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Annual General Meeting at St. Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone, Sunday 11th November 1984


  1. To read the notice convening the meeting
  2. To elect a chairman for the meeting
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. To read and confirm the minutes of the 1983 Annual General Meeting
  5. To receive and adopt the Annual Report
  6. To receive and adopt the Annual Accounts
  7. To elect the officers and committee for 1984-85:
    1. President
    2. Hon. Secretary
    3. Hon. Treasurer
    4. Hon. Runs Secretary
    5. To decide number of and elect committee
  8. To elect other positions:
    1. Vice Presidents
    2. Hon. Auditor
    3. Map Librarian
  9. Any other business

Annual Report

Fellow members, in 1984 we have seen a drop in the overall D.A. membership, which now stands at 900.  163 members have ridden with the D.A. during the past year.  The average attendance on Sunday runs has dropped to 29 in 1984.  Perhaps we could encourage new members to venture out with us next year.  The attendance competition was won by B Bartholomew, with P Stone second and D Butler in third place.  The Junior Attendance Cup has been won by P Stone.

The General Section has enjoyed an increase in their numbers this year, as many who rode with the intermediates last year moved up to the general section.  Several weekend tours have been organised as well.  On April 18th-24th the general section had a tour to the Lake District staying in various youth hostels.  The leader was H. Smith.  In August a second tour was organised by R. Banks and led by C. Juden in the Peak District.  Chris led the group on an excellent tour of quiet byways and rough stuff routes.  Our thanks to go Russ Mantle for organising the general section runs.

The Intermediate Section has had a considerable drop in numbers this year.  Several excellent rides have been organised by the runs leaders.  Our thanks go to Gerry Crawshaw, Robert Shiels and Keith Parfitt for leading the runs.  Particularly successful have been some of the gourmet runs and the now annual train assisted ride to the New Forest.  Keith Parfitt has started some afternoon only rides which have been fairly successful.

The Wayfarers have seen an increase in the number of ladies riding, most of them accompanying their husbands.  There is a strong tendency for many riders to start their return trips after lunch and very few of those at the start intend to stay out to the arranged tea.  Generally speaking, attendances have increased considerably during the past few months.  Between 14th April and 27th October there were 14 Saturday afternoon rides for newcomers.  All the rides started from Woking.  The highest attendance was 10, the lowest 2, and the average 7.  It was felt that the rides failed to achieve their main objective, in that they resulted in no known enrolments.  They were chiefly supported by older riders who were already CTC members.

52 Thursday night rides were carried out and Bill Inder won the attendance with 51 points, George Alesbury was second with 49 points and Geoff Hone third with 46 points.

Our thanks go to Robert Shiels who has now taken over the writing of the newsletter.  Jeanette Belliveau typed both the runs list and the newsletter until recently and that has now been taken over by Kath Parfitt.  Our thanks go to both of them for their hard work and prompt delivery of the typing.

The Clubroom attendance has varied this year mainly due to lack of notice concerning the organised events/shows put on.  The Clubroom presents a good opportunity for new members to meet the club members and we should encourage new members to come along.  The annual slide competition took place in November last year.  The entry numbers were down on the previous year.  This may bave been due to the fact that prizes are no longer given.

This year was the D.A.'s turn to host the Home Counties Rally.  Unfortunately the weekend was the occasion of a continuous downpour.  The wet weather did not stop some 50 riders taking part in rides from the Rally site at Woking Football Club Ground.  The organisation of the event was done by Harold and Judy Coleman and our thanks go to them for the vast effort they put in.  In spite of the bad weather, due to their hard work, the event broke even.  Riders were ably led by several D.A. members along routes planned by Chris Jeggo.  The catering arrangements were very successful, as were John Whatmore's slide show on touring in Israel and the Saturday Barn Dance.

The social events of the year started with a most enjoyable dinner and dance organised by Gillian Smith.  Our thanks go to her for all her efforts.  The dinner/dance was held at the Refectory, Guildford Cathedral on November 26th 1983 and 74 people attended.  On June 16th 1984 a barn dance was held at Mayford Village Hall.  82 members and friends together with a superb band and warm evening ensured a successful time.

Perhaps the major social event of the year was the President's 80th Birthday.  A special tea was organised on 17th June for him to which many members came to share in his birthday and show their appreciation for Bill.  We would like to thank Bill for all the work and support he has given the club throughout the time he has been involved with West Surrey D.A.

This year's Benstead Cup events took off with the '50' reliability ride with 41 riders starting and 35 finishing within the time allowed.  On May 13th the speedjudging competition took place with 6 riders completing the two runs with a time difference of within 10 seconds.  The winner was Chris Juden and in joint second place were Russ Mantle and Chris Seymour.  The Roughstuff competition took place the same day.  The course was somewhat easier than last year but still caused the occasional spill.  Winning for the 3rd consecutive year was Dave Butler, with Russ Mantle and Chris Juden in joint second place.  The '200' reliability ride took place on June 3rd starting and finishing at Hook.  This event took in many miles of rolling hills and beautiful lanes on a warm day.  12 members took part and everyone finished in the allowed time.  The '100' reliability ride took place on July 1st.  15 riders started and 13 completed the course.  On August 12th some 170 riders registered for the 'Tour of the Hills'.  112 successfully completed the ride, most enjoying the hard ride.  More D.A. riders could have taken part in our own event.  Perhaps next year we may have a bigger contingent present.  Special mention must go to Simon Doughty who did a splendid job in organising the event and in raising £77.00p for the D.A. funds.  Thankyou Simon.  Simon also organised a May-Day ride this year and provided a further £107.35p for D.A. funds.  We extend our grateful thanks to him again.

Dave Butler organised the first night ride the D.A. has run for a number of years.  Starting at Normandy crossroads and finishing for breakfast on Hayling Island beach, 23 riders entered for the ride which split into two groups.  The night was clear and moonlit and most enjoyed a good run to the coast.  We thank Dave for organising such a successful event.  In the Hillclimb competition James Harper came first, with Steve Pack second and Dave Butler in third place.  In the Freewheeling competition Arthur Jessop came first, Ken Bolingbroke second and Russ Mantle third.

The overall results of the Benstead Cup Competition are as follows:-
  1st Russ Mantle 616 points
  2nd Chris Juden 554 points
  3rd Dave Butler 487 points
The Ladies Competition
  1st Helen Juden 287 points
  2nd Gillian Smith 201 points
The Junior Benstead Cup
  1st Philip Stone 298 points

Dave Butler has organised or co-ordinated the Benstead Cup events this year and spent a great deal of time and effort on them.  We would like to thank him for all his hard work over the past year.  Perhaps more support in the events would be appreciated by those people who put many hours of their own time into organising the events.

The D.A. had a stand at the Guildford Show in September.  The emphasis this year was on recruitment of new members.  Our thanks go to Keith and Kath Parfitt who set up the stand and the helpers who manned the stand.  Also on the publicity side a one-page leaflet was produced this year to promote the D.A.'s activities in the local areas.  These have been handed out at various shows and town centres, and displayed in the libraries in the area.  We thank Les Moss for organising the printing of the leaflets and the funding of the printing.  Les obtained a grant from the Cycling Council of Great Britain for the publicity activities of the club.  We have made contacts with 'County Sound' and sent copies of the runs lists and newsletters to them.  Robert Shiels has taken over the writing of the report for 'Cycle-Touring' and we extend our thanks to him for his work there.

Keith Parfitt represented the D.A. at a conference held in London entitled 'London and the Future of the Green Belt'.  Our thanks go to him for keeping the D.A. involved in local planning matters.  Another thankyou to Simon Watkins for his involvement in studying planning proposals at the Guildford Plan Enquiry.  Keith Parfitt represented us at the National D.A. Seminar in London.  Again we thank him for all his time he spends keeping up to date in local affairs.  Harold Coleman resigned as our Councillor this year and Keith Parfitt was appointed his successor.  Our congratulations go to him.

The D.A. would like to thank all those who have helped with the events during the year and hope that they will continue in their support in 1985.

By Order of the D.A. Committee
November 1984
Anne McKenzie
Hon. Secretary (West Surrey D.A.)

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