Details from
R Philo.
W    " VAW 9.30/PG 10.  Coffee HE Hogs Back.  Lunch Brook
(OS 186 928381).  Tea Winkworth Arboretum 4.30
Afternoon visit to Winkworth Arboretum £1
F  " CLG 10 a.m.
Also morning only ride - meet as Wayfarers.
9G  " AS 9.15.  Coffee Chawton.  Lunch Ovington (OS 185 561 318)
Tea Upper Hale Cafe 5 p.m.
I  " AS 9.15.  Coffee Chawton.  Lunch Bighton (OS 185 614345)
Tea Forest Lodge 4.30
W  " Woking Station - Ride on the Watercress Line -
Contact Marguerite for train times.  Total cost:
£5.50 (can be reduced with Railcards)
Lunch Bighton (OS 185 614345). Tea Apple Crumble,
Alton 4 p.m.
16   GIW   Benstead Cup Events.  Freewheeling, Hill climb and
speed judging.  Start CLG at 9.30 a.m. or go
directly to event HQ - car park at top of Horseblock
Hollow (OS 187 074425).  (Refreshments 10.30 - 11.30)
Entry fee £1 for all 3 events inc refreshments
paid in advance or £1.50 on the day.  Special prize
for best overall competitor.  Lunch, Windmill, Pitch Hill.
Tea Barn Cafe, Newlands Corner 5 p.m.
I  " VAW 9.30 - Tricyclathon
W  " VAW 9.30 - Tricyclathon.  Lunch Pitch Hill.  Tea Newlands
Corner 5 p.m.
23G  " CWM 9.15.  Coffee Burnham Beeches Cafe.  Lunch Lane
End (OS 175 805916).  Tea St Augustine's Church Hall,
Addlestone 4.30
I  " CWM 9.15.  Coffee Wimpy Windsor.  Lunch Penn (OS 175 917934)
Tea St Augustine's Church Hall 4.30
W  " VAW 9.30/CWM 10.  Coffee Magna Carta.  Lunch Knowl
Hill (OS 175 822795)  Tea as above
30G  " CHR 9.15.  Coffee Forge Tea Room, Headley (closed
permanently after today).  Lunch Copthorne (OS 187 321399)
Tea The Paddocks, Gambles Lane, nr Ripley 4.30
IW Train assisted ride from Salisbury.  Meet 8 a.m.
Woking Station (time to be confirmed).  Contact Marguerite
Thursday evenings:   October  6    Fox & Hounds, Sutton Green
13    Castle Grove, Chobham
20    New Inn, Cartbridge
27    Cricketers, Rowtown

Clubroom:  Weds 19 Oct     Slides of Italian Lakes

CTC blue letterhead


NOVEMBER  6  GMeet   AS 9.15.  Coffee Selborne.  Lunch East Stratton (OS185 542398)
Tea Redfields, Church Crookham 4.30
I  " PG 9.15.  Coffee Mercury Grill, Sleaford.  Lunch Ropley
OS 185 645318.  Tea Redfields Garden Centre 4.30
W    " VAW 9.30/PG 10am.  Coffee The Old Mill, Farnham.  Lunch
Blacknest (OS 186 799416).  Tea Redfields Garden Centre
Church Crookham, 4.30 (Roy Richardson)
Also morning only ride - meet as Wayfarers.
F  " CLG 10 a.m.
13  G  " FG 9.15.  Coffee Caversham.  Lunch Crazies Hill
(OS 175 799805).  Tea St Augustine's Church Hall,
Addlestone 4 p.m.
(Annual General Meeting at 5 p.m. after tea)
I  " FG 9.15.  Coffee Bracknell.  Lunch Bisham (OS 175 852852)
Tea as above
W  " VAW 9.30/CWM 9.50.  Coffee LC York Town.  Lunch
Shurlock Row (OS 175 831746).  Tea as above 4 p.m.
20   G    " CTC HQ 9.15.  Coffee HE Rake.  Lunch Bramdean (OS 185
614279).  Tea Upper Hale Cafe 4.30
I  " VAW 9.10 for 9.22 to Petersfield.  Coffee HE Rake.  Lunch
Duncton (OS 197 958170).  Tea LC Milford 4.30
W  " VAW 9.30/PG 10.  Coffee HE Hogs Back.  Lunch Oakhanger
(OS 186 770360).  Tea LC Milford 4 p.m.
27G  " CTC HQ 9.15.  Coffee Kirdford.  Lunch Nuthurst (OS 187
192261).  Tea The Paddocks, Gambles Lane, nr Ripley 4.30
I  " PG 9 a.m.  Coffee LC Milford.  Lunch Plaistow (OS 186
007309).  Tea The Paddocks 4.30 (I Parker)
W  " VAW 9.30/CHR 10.05.  Coffee Patio, Dorking.
Lunch Newdigate (OS 187 198419).  Tea as above
Thursday evenings:   November  3    Queens Head, Old Woking
17    Red Lion, Brimshot
Clubroom  Weds 16 Nov.  Wine and Cheese evening
Sat   26 Nov.  Slide Competition

CTC blue letterhead


DECEMBER  4  GMeet   CLG 9.15.  Coffee "Hazelbrook", Prestwick Lane,
Grayswood.  Lunch Warren Corner (OS 197 728272)
Tea LC Hogs Back 4.30
I  " CLG 9.15.  Coffee "Hazelbrook".  Lunch Lower Elsted
(OS 197 836206).  Tea LC Hogs Back 4.30
W    " VAW 9.30.  Coffee Gomshall.  Lunch Baynards (OS 187
072352).  Tea LC Hogs Back 4.30
Also morning only ride - meet as Wayfarers.
F  " CLG 10 a.m.
11  G  " CLG 10.15.  Xmas Lunch Old Cartlodge, Dunley Hill.
12.30 p.m.  (OS 187 111501).  Tea Coffee Bar
Godalming 4.30
I  " CLG 10.15.  Xmas Lunch ...
W  " VAW 10.30/CHR 11.05.  Christmas Lunch 12 for 12.30.
Tickets £11.50 from Group Leaders or Marguerite.
18   G    " AS 9.30.  Coffee Rotherwick.  Lunch Burghfield (OS 175
666685).  Xmas tea Pirbright Village Hall 4.30
(Book Xmas tea with Russ Mantle)
I  " PG 9.30.  Coffee Redfields Garden Centre, Church
Crookham.  Lunch Fernhurst (OS 186 901286).  Tea
Pirbright Village Hall 4.30 (I Parker)
W  " VAW 9.30/PG 10.  Coffee Coleus, North Camp.  Lunch
Hampshire Arms, Crondall (OS 186 797490).  Christmas
tea as above 4.30  (G Porter)
25GIW    " Appetizer ride to "Springwood", Morton Rd, Horsell.
11 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.  Raffle & light refreshments.
(OS 186 995598) (opposite school)
January  1G    " CLG 10.15.  Lunch LC West Grinstead.  Tea LC
Milford 4.15
I/W    " VAW 9.30/PG 10.  Coffee HE Hogs Back.  Lunch The
Ram Ciderhouse, Catteshall Lane, Farncombe.
(OS 186 985445)  Tea - to be arranged on day.
(J Robinson)
Thursday evenings:   December  1    Seven Stars, Pyrford
15    Victoria, Woodham

Clubroom:  Weds 14 Dec     Christmas Party

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