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ANNUAL REPORT - 1st October 1992 to 30th September 1993

The West Surrey District Association has been involved in all aspects of cycling during the past year, including:

  1. giving cyclists, from the novice to the experienced, the opportunity to ride with the DA by offering a variety of rides;
  2. whenever possible getting publicity for the CTC;
  3. the CYCLE RIGHTS NETWORK GROUPS in Farnham, Godalming, and Guildford have acted as watchful guardians for any proposals that might affect cycling on our patch.


WSDA membership - 824.  In 1992 it was 867.
Each month, renewals were always greater than non-renewals.


Hardriders - averaged 6.5 riders out on Sundays, with 4.7 staying out all day.  Attendance was fairly steady during the winter months, but inconsistent during the summer either because of holidays or participation in Audax or DATC rides.  The group has been as far as Thame to the North West and Horsted Keynes to the South East.

Intermediates - an average of 12 riders with 8 out all day.  The rides have been most enjoyable and thanks are due to those who took their turn at leading.

Southern Wayfarers - still in an experimental stage, but a few new riders have been attracted.

Woking Wayfarers - an average of 12 riders on these morning runs.  On 4 or 5 occasions a few riders have carried on to lunch.

Midweek Wayfarers - the average attendance was 10, the same as last year, the highest turnout being 18 and the lowest 4.  During the summer 4 runs were train-assisted.

Junior Group - usually 2 Saturday morning rides a month.  A Family Day attracted 30 riders with 40 at lunch.

Evening Rides - from April there were monthly Thursday night runs organised by Chris Jeggo with an average attendance of 4.  Evening runs in the Godalming area were supported by as many as 6 riders.


HOME COUNTIES RALLY at Broadwater School, Godalming from 30th April to 3rd May.  This was a great success and was attended by 180 people.  Thanks to all those who helped with this event.


      1st    Marguerite Statham  (174 points)
      2nd    David Pinkess  (165)
      3rd    Helen Pinkess and Sue Heywood  (160)


      1st    Clive Richardson  (372)
      2nd    Chris Avery  (348)
      3rd    David Pinkess  (346)


      1st   Helen Pinkess  (309)


1)  50 mile reliability ride (18th April)  33 entered,  28 finished 
2)  150 km ride (at HCR 2nd May)  68 entered, 
3)  200 km Stonehenge (13th June)  50 entered,  43 finished 
4)  60 km Downslink Roughstuff (25th July)  22 entered,  18 finished 
5)  Tour of the Hills (15th August)  95 entered,  76 finished 
6)  75/100 mile Reliability Ride (5th Sep)  18 entered,  14 finished 
7)  Tricyclathon (10th Oct)  15 took part 


      1st   West Surrey DA  (634)       2nd   Leicestershire DA  (629)

The West Surrey team was:  Chris Avery, Phil Hampton, Andrew Milner, Ian Parker, Roger Philo, Helen Pinkess.


We advertised our rides in free local newspapers and attended 4 shows and a Sports Council seminar on 'Young People and Sport'.  For NATIONAL BIKE WEEK, 13th to 20th June, Farnham members organised different events at the weekend and during the week.  A DA Notice board has been installed at Barn Cafe, Newlands Corner.


In addition to active groups in Farnham, Godalming, and Guildford the CTC has been represented on Guildford Borough Council Transport Forum Committee and Guildford Society Transport Committee.


Some members have written to BR about the problems of taking bikes on trains.


Despite circulation of a questionnaire and various attempts to keep the clubroom going it closed down on September 15th, 1993.  It was assumed that DA members did not wish the clubroom to be subsidised - was this correct?


After a break of several years, a successful DA DINNER was attended by about 40 members and friends on November 28th at the YMCA, Guildford.

In June, 20 members enjoyed a SKITTLES evening at Windlesham.

Informal SOCIAL EVENINGS were held at members' houses in the Woking area.


This was produced quarterly with a usual print run of 75.


In conclusion, the committee would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported the DA during the year, including the retiring auditor Jennifer Walker.

On a personal note, I have enjoyed being secretary for the last 2 years.

Keith Parfitt

Keith Parfitt
DA Secretary, on behalf of the DA Committee

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