CTC West Surrey Group

Annual General Meeting

Held on 3rd November, 2012, at the Bird in Hand, Woking.

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There were 25 members present, including one CTC councillor for SE England, Richard Bates.


Derek and Anne Tanner, Dane Maslen, Liz Palethorpe, Carole Frost

Minutes of last year’s AGM

No comments were received.  Rico Signore proposed the minutes be approved, Louise Gagnon seconded and the meeting agreed.

Annual Report

Copies of the annual report were distributed at the meeting.  The secretary, Nick Davison, gave a summary of the highlights for the year.  Chris Jeggo proposed that the annual report be approved and Mark Waters seconded.

Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the accounts were distributed at the meeting.  The accounts had been audited without qualification.  The assets stood at about £5000.  It was explained that this had built up over the years when the CTC grant was very high which was based on the membership.  Last year the grant had reduced to £200 which is the standard for all groups.  The main income came from the two audax events organised by the group.  David Wood proposed that the accounts be agreed and it was seconded by Chris Jeggo and the meeting agreed.

Election of Officers

The following nominations had been received:

Position Name Proposer Seconder
Chairman Roger Philo Helen Juden J Hodder
Treasurer Arthur Twiggs     Sue Thorne Chris Jeggo
Secretary Nick Davison Louise Gagnon     Peter Hackman
Rides Secretary     John Murdoch     John Findlay William Lowries
Committee members    
Mark Waters     Chris Juden Andrew Hawes
Claire Hooper     Chris Jeggo Barbara Cheatham
Auditor Peter Clint Rico Signore Bob McLeod

A vote of thanks to the work of the committee was proposed by Chris Jeggo and seconded by Bob McLeod.

Nominations received for honorary posts:

None were received prior to the meeting.  Nominations from the floor were as follows:

Position Name Proposer Seconder
President Chris Jeggo Roger Philo Barbara Cheatham
Vice President     Bill Thompson John Murdoch     Roger Philo
  Harold Coleman Chris Jeggo Peter Hackman
  Liz Palethorpe Arthur Twiggs     Angela Byrne
  Clive Richardson     Chris Jeggo Mark Waters
  Mark Waters Geoff Smith Chris Jeggo

All nominations were agreed.

Motions received:

None were received in advance of the meeting.

Presentation of Trophies

The rides secretary, John Murdoch, presented the following trophies:

Bill Inder Trophy - Best Sunday attendance
          Clive Richardson [not present]
George Alesbury Tankard - Best Wednesday attendance
          Neil Eason/John Findlay
Keith Parfitt Memorial Pot - For organising and helping at events
          Roger Philo
Bert Bartholomew Trophy - Oldest rider to complete the 100m reliability ride
          Bob McLeod

Several nominations for the Wooden Crank, for the most amusing blunder during the year, were received from the floor and after a vote it was agreed that Don Jones be awarded the trophy [ he led a Sunday ride into a retirement home near Fontwell].

Any Other Business

  1. Richard Bates reported on CTC campaigning work for cyclists;  a new chief executive for the CTC, Gordon Seabright had just been elected.  He added that there was no Right to Ride representative nominated from this group.  A question was raised over the apparent disparity between UK and EU law regarding the safe clearance zone for cyclists on the road, ie 1.5m versus 2.0m.  He responded that he would refer this to the CTC for clarification/action.

  2. Tour of the Hills Audax - John Murdoch spoke on behalf of the organiser, Don Gray, who was minded to step down due to the huge work load in organising the event.  It was suggested that a group organisation be adopted as for the Elstead audaxes;  Louise Gagnon volunteered to organise the catering and John Murdoch the marshalling and route.  It was hoped that Don would continue with the front end organisation with Audax.

  3. Club Shirts:  John Murdoch had received the first order from Owayo, which was duly distributed and demonstrated.  Orders would be received for a minimum of ten and could be a mixture of short or long sleeve priced at about £36.50/39.50, depending on Euro exchange rates.

  4. Magazine:  Mark stated that he was looking at putting this on the website whilst continuing with the paper version.  Geoff Smith said that putting it on line would lead to the paper version dying.  It was agreed that both the printed and on line versions would be adopted.

  5. Publicity:  there was a general discussion around improving publicity and all members were requested to assist particularly in Cycle Week.

  6. Annual Dinner:  the committee were organising a dinner at Elstead Mill on Saturday 9th February and it was hoped to have a guest speaker.

  7. In view of the late opening and poor service from the present pub landlord, it was agreed to seek a new venue for next year’s AGM.  A local golf club was mentioned:  the committee will investigate.

The meeting closed at 1205hrs.

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