DRAFT Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of

CTC West Surrey Group

held on 31st October 2009 at

The Bird in Hand, Mayford Green, Woking

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N.B.  These DRAFT minutes have been reviewed for accuracy by the Group committee and will be submitted to the 2010 AGM for approval.  Comments on them may be submitted to any committee member.

  1. Convening of Meeting

    The 81st Annual General Meeting of CTC West Surrey Group was convened at 10:30 am.  There were 29 people present:  25 who had specified CTC West Surrey as their main group, 2 other members, the local CTC councillor and one member's wife.

  2. Apologies


  3. Minutes of last year's AGM

    Mark Waters proposed that the minutes be approved and Rico Signore seconded.  The meeting agreed the minutes.

  4. Matters arising


  5. Annual Report

    The Secretary presented a summary of his Annual Report, which had been distributed at the meeting.  He also mentioned the recent accidents to Alan Holbrook and Carol Moore.

    The Chairman reported the death the previous Tuesday of Simon Scoble at the age of 46.  Derek Tanner briefly summarised Simon's contributions to the Club.

    Harold Coleman proposed acceptance of the Annual Report, Rico Signore seconded, and the meeting agreed.

  6. Treasurer's Report and Accounts

    The Treasurer presented a summary of his report and the accounts, which had been distributed at the meeting.  The net surplus for the year was £386, an increase on the previous year despite a drop in the net income from events.  The main contribution to this improvement was from the decrease in net cost of the Club magazine (increased selling price and reduced printing costs).

    Last year's AGM had agreed to convert 11 transfers into complete shirts, of which six had subsequently been sold.  The remaining five were being kept as an asset on the books at cost, but the remaining stock of 11 unused transfers had been written down to £0, a write-off of £106, as future sales seemed unlikely.

    Jeff Banks asked about the reduced Tour of the Hills participation and wondered if we were undercharging and hence devaluing the event in the eyes of potential entrants.  Tim Bar responded that, unlike Sportives, Audax events were intended to be low cost with an emphasis on riders' personal responsibility and low expectations for support;  higher charges would tend to increase riders' expectations for support.  It was pointed out that Rico Signore had provided Don Gray, the new Tour of the Hills organiser, with details of an electronic means for implementing checkpoints;  if this were implemented it would inevitably increase the cost of the event.  Rico also mentioned that he had a contact who was willing to advertise the event to 8000 people:  even a small take-up from this could dramatically increase the entry.  In any case Tim felt that this year's substantial decline w.r.t. 2007 was undoubtedly due to the event's very late appearance in the Audax calendar;  Dane Maslen pointed out that a lesser delay last year might well have been responsible for its lesser decline.  The Chairman reminded the meeting that we were supposed to be discussing the Treasurer's Report and Accounts at this stage!

    Roger Philo pointed out that in the accounts circulated the sale of the Club maps was incorrectly shown in the expenditure column rather than the income column (consequently both income and expenditure were understated by the same amount).

    Mark Waters proposed acceptance of the Treasurer's Report and Accounts, Roger Philo seconded, and the meeting agreed.

  7. Election of Officers, Committee and Auditor

    Several nominations had been received in advance by the Secretary.  Further nominations, shown in italics in the table below, for remaining posts were accepted from the floor.  Peter Clint was not present at the meeting, but in the absence of any other candidate for the post of auditor the meeting chose to accept his nomination subject to his willingness to continue in the post.  Anne Tanner proposed that the nominations be accepted in their entirety, Ron Richardson seconded, and the meeting agreed.

    Position Name Proposer Seconder
    Chairman Chris Jeggo Tim Bar Mark Waters
    Secretary Dane Maslen Mark Waters     Tim Bar
    Treasurer Arthur Twiggs     Dane Maslen     John Murdoch
    Rides' Secretary     John Murdoch     Dane Maslen Mark Waters
    Committee Member     Mark Waters Dane Maslen Chris Jeggo
    Committee Member     John Morris Rico Signore     Peter Hackman
    Committee Member Roger Philo Mark Waters     Anne Tanner
    Auditor Peter Clint Rico Signore Roger Philo

  8. Election of Honorary Posts

    One nomination had been received in advance by the Secretary.  Further nominations, shown in italics in the table below, were accepted from the floor.  The President was re-elected nem con for his 2nd year (out of a maximum of five).  There being six nominations for Vice-Presidents, a vote was held to elect the five permitted by Group rules.  Tim Bar, Harold Coleman, Phil Hamilton, Clive Richardson and Rico Signore were duly elected.

    Position Name Proposer Seconder
    President Chris Jeggo Tim Bar Dane Maslen
    Vice-President     Roy Banks Roger Philo Bob McLeod
    Vice-President Tim Bar Jeff Banks Dane Maslen
    Vice-President Harold Coleman     Roger Philo Bob McLeod
    Vice-President Phil Hamilton Dane Maslen     Mark Waters
    Vice-President Clive Richardson     Roger Philo Bob McLeod
    Vice-President Rico Signore Roger Philo Bob McLeod

  9. Motions Received


  10. Discussion of Events & Benstead Cup

    Chris Jeggo commented that the latest Benstead Cup had been more of a competition than in recent years and that the result had been very close.  Keeping the same format for the coming year seemed a good idea.

    The Tour of the Hills had already been discussed (see under Treasurer's Report).

    Dane Maslen reported that Phil Hamilton wondered whether the reduced participation in the 50-mile Reliability Ride indicated that it had 'had its day' or needed revamping.  Dane commented that only if we knew why members were not taking part could we decide what changes might be needed.  Roger Philo pointed out that there had been similar concerns in the past, but participation had recovered:  some variability was to be expected.  The general consensus was that the event was still popular, even if not as popular as in the recent past, and an important feature of our programme.  Mark Waters commented that it should remain as a CTC Tourist Competition event to encourage participation by riders from other CTC member groups.

    Rico Signore was giving up organising the 30/50/75/100-mile Reliability Rides:  the low level of participation did not warrant the effort required to check the routes in advance.  Geoff Smith (snr) commented that it would be a pity to lose the 100-mile ride and suggested that maybe it could be become a 'self-organised' event (on a specific date groups could ride the route together) based on the existing route sheet;  he would be willing to coordinate this.  This idea met with general approval.  Mark Waters suggested that we should try to make it part of the Tri-Vets competition next year - he would be willing to do the advance organisation provided he didn't need to be present on the day.

    Mark Waters proposed a vote of thanks to Don Gray for being willing to take over running the Tour of the Hills.

  11. Report back from committee re 'Best Member Award'

    Last year's AGM had requested the committee to consider instituting a cup for the person deemed to have contributed most to the Group's interests.  The committee had been generally sceptical of the idea, feeling both that in many years there would be no particularly good reason to award such a cup and that the committee would not be well placed to make such an award.  They had therefore decided to ask the current AGM for more concrete suggestions about how the cup might be awarded and for what it might be awarded.

    Derek Tanner commented that he had knowledge of other clubs that had such awards, with the committee making the award, but only on those occasions when it seemed appropriate to do so, i.e. not every year.

    The feeling of the meeting was that the idea should not be pursued further.

  12. Award of Wooden Crank

    There were no suggestions for a recipient, so the Wooden Crank was not awarded.

  13. Any Other Business

    1. Rico Signore reported that Richard Ellis had suggested getting together an email distribution list of Woking Midweek Wayfarers riders so that any changes to the programme could be communicated to them (the Farnham Wayfarers already do this), but Rico felt that such changes occurred so infrequently that there was little point in doing so.

    2. Anne Tanner had a card that she was going to be sending to Carol Moore and asked anyone present who hadn't already signed it to take the opportunity to do so.

    3. Roger Palethorpe asked the committee to look into the possibility of arranging first-aid advice and training for ride leaders.  Tim Bar agreed this was a good idea and commented that the Group had funds available if necessary.

    4. Bob McLeod thanked the Secretary for mentioning Midsomer Murders in the Annual Report and pointed out that he was available for signing autographs if anyone wanted one.

  14. Close

    There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 11:54.

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