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Agenda for Annual General Meeting at Grims Kitchen, Abinger Hammer 4/11/73.

  1. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To elect a chairman for the meeting.
  3. To read and confirm the Minutes of the 1972 A.G.M.
  4. To receive and adopt the Annual Report.
  5. To receive and adopt the Annual Accounts.
  6. To elect the Officers and Committee for 1973/4:-
    1. President.
    2. Vice-President.
    3. Hon. Secretary.
    4. Hon. Treasurer.
    5. Hon. Runs Secretary.
    6. Hon. Consulting Solicitor.
    7. Hon. Auditor.
    8. Decide number & elect Committee.
  7. To elect a Map Librarian.
  8. To discuss any other competent business.


Ladies and Gentlemen, The main activities of the D.A. have continued to be the Thursday evening and Sunday runs, both of which have been actively supported during a year of generally favourable weather.  Average attendance figures have been - Thursday evenings 9.5, Sundays 18.

Organised weekend runs were made to Charlbury in November 1972 with eleven riders, to Bath in May 1973 with nine riders and to Alfriston in August 1973 with four riders.

The Wayfarers Section had a well supported Isle of Wight Weekend in May and their Thursday evening rides continue to be popular but the Wayfarers Sunday Section has been poorly supported.

The joint runs with the Kentish Wheelers have relied upon the hard core of older riders.

The Benstead Cup Competition has been keenly contested with a closer finish than many previous years, the winner being R. Mantle with 512 points, second H. Smith, 426 points and third J. Findlay, 373 points.

Winners of the individual events, all of which counted towards the Benstead Cup Competition, were:-
Speed judging - H. Smith, Treasure Hunt - H. Smith, Rough Stuff - R. Mantle, Map Reading - R. Mantle, Hill Climb - R. Mantle, Free Wheeling - H. Coleman.  Riders also obtained points from participation in the 50 mile and 100 km events.

The 50 mile Standard Ride was on a new course this year, less hilly than the previous one and composed almost entirely of minor roads.  It met with general approval and entries at 11 were up on last year.  8 riders completed the course within 3½ hrs, one within 4 hrs, one retired with mechanical trouble and another lost his way.

The 100 km Standard Ride was a new event replacing the poorly supported 100 mile event of previous years.  As with the 50 mile event, the route was planned on minor roads and through attractive countryside.  Entries were 12, well up on last year, out of which 5 were successful.

Two new trophies have been awarded this year:-

The Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy, in memory of Mr. Bernard Howell so tragically killed in May, goes to H. Smith as winner of the new Tourists Trial competition, run in conjunction with the 100 km event.  Both riders and organisers learnt much from holding this competition for the first time and any future event would undoubtedly benefit.

The Edwards Attendance Cup has deservedly gone to J. Findlay.

The Annual Dinner was held, for the first time, at the Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.  It compared favourably with previous years and was enjoyed by 61 members and guests.

Membership of the D.A. has risen steadily throughout the year and it is to be hoped that further support for all D.A. events will be forthcoming.

Slide Shows have continued to be very popular, with visitors travelling considerable distances to view our pictorial efforts.

Committee Meetings have been well attended with much hard work put in by members.  Attendances have been:-  Alesbury 7, Coleman 9, Craig 4, Field 6, Inder 9, Keller 6, Mantle 9, Robinson 8, Smith 8.  The availability of members homes for Committee Meetings has been greatly appreciated.

Our sincere thanks go to Mr. W. Warren for his assistance in production of the Runs Lists, to the many members who have contributed to the running of the D.A., to Mr. R. Mantle who has continued to produce runs of variety and interest, to Mr. G. Alesbury who has kept the D.A. finances under strict control, and to our President Mr. W. Inder, for the many chores he has undertaken and for his weekly newspaper reports which make those that didn't ride regret the fact and those that did realise how lucky they were.

By order of the D.A. Committee 12/10/73.
___________________(Signed  H. S. Coleman)
Hon. Secretary, West Surrey District Association.

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