Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

of CTC West Surrey Group

held on 18th October 2008

at The Bird in Hand, Mayford Green, Woking

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  1. The Club Secretary convened the meeting at 10.30 am and welcomed attendees to the 80th Annual General Meeting of West Surrey DA.  25 members were present.

  2. The meeting agreed that Chris Jeggo should chair the meeting.

  3. Minutes of the AGM 2007 and matters arising

    Phil Hamilton proposed that the minutes be approved and Rico Signore seconded.  The meeting agreed the minutes.  There were no matters arising.

  4. Treasurer’s Annual Report and the Accounts

    Tim Bar described the annual operating results which showed a surplus of £375 (2007 produced a deficit of £118.00).  Cash flow was similar to 2007 and there was no significant movement on the balance in the building society and bank accounts.

    Club shirts remained as a cost at £220 and it was agreed that Peter Clint should be authorised to order some additional shirts in order to encourage sales by holding physical stock.

    Peter Clint and Tim Bar asked that the 2009 AGM be held no earlier than the end of October in order to leave more time for the accounts to be prepared and the audit to be completed.

    Phil Hamilton proposed that the Treasurer’s Report and Accounts be approved.  Harold Coleman seconded the proposal and the meeting agreed.

  5. Secretary’s Annual Report

    The secretary presented a summary of his Annual Report which had been circulated at the meeting.  Peter Clint summarised the achievements of the (Woking) Right to Ride group and the Guildford Cycle Forum.  The year had been as frustrating as the year before in terms of projects being proposed but not commenced.  Peter would, however, continue his efforts and would attend the steering group that had been set up to assist the new £4million matched funding project associated with Woking’s designation as one of the Government’s cycle town initiatives.  Chris Jeggo proposed a vote of thanks to Peter for his persistence in campaigning for better cycling facilities and the meeting roundly agreed.

  6. Election of Officers

    A list of nominations for the committee and other posts was presented to the meeting.  The proposed nominations were accepted by the meeting in their entirety.  (see copy list attached).

    The Chairman summarised the service of the retiring officers (Rico Signore (Chairman), Bob McLeod (Rides Secretary) and Jeff Banks (Secretary)), observing that they had all done a good stint and thanking them for their contribution to the DA/Group.

    The Chairman invited additional volunteers to join the committee.  John Morris and Mark Waters offered themselves for election and they were consequently voted onto the committee by the meeting.

    Peter Clint agreed to act as auditor of the Club’s accounts for a further year.

  7. New CTC West Surrey Group Rules

    The new Rules had been published on the Club’s web site and in the magazine.

    The meeting agreed to adopt the New Rules with immediate effect.

  8. Motions

    There were no motions received.

  9. Award of the Wooden Crank

    The award was made to Geoff Smith for cycling into a lamp post whilst enjoying the scenery.

  10. Any other business .

    1. It was confirmed that the President’s tenure of office under the new Rules is limited to 5 years.

    2. Rico Signore asked if the September reliability rides might be better attended if they were brought forward to June.  The meeting agreed and Rico will arrange them in the 2009 calendar accordingly.

    3. Chris Jeggo announced the recent death of Marguerite Statham who still resides in many members’ memories with great affection.  Chris delivered a touching eulogy of Marguerite’s many and varied activities on the Club’s behalf.  She clearly was an outstanding personality in the Club’s history and is greatly missed.

      The meeting agreed that it would be fitting for the Club to donate £100 to the hospice where Marguerite spent her final days.  This would accord with the family’s wish for donations to the hospice rather than flowers at the funeral.

    4. Richard Ellis proposed that an annual cup be awarded to the person deemed to have contributed most to the Club’s interests.  This would be looked at by the committee.

    5. After the poor attendance at the Scoreathon and the Tricyclathon there is a concern that the Benstead Cup lacks any competitive events and will dissolve into purely an attendance based award.  The chairman appealed for a volunteer to come forward to arrange an event along the lines of the Scoreathon.  In the case of the Tricyclathon it was decided that in 2009 the hill climb would be dropped in the hope that this would encourage more participants.

  11. Close

    There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting.


Chris Jeggo


Committee and other posts proposed at

Annual General Meeting of

CTC West Surrey Group
(Saturday, 18th October 2008)

Election to the Group Committee:

Position Name Proposed by Seconded
Chairman Chris Jeggo Bob McLeod Rico Signore
Secretary Dane Maslen Jeff Banks Chris Jeggo
Treasurer Tim Bar Jeff Banks Bob McLeod
Rides Secretary     John Murdoch     Bob McLeod     Chris Jeggo

Election of President and Vice Presidents:

Name Proposed by     Seconded
Chris Jeggo (President)     Rico Signore     Bob McLeod
Roy Banks (VP) Rico Signore Chris Jeggo
Harold Coleman (VP) Rico Signore Chris Jeggo
Phil Hamilton (VP) Rico Signore Chris Jeggo
Clive Richardson (VP)     Rico Signore Chris Jeggo
Rico Signore (VP) Chris Jeggo Jeff Banks

Election of auditor:

Peter Clint

Continuing Posts:

Magazine Distributor Phil Hamilton
Magazine Editor Geoff Smith
Website Manager David Jupe
Right2Ride Peter Clint
Guildford Cycle Forum     Keith Chesterton

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