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Annual Report 1986/87


Out of a total of 840 (820) members 152 have been out during the year which represents 18% of the total and a fall of 4.9% from last year.  The Sunday attendance competition, which now gives a maximum of 4 points for the day - 1 for being at the meeting place;  1 for coffee;  1 for lunch and 1 for tea - was once again won by CLIVE RICHARDSON (161 points) with BILL INDER second (154 points) and DAVID PINKESS third (152 points).  The highest placed lady was Marguerite Statham.


The three Sunday groups have held weekly rides throughout the year.  The average number of people going out on a Sunday has dropped from 33 to 26 with an average of 10 staying out all day (14 last year).  The average number of people at tea was 15 compared to 18 last year.  With so few people out for the whole day it has sometimes proved very difficult to maintain the three groups and thanks must go to RUSS MANTLE who not only worked out the averages but also compiled the General Section's rides, HELEN GILL who battled hard to keep the Intermediate Group from folding and BILL INDER who once again organised the Wayfarers.  The Intermediates have once more had a change of leader and ROGER PHILO is now in charge.  More members have volunteered to lead rides and we hope that this trend will continue.  Joan Robinson with a few others has started a New Haw/Addlestone Group with a ride for all abilities on the first Sunday of every month and LES MOSS leads regular Sunday morning rides.

We continue to enjoy good teas at the end of our Sunday rides and are particularly grateful to those members and their families who welcome us into their homes, especially HELEN and MARION GILL, Mr and MRS BUTLER, Mr and Mrs LINDSAY and ROY BANKS and family.  We also thank MRS VOWLER for organising our teas here at Addlestone.

Between April and October 12 Saturday afternoon rides were arranged from Woking but unfortuately 5 had to be abandoned due to lack of support.  7 took place with an attendance average of only 4.  These rides are not attracting new members and may have to be discontinued.

Special Invitation Rides were led during National Bike Week (16-24 May).  The Saturday ride from Woking attracted 11 riders and the Sunday ride 6 riders.  Godalming had more success with 20 riders on the Wednesday evening but unfortunately the Farnham ride was a non-starter due to lack of publicity.  However, the Godalming Out and About Week ride was successful with 20 riders.

During the summer months there were 24 Wednesday evening rides starting in Godalming with 12 people per week.  4 people have continued with these rides and could possibly start a CTC Group in the Godalming area.

Wednesday day rides continue to be successful under the guidance of GEORGE ALESBURY with an average of 7 people staying out all day.  We thank PORCHER REES for having us home for tea.

51 Thursday evening rides were planned but 2 were cancelled due to snow, ice and fog.  Out of a possible 49 appearances G HONE and K HOWELL were joint winners with 46 and W INDER and S UNDERWOOD tied second with 44.  The weekly average attendance was 7.

In March only 3 people went on the Youth Hostel weekend to CROCKHAM HILL but 18 people toured Normandy at the end of May - 14 with LES MOSS and 4 with GILLIAN SMITH.  In July 8 ladies had a very successful weekend in Hampshire organised by HAZEL SHIELS and 8 people enjoyed a weekend in the New Forest in September with Ann and Chris Greening.


The 'West Surrey Cyclist' is now financially viable with 75 copies being sold each time.  Our thanks go to HELEN JUDEN for taking over as Editor.  Helen is willing to carry on for one more year but please will you send in more articles as very little is being sent in by members at the moment and the magazine can't survive without your support.  The Runs List has continued being produced every three months and is available on its own or in the magazine:  if you don't receive a copy phone the Secretary.  Our thanks go to CATHY AUBIN for typing the list each time.


The clubroom continues to be held every four weeks with an average attendance of 20 people.  Programmes have included slide shows, quizzes, bring-and-buy sale and socials.  Numbers need to be increased to cover costs.  Maybe more publicity would help.  No Saturday evenings have been used apart from the Photographic Competition which seemed to be very successful.  The photos and slides were on display during the evening and the audience chose the winners.  LES WARNER won the prints section and CHRIS JUDEN the slides.


The dinner and dance due to take place in November '86 had to be cancelled due to lack of support and made a lot of hard work for GILLIAN SMITH.  The Christmas Tea was again well supported after which the presentation of trophies and certificates took place.  The Christmas Day ride to Horsell attracted 25 members.  In April 46 people attended a very successful lunch at Holmbury St Mary which took place after the club 50-mile Reliability Ride.  The swimming run was reasonably well supported although it was generally felt that more people would have attended if the word "swimming" had been stated on the Runs List.  Many thanks to JENNY and MIKE HARLOW for allowing us to use their pool and for providing an excellent tea.


24 people rode in the 50-mile Reliability Ride and everyone finished, but only 14 started the 100-mile Reliability Ride with 7 finishing within their chosen times.  On the same day as the '100' a dozen riders enjoyed the club's 50-mile ride to COCKPOLE GREEN.

The 200km WANBOROUGH to BRIGHTON ride due to take place in June had to be cancelled due to a lack of advance entries.  Only 6 people took part in the Speedjudging which was won by PAUL HOLMES.  The Roughstuff was cancelled as no one wished to take part.  At 12 o'clock on the Hill Climb day only 2 people had turned up and at 12.30 the event was cancelled as 6 people are required to make up an event.  The Freewheel on the same day went ahead and BERNARD DAWS was the winner out of 11 competitors.

Prior to the event 104 people entered the Tour of the Hills 100km ride.  On the day (19 July) 71 people started including 5 from our DA.  It rained for the third successive year but 30 people managed to finish including West Surrey members ANN and BERNARD DAWS and TONY BOND.  The winner of the Benstead Cup is CLIVE RICHARDSON with PAUL HOLMES second and ROGER PHILO third.  HELEN GILL is the winner of the Ladies Benstead Shield.

CTC National events

3 DA members supported the Home Counties Rally in Essex and had a most enjoyable time.  Several members visited the York Rally and 5 people went on the Birthday Rides in Scotland.  KEITH PARFITT has served as a Councillor over the last year and has recently agreed to stay for another year representing division D.


Some members rode in the London to Brighton charity ride.

The Committee would like to thank all those who have helped in any way with the running of events and in particular ROY BANKS and CLIVE RICHARDSON.


Although we achieved good publicity for the Woking National Bike Week rides and the Godalming Out and About Week much more needs to be done to attract new members.  Club jerseys and badges are now available from the Secretary.

Finally I am quite sure that we would all like to thank GILLIAN and HAMISH SMITH for all their hard work over many years.  Hamish first rode with the club in 1953 and was Runs Secretary from 1963-69.  He was also the Map Revision Officer for Barts - covering the Surrey area.  Hamish has won many events including the Speedjudging 7 times, the Freewheeling in 1964, the attendance cup in 1964/65/66, the Benstead Cup in 1964 and 1966 and has been a winner in the Photographic Competition in 1972, 1974, 1978 and 1980.  He won the Wooden Crank in 1984.  Hamish has also organised many Youth Hostel weekends, led many rides and marshalled in numerous club events.  In December 1973 he married GILLIAN.  Gillian has belonged to the club all her life and has been riding regularly with the DA since 1977 when she won the Speedjudging with a one second difference.  In 1979 Gillian joined the committee and has been Social Secretary since 1980.  She has organised many events including river trips, sausage suppers, slide shows, dinner dances, barn dances, pub and skittles, sponsored rides and this year the very successful lunch party at Holmbury St Mary.  In 1985 and 1986 Gillian organised the Ladies weekends to the Isle of Wight.

Hamish and Gillian will be greatly missed by the DA.  We hope that they will be very happy in ALVESTON and will visit us as often as the can.

  Marguerite Statham
DA Secretary
November 1987

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