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Out of a total of 811 (840 last year) members 158 (152) have been out during the year which represents 19.48% of the total and a 1.48% increase from last year.  The Sunday attendance competition, which gives a maximum of 4 points each Sunday, was keenly contested to the bitter end and was finally won by Marguerite Statham with 186 points, pushing Roger Philo into 2nd place with 182 points.  Bert Bartholomew was 3rd with 138 points and Guy Clark was the highest placed junior with 88 points.

The 3 Sunday groups have held weekly rides throughout the year.  The average number of people going out on a Sunday has fallen again this year to 25 (26!) with an average of 10 (10) staying out all day.  The average number of people at tea was 14 (15).  It has sometimes proved impossible to guarantee that anyone would be at the start and occasionally people have turned up to find no-one in charge.  If more people could volunteer to lead a ride - even once every three months would help - then the hard-worked leaders could have a weekend away without leaving possible chaos behind.  Thanks must go to:  Russ Mantle who not only worked out the averages but also compiled the Generals rides and arranged most of the tea places;  Roger Philo who worked hard trying out new ideas with the Intermediates rides, which sadly did not prove very popular as Roger was on his own on one or two occasions;  Bill Inder who organised the Wayfarers from the start of the year until Marguerite Statham asked if she could take over at the end of May.  Bill, who is now in his 85th year, had been in charge of the Wayfarers since 1960 and is still one of our most regular riders (coming 5th in the attendance competition).  Every week he writes a report on the three groups' rides for the Woking News and Mail and is a mine of information when it comes to choosing pubs and cafes using minor roads and tracks which avoid the major hills.  As we were not able to find a regular leader the monthly New Haw/Addlestone group had to be abandoned after an experimental 6 months.  On the first Sunday of each month there is now an easy-paced morning-only ride starting from Woking and a Family ride starting from Guildford, as well as the three all-day rides.  We continue to enjoy good teas at the end of our Sunday rides and are particularly grateful to those members and their families who welcome us into their homes, especially Marion Gill, Mr and Mrs Butler, Mr and Mrs Lindsay and Mike and Jenny Harlow.  We also thank Mrs Vowler for continuing to organise our teas here at Addlestone after the unfortunate death of her husband Basil, who died while leading a ride last December 13th.  Basil had been an active member of our D.A. since 1935 and is sadly missed by us all.

Between April and August, 8 Saturday afternoon rides were arranged from Woking but were eventually discontinued as most of the riders were CTC members riding regularly on Sundays.  We thank Bill Inder for organising these rides over many years and even if he attracted no newcomers this year, he did manage to catch me in 1982.

During the summer months there were 20 Tuesday evening rides from Godalming with 5 or 6 people per week.  2 or 3 of these now ride some Sundays.

Wednesday day rides became Tuesday day rides and the group became known as the Midweek Wayfarers as some members also wished to continue riding with the South West London D.A. on Wednesday.  Our thanks go to George Alesbury for organising this group which has an average of 6 riders every week.

There were 34 Thursday evening runs to pubs with an average of 6 per week and a total of 12 different people over the year.  The Thursday Nighters attendance award goes to Bill Inder and Geoff Hone with 33 points each;  third was Ken Howell with 32 points.


65 copies of the West Surrey Cyclist have been sold each quarter and this year it has made a reasonable profit.  Thanks go to Helen Juden, our Editor, and to Helen and Chris for all the hours they spend with the photocopier.  Helen has now been persuaded to carry on as Editor for one more year.  Also thanks to our growing band of contributors, without you the magazine cannot survive - keep writing and please deliver on time.

The Runs List has continued to be produced every three months and is available on its own or in the magazine.  If you don't receive a copy phone your Group Leader.  Our thanks go to Cathy Aubin for typing the Runs List each time.  The Midweek Wayfarers list is available from George Alesbury.


The Clubroom continues to be held at Guildford Rowing Club every four weeks with only a few people going regularly.  Programmes have included slide shows, quizzes, saddlebag sale and socials.  One Saturday afternoon was used during National Bike Week for a Dr. Bike session and one Saturday evening for the photographic competition.  If anyone can suggest how club sessions can be improved please tell your group leader.

Our thanks go to Keith Parfitt, Chris Juden and David Whittle who have kept club sessions going.


23 (24) people rode in the 50-mile Reliability Ride with 21 finishing and 16 started the 100-mile Reliability Ride with 13 finishing within their chosen times.  The Stonehenge 200 was well supported thanks to a lot of hard work from Chris Juden.  38 started although 51 had entered before the day.  36 finished with 9 of our members taking part, of whom 8 finished (another 3 registered but didn't turn up).  The Roughstuff was eliminated from the competition as no-one seemed interested.  The Freewheel, Hill Climb and Speedjudging, all held on the one day, seemed successful with 14 people taking part in all three events.  Clive Richardson was overall winner of all three events with Andrew Smallman (Jnr) winning the Hill Climb;  Guy Clark the Freewheel and Bert Bartholomew won the Speedjudging, recording identical times on both circuits.

Prior to the event 54 people entered the Tour of the Hills, 15 of whom did not start.  Another 52 entered on the line giving 91 (71) starters with 59 (31) finishing within the time.  17 (5) West Surrey members started with 13 (3) completing on time.  Many thanks to everyone who helped and in particular to Chris Jeggo and Clive Richardson.

Unfortunately, due to ill health during the year, Roy Banks had to retire as Events Organiser.  We thank Roy for all his work over several years and are pleased to see that he is now back on the road.  Ian Parker took over and organised the Tourist Trial.  This event was reinstated after a 2 year gap and was enjoyed by the nine people who took part.  Roger Philo won with Ann Daws second.

The winner of the Benstead Cup is Clive Richardson with 512 points, Roger Philo second with 459 points and Bern Daws third with 375 points.  The Ladies Benstead Shield goes to Ann Daws with 441 points, a worthy winner as Ann is the only member of the club who rode in every event.  Helen Pinkess was second with 294 points and Marguerite Statham third with 236 points.  The Junior Benstead Cup has been won by Guy Clark with 388 points;  James Shrubsall was second with 294 points and Andrew Smallman 3rd with 208 points.


A D.A. Badge is available to those completing any of the four Reliability Rides, '50', '100', 200km and Tour of the Hills.  A Gold for all 4, a silver for 3 and a bronze for 2.  This year Gold badges have been won by Bern and Ann Daws, Silver by Roger Philo, Phil Hampton and Clive Richardson and Bronze by David and Helen Pinkess, Bert Bartholomew, Tony Bond, Dave Whittle, Guy Clark (15 yrs) and James Shrubsall (13 yrs).


This was a very successful sponsored ride covering 59 miles and visiting 6 nature reserves.  About 50 people rode all or part of the route and over £1000 was raised for the Surrey Wildlife Trust.  Only 15 of our own members took part which was very disappointing considering we had 158 people out over the year.  Maybe next year more of you will make more effort to support such an event.  Anyway, thanks again to Chris Juden for planning and drawing the route and to everyone else who helped on the day.


This year we celebrated our 60th year as the West Surrey D.A. and on Saturday 23rd April we had a party in the clubroom with about 23 people attending.  Ann Greening made a cake in the shape and colours of the D.A. jersey which we all tucked into while we studied photos of days gone by.  On Sunday 24th we had a 60 mile ride or a 60 km ride on offer, with both groups meeting at Addlestone for tea, making a total of 42.


Four West Surrey D.A. members scored sufficient points in this competition to appear on the final results list.  Highest placed was Phil Hampton in 68th place with 62 points.


Lands End to John O'Groats  June 25th - July 10th.  Congratulations to Roger Philo who successfully completed this ride.


See separate list.


The Wooden Crank this year has been awarded to Marguerite Statham and Bill Inder.  The Secretary phoned the President on the Tuesday and arranged to go to the Club night together on the following evening, only to find on arrival that the Rowing Club was in total darkness - they had gone on the wrong Wednesday and so had to repeat the performance the following week.


This has been better this year and we now have a few new members riding with us regularly due to inserts in Cycletouring.  Stalls have been manned at several gala type events with very little response and information has been placed in numerous bike shops, and Woking Library and Centre Halls, with again very little response.  Most response has come from the insert in the Guildford monthly Out and About booklet but although 40 people have made further enquiries and been sent a Runs List only 11 have given us a try and only 5 have stayed with us.

Finally, the Committee would like to thank anyone who has helped in any way during the year.  Please continue to give us your support - and ideas - as we look forward to the challenges of the 1988/89 season.

  Marguerite Statham
D.A. Secretary 1987-88

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