Sixty Years On - The CTC in West Surrey 1921-1981

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by Simon Doughty

Sixty Years On

A saga of Cyclists' Touring Club activities in West Surrey.

This history has been compiled, and is dedicated to, the affectionate memory of Donald James Field.

Don joined the West Surrey District Association of the Club in 1936 and was Woking Section Hon. Secretary from 1939 until 1942 when he saw service with the R.A.F. until 1947.  He then resumed cycling and served in several capacities, including those of D.A. Secretary and Committee Chairman.

His cycling interests included active membership of Guildford's Charlotteville Cycling Club, being President of that Club from 1956 to 1970 and, in 1953, he wrote a history of that Club's 50 years' activities.  He officiated as an observer on many famous cycling record attempts all over the country, was an active member of the Roads Records Association and a delegate to the West London Cycling Association and the Southern Counties Cycling Union.

Always friendly and helpful, Don was respected by all who were privileged to know him and his untimely death at the age of 57 years was a sad blow to cycling generally and to the West Surrey D.A. in particular.

Don Field

Above are the front cover and frontispiece of the book by Don Field and Bill Inder.  I have heard it referred to as "Bill's History" so it is worth touching on the subject of attribution.  At the time of this transcription from paper to web page (2004) it is no longer possible to be certain precisely how much each author contributed.  It was undoubtedly Don's project, and his widow, Beryl, remembers typing page after page of Don's manuscript.  However, the project was left incomplete upon Don's untimely death in 1978.  Bill Inder added the most recent material and took on all the functions of an editor to get the book produced.  Bill himself died in 1992 at the age of 87.  His daughter, Gillian Smith, recalls that the D.A. history was Don's 'baby' but that her father wrote most of it based on Don's material, so maybe Bill's editing involved much rewriting or retyping.  George Alesbury knew both Don and Bill well, being D.A. Treasurer for many years concurrently with Don (D.A. Committee chairman) and Bill (D.A. President).  He affirms that Don wrote most of it but goes on to say that Bill did a very good job and that his contribution should not be under-estimated.  The important thing is that these two, who contributed so much to the D.A. in so many ways, took the trouble to get their memories down on paper in a considered and finished form, for the benefit of those who follow their wheel marks.

The book was written as a year by year narrative, and each year has been transcribed to a separate web page.  Thus the structure has been retained, except for 'Chronicles' - the letters sent home from members serving in the forces during World War II.  In the original all the 'Chronicles' are listed under 1944, but the first few letters are undated while the bulk are dated 1943 to 1945, so they have been split between the web pages for 1943 to 1945.

The photographs have been scanned from the printed original.  It is hoped at some time in the not too distant future to locate and scan the original photographs.


The aim has been to transcribe the printed copy to web pages as accurately as possible, so most of the few errors found have been left uncorrected.  It seems highly unlikely that the transcription process has been error-free, despite my checking and double-checking, and for these new errors I apologise.  If anyone cares to check the web pages against the printed version, I will buy you a drink for each such error you bring to my attention.

One or two obvious typing errors have been corrected, such as inserting a space that was missing between two words.  The punctuation has been left as it was, except that two commas have been inserted to make two long sentences easier to read.

The main corrections that have been made concern proper names as follows:
A. W. Trevarthan (1928, 29, 30, 32, 34 and 1942) and Trevanthan (1938) changed to Trevarthen;
1965:  Norman "Paddy" Shea to Norton "Paddy" Shea;
1966:  Eynsford to Eynsham;
1970:  Stephen Delaway to Stephen Dallaway;
1979:  Tim Stanton to Tim Staton.
If any other proper names are wrong, please let me know.
Also, Eadie Otterway (1932), Edith Ottaway (1941) and Eadie Ottoway (1943) no doubt refer to one and the same person.

I have not added anything to the text, but it occurs to me that it might be a good idea to name all the people in the photographs, to the extent that this is now possible.  What do you think?  And, you members with long memories, can you help with this?

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