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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Held on 2nd November, 2013, at The Jack Phillips, Godalming.

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There were 44 members present, including one CTC councillor for SE England, Richard Bates.


Dane Maslen, Peter Hackman

Minutes of Last Year’s AGM

No comments were received.  Mark Waters proposed the minutes be approved, Rico Signore seconded and the meeting agreed.

Annual Report

Copies of the annual report were distributed at the meeting.  Nick Davison gave a summary of the highlights for the year:  increased riders in the Woking intermediate group, increased participation in the Club organised Audax rides and re-introduction of the Club Annual Dinner.

Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the accounts were distributed at the meeting.  The accounts had been audited without qualification.  Arthur Twiggs stated that apart from the CTC annual grant of £200, income came from the two audax events, particularly the Tour of the Hills, which were organised by club members.  Laurie Mutch proposed acceptance, seconded by Margaret Le Neve Foster and the meeting agreed.

Election of Officers

Louise Gagnon made a short presentation on her ideas for improvements in the club:

  1. Attract more members and younger members with short harder ‘buzz rides’ on Sunday mornings, as well as evening rides on Tuesdays.

  2. Refresh the website.

  3. Recognise the hard work done by the ride leaders and give them a break at the back sometimes.

  4. Follow the club’s new Group Riding Guidelines (copies were handed out at the meeting).  Promote mutual respect and tolerance for other road users.

  5. Provide a best practice workshop for ride leaders, feedback sessions at the end of each ride including bike maintenance issues.

The following nominations had been received:

Position Name Proposer Seconder
Chairman Louise Gagnon     Peter Hackman Brian Ross
Treasurer Arthur Twiggs     Judy Sadler Marlies van den Hurk
Secretary Nick Davison Clive Richardson     Bob McLeod
Rides Secretary John Murdoch Bob McLeod Louise Gagnon
Committee members    
Mark Waters Chris Juden Andrew Hawes
Claire Hooper Julian Lowe Paul Gillingham
Auditor Peter Chimes Nick Davison Laurie Mutch

Nominations received for honorary posts:

Honorary posts reflect the nominee’s experience and dedication to the club.
No nominations were received prior to the meeting.  Nominations from the floor were as follows:

Position Name Proposer Seconder
President Roger Philo Chris Jeggo Bob McLeod
Vice President     Liz Palethorpe     Derek Tanner     Margaret Le Neve Foster
Chris Jeggo Bob McLeod Rico Signore
Derek Tanner Jillian Doran Gillian Spencer

All the above nominations were agreed by the meeting.

Motions received:

David Wood put forward two issues:

  1. Registered Ride Leaders to be checked - Nick Davison pointed out that as Registration Officer he submits the nomination of ride leaders to the CTC which issues a list of Volunteers, ie Event Organisers and Ride Leaders.  In due course this is posted on the club website.  However, there are two omissions on the club website list, viz Hilary Stephenson as ride leader and Roger Philo as event organiser.  These names have been accepted by the CTC and the individuals informed, but despite the secretary’s persistence, CTC have not sent him a modified Volunteer list.  When this list is received, the website will be updated accordingly.  There was some debate from the meeting regarding the status and competency for ride leaders and their insurance covered by the CTC:  this required clarification.

  2. Rides List - the average speed for each ride should be included in the rides list.  Also clarification was requested over the longer rides and train assisted rides and whether a shorter ride would be included.  John Murdoch agreed to carry this out.

The meeting agreed to these proposals.  Richard Bates, who is a member of the CTC Regional Council, will invite a representative from the club to attend the next regional meeting.

Presentation of Trophies

The rides secretary, John Murdoch, announced the following trophy awards:

Bill Inder Trophy - Best Sunday attendance           Clive Richardson
George Alesbury Tankard - Best Wednesday attendance           John Findlay
Keith Parfitt Memorial Pot - For organising and helping at events           Roger Philo
Bert Bartholomew Trophy - Oldest rider to complete the 100m reliability ride       Bob McLeod

No nominations for the Wooden Crank, for the most amusing blunder during the year, were received.
Engraved trophies will be presented at the Annual Dinner.

Any Other Business

  1. Surrey Cycling Strategy - several members felt that the SCC meeting dealt predominantly with closed roads and Box Hill issues whilst not addressing the issue of improved cycle lanes and dedicated routes, which are probably of more concern to club members.  Richard Bates mentioned that he deals with sustainable transport on the Surrey Cycling Forum with the local councils and would welcome any ideas.  John Murdoch stated that he had consulted with the committee and members on the issues addressed in the strategy and had replied accordingly in the on-line document on behalf of the club.

  2. A request had been received via the Secretary from Philip Benstead, a CTC Council member, urging members to respond to him or online to a survey on the direction of the CTC.  Richard Bates stated that he would add any comments at the next meeting of the CTC Council.

  3. Annual Dinner:  John Murdoch stated that the committee were organising a dinner next year with Josie Dew, a famous cycle tourist and author as well as being the CTC Vice President, as the guest speaker.  The location had not been finalised but the event would be in February.

The meeting closed at 1200hrs.

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