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Agenda for annual general meeting at Grims Kitchen, Abinger Hammer 5/11/72.

  1. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To elect a Chairman for the meeting.
  3. To read and confirm the minutes of the 1971 A.G.M.
  4. To receive and adopt the Annual Report.
  5. To receive and adopt the Annual Accounts.
  6. To elect the officers and committee for 1972/3:-
    1. President.
    2. Vice-President.
    3. Hon. Secretary.
    4. Hon. Treasurer.
    5. Hon. Runs Secretary.
    6. Hon. Consulting Solicitor.
    7. Hon. Auditor.
    8. Decide number & elect committee.
  7. To elect a Map Librarian.
  8. To discuss the programme for 1972/3.
  9. To discuss any other competent business.


Ladies and Gentlemen,  As in past years the major part of the D.A's activities has been the weekly Sunday Run and, following last year's encouraging trend, there has been but a fractional decline in attendance.

The average number riding on each of the 48 Sundays (i.e. Bank Holiday week-ends excluded) has been 16.6 as against 16.7 last year and a total of 78 members rode with the D.A.  Thursday evening rides have remained as popular as before.  D.A. cycling was not confined to Sunday Runs and week-end visits were made to Youth Hostels.  The first was to Goudhurst in November followed by a night at Arundel in January.  In addition, tours were made at Easter, Whitsun and August Bank Holiday to the Cotswolds, Salisbury and Dorset respectively.  In September the first D.A. summer tour for some years took four members to Devon and Cornwall for nine days.

In addition, annual holidays have taken members touring to Scotland and Wales.  Our President, Mr. Inder, with other D.A. members, attended the joint A.I.T. Rally/C.T.C. Birthday Rides at Loughborough in July/August.

Although no members attended the York Rally, Hon. Sec. Gareth Keller gained a second place in the national photographic competition associated with the event.  Seven members joined the Anglo-French rally on the Isle of Wight from 29/4 to 1/5.  Once again the Wayfarers' Section organised two joint runs with Kentish Wheelers Older Members, both being very enjoyable and well supported.  Following two week-ends at East Ilsley in successive years, the Wayfarers and Thursday night group arranged a successful week-end in the Cotswolds, staying at Longborough.  An Invitation Ride to Frensham Ponds was held but was not a success from a recruiting point of view.  Several new tea places have been discovered;  at Crowthorne, Cove, Sunninghill and Ripley, but well-tried tea places continue to grow fewer and credit must once again be given to Runs Sec. Russ Mantle for coping so well with an increasingly difficult problem.  In May the D.A's second sponsored 50 mile cycle ride was held, this time in aid of "Action for the Crippled Child".  Local schools were approached and over 50 riders, young and old, entered and the event resulted in £237.50 being handed over.  The organisation was once again in the hands of Hon. Sec. Gareth Keller, and the D.A's thanks are extended to all members who assisted with marshalling the course and to the Woking Committee of the charity.

The Benstead Cup Competition followed last year's pattern with eight events being held.  After a close contest the winner of the cup for 1972 was R. Mantle with A. Robinson second and H. Smith third.  Winners of the events were:-

        Map-reading;  R. Mantle. Speed-judging;  A. Robinson.
  Treasure Hunt;  G. Keller. Hill-climb;  R. Mantle.
  Rough-stuff test;  R. Mantle.      Free-wheeling;  H. Coleman.
Participation in the "50" and "100" also gained points for the cup.

These reliability rides were poorly supported;  the "50" drew 8 entries all of whom were successful (three completing the course within 3 hours) and the "100", six entries of whom four were successful.  The other events in the competition drew small entries.  In all, only 25 riders entered all or some of the events and it is desirable that the competition be better supported.  The Attendance Award was gained by Jeffrey Findlay, a young rider whose attendance on practically every Sunday throughout the year has made him a deserving winner.  Second was H. Smith with W. Inder third and G. Keller fourth.  Voluntary contributions taken at tea amounted to £1-77 and enabled us to compensate caterers for occasional overbookings for tea.

Chief social event was the annual dinner at Guildford with 55 attending and with Mr. H. Hall of the Fellowship of Kentish Wheelers Old Members as guest speaker.  A well organised raffle run by Brian Charman helped to make the evening a financial success.  In one way it was a sad occasion since The Prince of Wales Hotel, home of D.A. dinners for about 20 years, was closed in January and this year we have a new venue in The Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.  The Christmas Morning meet was again poorly attended but enjoyed by those who went.  A special Christmas Tea at Amy's Cafe, Tongham attracted over 30 members and friends.

October saw the first of our bi-annual Slide Shows and this was held in conjunction with the second Photographic Competition.  Mr. L. Gray acted as judge and the winners from a number of very good slides were:-

  Land/seascape Club life Record & general
1.    K. Bolingbroke.        H. Smith.        H. Smith.
2. R. Mantle. J. Bailey. R. Mantle.

Ten committee meetings were held and attendances were as follows:-

        G. Alesbury 9.    B. Charman 5. W. Inder 10. G. Keller 9.
R. Mantle 10. A. Robinson 9.    G. Richardson 7.    H. Smith 9.
Our thanks go to committee members for the use of their homes for these meetings.

The Map Library was poorly used this year and the attention of all members is again drawn to the comprehensive collection of maps which may be hired from the D.A. Librarian.

Our President, Mr. Inder, has continued to give much assistance with Cycle Proficiency Training and Testing in the Woking area whilst Mr. Alesbury has represented the D.A. on the Walton & Weybridge Road Safety Committee.

We extend a vote of thanks to the Charlotteville Cycling Club for their generosity in allowing C.T.C. members the use of their club room and similarly to the Farnham Road Club.

Our thanks also go to all committee members, to Mr. Inder for his valued reports of our activities in local papers and to Mr. W. Warren for his assistance with production of the runs lists.

By order of the D.A. Committee 30/10/72.
___________________(signed;  G. Keller)
Hon. Secretary, West Surrey District Association.

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