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Annual General Meeting at St. Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone, Sunday 6th November 1983.


  1. To read the notice convening the meeting
  2. To elect a chairman for the meeting
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. To read and confirm the minutes of the annual general meeting 1982
  5. To receive and adopt the annual report
  6. To receive and adopt the annual accounts
  7. To elect the officers and committee for 1983-84:
    1. President
    2. Hon. Secretary
    3. Hon. Treasurer
    4. Hon. Runs Secretary
    5. To decide the number of and elect a committee
  8. To elect other positions:
    1. Vice Presidents
    2. Hon. Auditor
    3. Map Librarian
  9. Motion:  This annual general meeting directs that the attendance cup competition for both senior and junior members be discontinued.
    Proposed:  J Whatmore        Seconded: Les Moss
  10. Any Other Business

Annual Report

Fellow members, the West Surrey D.A. has had another successful year with encouraging support for all our activities, including Sunday rides, Benstead Cup events, club nights and other social events. Overall membership of the D.A. for 1982-83 stands at 740, which is slightly down on last year's figure (817).  Sunday rides have been consistently supported throughout the year, although the number of new riders is down on last year.  We hope that our new publicity drive will attract more new members in the spring.

We extend our thanks to our 3 runs leaders - Bill Inder (Wayfarers), Russ Mantle (General) and Keith Parfitt (Intermediates).  We also wish to thank the volunteer leaders who took responsibility for a day's ride.  We have been fortunate in the number of D.A. members who have extended their homes to us for Sunday teas and we appreciate their hard work.  The General group have had several new members join them this year.  The Intermediate group have organised several train assisted rides - to the New Forest and the Isle of Wight.  Morning Only rides have been supported periodically.  The Wayfarers organised a trip to the Isle of Wight for the weekend.  14 Saturday Afternoon rides were organised from Woking between April and October with an average attendance of 6, but although the rides were intended for new-comers to cycling, and family groups, the majority taking part were well-established CTC members.  Thursday night rides have continued with an average attendance of 8.  The attendance trophy was won by Geoff Hone (48 out of a possible 52).  George Alesbury was second and Bill Inder third.

A group of D.A. members rode from Land's End to John o' Groats this summer.  Several members have joined in Audax events at St Lo and Boulogne.

Our runs list and newsletter are still being funded this year by the advertisement from the Woking Cycles.  The format of the runs list has changed during the year and we thank Jeannette Belliveau for taking over the task of typing them.  Harold Coleman has done an admirable job printing the newsletter, which often proves to be amusing reading.  Our thanks go to Simon Doughty for the cartoons in the Newsletter.

The booklet of the History of the D.A. is now complete and should be available for sale at the annual dinner.  We are deeply indebted to Bill Inder for all the hard work he has put into the writing of the booklet from his vast personal knowledge of the growth of the D.A.  Simon Doughty has designed the cover of the booklet and Ed Long has produced it.  Our thanks to both of them.

The Attendance Competition (Sunday D.A. Events) has been won by Bert Bartholomew (144 pt), 2nd Graham Richardson (135 pt), 3rd David Butler (115 pt).  Steve Pack won the Junior Attendance Cup once again.  182 different riders participated in West Surrey rides.

The Benstead Cup competition was very popular this year.  The first event of the year was the 50-mile reliability ride which attracted 39 entrants.  17 completed in under 3½ hrs, 8 in under 4 hrs, 9 in under 4½ hrs, and 5 in 5 hrs.  In the Stonehenge ride 19 D.A. members started and 17 finished.  Our second Tour of the Hills was enthusiastically supported by D.A. members and also by many outside riders.  121 riders started, and 46 finished in under 5 hours to claim their gold medal.
Winners of the competitive events were as follows:

Speedjudging  1st S. Sharp 2nd= Jenny Cook  2nd= P. Stone
Roughstuff 1st D. Butler  2nd S. Doughty  3rd R. Mantle
Hillclimb 1st J. Harper  2nd R. Mantle 3rd D. Butler
Freewheeling  1st P. Brown  2nd R. Mantle 3rd K. Bolingbroke
The overall winner of the Benstead Cup was Russ Mantle (613 pts), David Butler was second (540 pts), and Harold Coleman was third (449 pts).
The Junior Benstead Cup was won by Philip Stone.
75 different W. Surrey riders entered these events with 167 different riders from various D.A.s entering.

The D.A. monthly clubroom, organised at the Guildford Rowing Club by Keith and Kath Parfitt, has continued to flourish and we have enjoyed a wide variety of entertainments.  Our thanks go to Keith and Kath for their continuing enthusiasm in arranging events.  Entries in the photographic competition were shown at the clubroom in November 1982.  The usual high standard of photography was displayed.

The first social event of the D.A.'s calendar was the Annual Dinner and Dance, held at the Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.  The guest of honour was Stuart Jackson.  We thank Simon Doughty for lettering the certificates so professionally.  Our traditional Christmas Meet at Horsell was well attended.  The Sausage Supper was a great success with a boat trip followed by food at the clubroom.  Our thanks to Gillian Smith who organised this evening.

In response to a late request, owing to the N. Hants D.A. dropping out, the West Surrey ran the South Eastern 1983 Veterans' Triennial 100 mile ride.  Anne McKenzie was responsible for organisation, ably helped by many willing D.A. members.  70 riders enjoyed a day of perfect weather.

The D.A. Committee for the whole year has comprised:
President, Bill Inder;  Secretary, Anne McKenzie;  Treasurer, George Alesbury;  Runs Secretary, Russ Mantle.  Other members:  Harold Coleman (Chairman and Benstead Cup),  Les Moss (Publicity),  Keith Parfitt (Clubroom and Planning),  Gillian Smith (Social Secretary);  David Butler (Membership).  Apart from organising the aforementioned events the Committee has been active in other areas.  Publicity work has included stands at 2 local shows this year - Guildford Show and Guildford Scout Fete.  Leaflets have been handed out in the street during the Guildford Festival.  David Butler has rewritten the information sheets and caught up on the backlog of introductory letters to new members, and reminders to lapsed members.  We had a display in the Guildford Library prior to the Guildford Show and our thanks go to Harold Coleman and Judy Chegwyn for organising it.

In conclusion, the Committee would like to thank all those who made this year a successful one by participating in and helping to run our cycling and social events.

By order of the D.A. Committee
October 1983
Anne McKenzie
Anne McKenzie
Hon. Secretary, West Surrey D.A.

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