West Surrey DA in "Cycletouring"

"Cycletouring" was the magazine of the CTC from December 1963 to November 1988, preceded by "The C.T.C. Gazette" and followed by "Cycle Touring & Campaigning" and then "Cycle".

The 'cuttings' selected for this page come from the period 1974 - 1982, i.e. for a few years before the DA Newsletter started, plus CTC Centenary year (1978) and the early days of the 'Stonehenge and Back' and 'Tour of the Hills' Audax randonnées.

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December 1973 / January 1974, p.12 - "Touring Miscellany"

CYCLISTS in Surrey expecting their usual Sunday tea will be dismayed to find that Grim's Kitchen at Abinger Hammer is now closed.  Mrs Wood, who has run the place since the early 60's, has recently lost her husband and is retiring.

The curious name of Grim apparently refers to an old charcoal burner who used to live in the neighbourhood.  The Kitchen has been a tea room for at least thirty years, and was ideally placed for an afternoon run from town.  There were nearly always bikes parked against the pink walls of the seventeenth century cottage or the old forge workshop behind.  In fine weather, one could sit in the back garden beside the small stream and look across the watercress beds to the fields beyond.  Young waitresses carried out trays of whipped-cream, watercress salad, home-made scones, cakes and jam.  It was all too idyllic, and as a memory one will never be certain that it really existed.

The honour of being last customer fell to the West Surrey DA, who have held 13 successive AGMs at Grim's.  They presented Mrs Wood with a Patterson plaque in recognition of the devotion and service that she has always given cyclists.  As they said goodbye, the setting sun - casting its long golden light over the autumnal leaves of Surrey - signalled the end of a happy episode in cycling history.

February / March 1974, p.45 - "Reader to Reader"

Legends of the hills

IN VIEW OF the closing of Grim's Kitchen (Miscellany, December), readers may like to know about its beginning.

Around 1927 the south London members of Kibbo Kift, a camping movement founded by John Hargrave (former Scout Woodcraft Commissioner), used to spend weekends exploring the Surrey woods, a favourite stretch being that between East Horsley and Gomshall.  Tea at Abinger Hammer tea-rooms was the high spot of such occasions.

Hargrave wrote a satyrical play which he called Grim's Frolic, borrowing the title of a 17th-century play but inventing his own fable.  It was a 'death and resurrection' play in which Grim, condemned to death for his intransigence, is executed but comes to life again as a wood-deity, teaching the dependence of man on the fertility of the earth.  But it was a good deal funnier than that sounds.

A few of us rehearsed the play and constructed a portable theatre, which could be carried by the company along with their camping kit.

At that time the tea-rooms were run by Mrs Morgan, who had for two or three winter camping seasons shown us the hospitality of her front room with its roaring log fire.  She was happy to agree to a change of name for her home - and accordingly, on the day we first performed Grim's Frolic on the green, we presented the house with a carved and painted signboard and formally named it Grim's Kitchen.

It is only fair to say that we ourselves contributed to the legend of the local charcoal-burner.  That countryside is rich in historical associations and contains a substantial stretch of the Pilgrims Way.  For us it was populated by the past, and we reckoned Colekitchen (above Gomshall) wasn't so called for nothing, so made it the headquarters of the archetypal charcoal burner - or collier as he is called in the Jacobean play.

He became for us the tutelary deity of the whole wooded area of the North Downs, and of the extensive forests of Andredsweald which he had long since cut down and made into charcoal to feed the furnaces of the Surrey and Sussex ironworkers.

His intransigence was read as irreligion by the Church:  he was discountenanced and, perhaps because his face was blackened by his calling, was equated with that Grim who alone had the superhuman power to be credited with the digging of Grim's Dyke or Ditch in other parts of the southern counties - not to mention the Devil's Dyke near Brighton.

All of which has taken us far afield from Abinger Hammer, but serves to show how even a modern 'old legend' can have real roots in the past.

C. W. Paul-Jones, London NW11

1974 - various issues - "Notice Board"

Sunday and Thurs eve runs from Woking and Guildford area;  s.a.e. to R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot for list.
June  20    Speedjudging (evening) 7.30.
July4 Roughstuff (evening) 7.30.
Sept29 100 km and tourist trial.
Oct20 Hillclimb and freewheeling.
Nov9 Slide show.  Scout Hut, Horsell, 7pm.
Nov23 Annual Dinner.  Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.
Dec22 Christmas tea, Amy's cafe, Tongham, 4.30 pm.  Bookings, R. Mantle (above).

1974 - various issues - "from our district reporters"

SPEED-JUDGING expert of West Surrey DA, in an evening event in this year's Benstead cup competition, was G. Alesbury who rode two circuits (in opposite directions) of a 4½-mile course in exactly identical times.  H. Coleman (2nd) was only four seconds out.  (August / September 1974, p.167)

AN ATTRACTIVE CTC display stand was set up and manned by Keith Parfitt, assisted by other members of West Surrey DA, at the annual Guildford Show over the last weekend of August.  (October / November 1974, p.201)

October / November 1974, p.193 - "Adventure in three continents"

DUE BACK at Gatwick airport on October 12 from their 'triking travels' in South America, where they have been since last November, are Martin and Alison Purser of Ripley, Surrey.

A postcard from them received at CTC HQ in early September told of touring in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina, of camping at altitudes near 17,000 feet, and of really fabulous scenery compensating for the sometimes 'ghastly surfaces' over which they had to ride.  'The people were very friendly' says Martin 'and the oranges we were given were very welcome during the hot dusty days.  The nights were cold and often we awoke to a hard frost.'

February / March 1975, p.56 - "Touring Miscellany"

South American spellbinder

THE 11-month trike/camping tour in South America by Ripley (Surrey) members Alison and Martin Purser, referred to briefly in our October issue, was the subject of a recent slide show to East Surrey DA.  (This slide show was also presented to West Surrey DA on March 8, 1975. - CRJ)

Some 150 members and friends sat spellbound as Martin (a former Cardiff-London tandem-trike record holder with Stan Spelling) unfolded the story of adventures through Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay, camping at altitudes up to 16,000 feet.  Excellently composed photographs showed something of the insect and animal life encountered - including snakes - and among other hazards were 26 punctures in one day!

It was with some amazement (writes Neville Chanin) that the audience learned that, before the trip began, Alison had not cycled at all!  More is the credit to them both for a great achievement.

1975 - various issues - "Notice Board"

Sunday and Thurs eve runs from Woking and Guildford area.  List:  R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot (s.a.e. please).
Apr  13    50 in 3½ or 4.  Mayford Green, 8.45 am.
June12 Speed judging, Fairoaks airfield, Chobham, 7.45 pm.
July3 Roughstuff.  Pirbright Green 7.30 pm.
Aug22 YH w/e (to 25th), E. Sussex/W. Kent coast.  Blackboys 1st night;  Guestling 2 nights.  Start Guildford (Fri. 22nd) 6.30 pm prompt.
Sept14 Tourist trial & 100 km standard ride.
Oct19 Hill climb and freewheeling.
Nov8 Slide show & photo comp.  Scout hut, Horsell, 7 pm.
Nov22 Annual Dinner.  Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.
Dec21 Christmas tea.  Amy's cafe, Tongham, 4.30 pm.  Bookings, R. Mantle by Dec 14.

August / September 1975 - from Bob Mace's report on the York Rally

Twenty attractive and well-turned-out young ladies paraded for the Bicycle Belle competition, posing the three judges with an extremely difficult task.  Trophy and title were awarded to l6-years-old Christine Halstead of Huddersfield by 'half a wheel' from Helen Leheup (Nottingham) and Val Fletcher (Bridlington) - the runners-up being so difficult to separate that the judges had eventually to resort to examination of their respective cycles.

(Helen Leheup is better known in W Surrey DA as Helen Juden.  In the same issue of "Cycletouring" there is a letter from her detailing the campaigning work of Nottinghamshire DA, and a photograph of her and Aidan Leheup and their mother Doreen, a CTC Councillor, wearing the new Notts DA T-shirts.  -  CRJ)

1976 - various issues - "Notice Board"

Sunday and Thurs eve. runs from Woking and Guildford area.  List (s.a.e.), R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot.  Social evenings, Guildford:  K. Parfitt, 24 Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford.
Feb  21    Charlbury YH w/e.
Mar6 Slide show, Paris-Brest-Paris trial.  Horsell Scout hut, 7 pm.
June10 Speed judging.  Entrance of Fairoaks airfield, 7.30 pm.
July1 Roughstuff (evening).
July11 100 in 7 or 8.  Mayford Green, 8.45 am.
Aug27 YH tour, Exmoor (Cheddar, Minehead, Exford);  car to Cheddar.
Sept12 Tourist trial.
Sept19 Joint run with Windsor Section.  Pirbright 9 am.
Oct17 Hillclimb, Oakhanger, am;  freewheeling, Wheatley Hill, pm.
Oct22 YH w/e (to 24th) Henley, Stow-on-the-Wold.  R. Mantle (above).
Nov6 Slide show, Horsell Scout hut, 7 pm.
Nov20 Dinner, Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.

April / May 1976, p.90 - "from our district reporters"


WEST SURREY DA runs attendances have been well maintained during the mild winter, with an average of about 28 on Sundays, 9 on Thursday evenings.

A record 30 riders enjoyed a weekend at Truleigh Hill YH in Sussex, when the tout ensemble of Ray Craig's and Eddy Hargraves' tandem-trike and luggage trailer made its debut.  Along the top of the Downs, the party lingered to watch some hang-gliders in action before swooping down the hill in their preferred manner.

On a February weekend, runs secretary Russ Mantle was dismayed to find his bicycle surrounded by three trikes and the tandem-trike - but by the time Charlbury YH was reached five other riders had joined the group and placed the two-wheelers in the majority.
Chris Jeggo

June / July 1976, p.123 - "from our district reporters"

Average maintained

RUNS ATTENDANCES in West Surrey DA continue to average about 28 on Sundays and 9 on Thursday evenings.  The hardriding trikies were out in force again over Easter, when they visited four youth hostels in Wales.

The 50-mile standard ride took place over a course running south from Woking over Clandon Downs and Pitch Hill to Kirdford in Sussex, then back north to Holmbury St Mary.  Of 24 entrants, 12 finished in under 3½ hours, and another 7 in under 4 hours.

Over 50 members thoroughly enjoyed Chris Davies' slide show covering last year's tours and races, including the Paris-Brest-Paris reliability trial.  Russ Mantle rounded-off the evening with slides of a Devon tour.

August / September 1976, p.156 - "from our district reporters"

Fine judgement

ON a fine June evening 19 West Surrey DA members took part in a speed-judging competition over a 5-mile course and the results were remarkably close.  K. Bolingbroke and G. Goole both achieved time differences of 1 second for their two circuits, and two other competitors tied on 2 seconds.

Runs attendances continue good, averaging 26 over the past two months and 9 on Thursday evenings.  In May the Thursday-nighters enjoyed a weekend in Wiltshire, with excursions to Frome, Shaftesbury, and the beautiful National Trust grounds at Stourhead.  The spring bank holiday tour was based on Cranborne and Swanage hostels in Dorset and included visits to Corfe Castle, Bovingdon tank museum, and T. E. Lawrence's house.
Chris Jeggo

October / November 1976, p.185 - "from our district reporters"

AN INTERESTING course on Cowshot common was the scene of West Surrey DA's closely-fought roughstuff competition:  the first three, I. Essex, R. Mantle, H. Coleman, tied on faults and were placed on their times.

A resurgence of interest in the DA enabled a 100-mile standard ride to be organized after a lapse of several years:  16 riders started on a baking hot July day, and 11 finished eight hours and an unspecified number of shandies later.  Half-a-dozen members enjoyed an August bank holiday YH tour in Somerset.  Both Sunday and Thursday evening runs have continued to be well attended.
Chris Jeggo

December 1976 / January 1977, p.31 - "from our district reporters"

Threes, Twos, ones in Guildford show

MUCH useful publicity was gained by West Surrey DA at the Guildford town show.  A trike, tandem trike, two tandems, and several single bicycles took part in the procession, and a display stand was manned during the two days.

The September tourist trial took riders into the Chilterns and was won by Russ Mantle, who was again victorious in the October hill climb.  Graham Richardson proved he knows how to oil his bike by winning the freewheeling competition.

Three weekend tours, a supper, and a joint run with South Bucks DA's Windsor Section have been enjoyed.
Chris Jeggo

February / March 1977, p.63 - "from our district reporters"

A Councillor tells ...

HIGHLIGHT of West Surrey DA's social year was the annual dinner in November, when guest speaker G. Brian Young from West London told us about the work of a CTC Councillor.

In lighter vein, our secretary read extracts from 'The Coleman Diaries', a chronicle of DA committee meetings held in camera, and DA president Bill Inder kept us amused with some of his seemingly endless supply of stories.  Mrs E. Alesbury presented awards including the Edwards cup to W. Inder, the Benstead cup to R. Mantle, and the Howell trophy to I. Essex.

The annual photo competition and slide show attracted a full house of 60, and prizes were won by R. Mantle (two) and R. Lewington.  Special thanks go to the ladies who provide refreshments at these events.  Weekend YH tours have taken riders to Patcham and Whitwell.
Chris Jeggo
('The Crossman Diaries' were hot political news in 1976 and Harold Coleman was DA Secretary. - CRJ)

1977 - various issues - "Notice Board"

Sunday and Thurs eve runs from Woking and Guildford area.  List, sae, R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot.
Feb  26    Salisbury YH w/e.  R. Mantle.
Mar5 Slide show.  Scout Hut, Horsell, 7 pm.
Apr17 50 in 3½ or 4.  Mayford Green, 8.45 am.
June10 Speed judging, 7.30 pm.
June30 Roughstuff.  Pirbright Green, 7.30 pm.
July3 Joint run, Windsor Section.  Chobham war memorial, 9.15 am.
Sept11 Tourist trial.
Oct16 Hillclimb, Oakhanger 12.15 pm;  freewheeling, Wheatley hill 2.30.
Oct21 YH w/e, Overton & Bath.  Ash stn (Fri), 7 pm.
Nov12 Slide show.  Scout hut, Horsell 7 pm.
Nov26 Annual dinner.  Cotteridge hotel, Woking 6.30 pm.
Dec18 Christmas tea.  Amy's cafe, Tongham 4.30 pm.  Bookings R. Mantle (above).

April / May 1977, p.94 - "from our district reporters"

Despite the wintry weather, West Surrey DA's runs have continued to be well attended, averaging 29 on Sundays and 8 on Thursday evenings.  A February weekend to Salisbury was enjoyed by 27.
Chris Jeggo

June / July 1977, p.132 - "from our district reporters"

FINE WEATHER brought out several West Surrey DA riders in shorts for this year's 50 in 3½ or 4.  Of 20 starters, 18 qualified for certificates, some of the youngsters with highly commendable performances.

Russ Mantle impressed a capacity audience with his slides of last year's tour of the Pyrenees.  Hamish Smith showed an interesting selection of photos, and the evening was rounded-off with Chris Jeggo's slides of a German tour.  Nine Thursday-nighters have enjoyed a weekend in the Cotswolds.

1978, when the DA celebrates its 50th anniversary as well as the Club's centenary, will see commemorative rides and a special annual dinner which it is hoped will be something of a reunion.

August / September 1977, p.170 - "from our district reporters"

THE ONLY LADY to enter West Surrey DA's speed judging competition won first prize:  Gillian Smith's times for two circuits of a 5-mile course differed by only one second.  Of the 21 entrants, 14 recorded differences of less than 20 seconds - remarkably close on an undulating course with a fresh breeze.

Short rides for newcomers have been held on Saturday afternoons, and several train-assisted runs have been planned to take advantage of British Rail's special cycle ticket offer.
Chris Jeggo

October / November 1977, p.205 - "from our district reporters"

'Cycle clinic' plea

AS a publicity exercise combined with a contribution to road safety, West Surrey DA operated a 'cycle clinic' in Guildford for a few weeks to provide free advice and assistance to youngsters in keeping their machines in good order.  Unfortunately the scheme had to be discontinued for lack of mechanics, but could be re-started if more volunteered.  If you can adjust brakes, tighten handlebars etc, and have half a Saturday to spare, please contact Keith Parfitt, Guildford 60776.

Of 14 starters in the 100-mile standard ride, 10 finished in 7 or 8 hours, including John Coleman stoking his father's tandem.  Tandems are becoming more popular in the DA and have appeared on a joint run with Windsor Section and on one of three train-assisted runs arranged to take advantage of the British Rail free cycle experiment.

Graham Richardson won the roughstuff competition, and Fraser Pett (14) did well to come third, beating several experienced riders.  A small group spent August bank holiday weekend in South Wales.
Chris Jeggo

December 1977 / January 1978, p.25 - "from our district reporters"

Public quizzed in Surrey campaign

GUILDFORD members of West Surrey DA joined the local Friends of the Earth in a 'Get about on a Bike' campaign designed to publicize the aims and work of the two organizations and to find out the attitudes of the general public to cycling.

Helpers were placed at strategic points in the main shopping area to distribute literature and interview passers-by. Of those questioned (sample 230), 80% had not previously known of the government White Paper requiring local authorities to consider ways of helping cyclists, and on learning it 90% felt that the local council were not doing enough.  Detailed results of the questionnaire are being reported to various local and national bodies.

Making the tourist trial a half-day competition was a popular move, the entry of 12 being higher than in previous years.  It was won by Chris Jeggo, who was also victorious in the hillclimb which attracted 20 entries.  The freewheeling contest was won by Harold Coleman.  Weekend hostel tours have continued popular.

February / March 1978, p.62 - "from our district reporters"

Celebrate with Surrey

EVEN if you do not normally take part in DA activities, why not join the special runs and teas to celebrate West Surrey DA's 50th anniversary in April, the CTC's 100th in August, and the commemorative dinner in November (where ex-members will also be particularly welcome).

The history of cycling, the CTC, and the DA is to be covered in a slide show in March, and old photographs, slides, drawings, films etc will be gratefully received and returned in good condition:  please contact H. Coleman, Lane End, Highlands Lane, Westfield, Woking, tel 60385.

Members' tours in the French Alps, Norway, and Yugoslavia were recalled at a slide show, when entries in the annual competition were also screened, the winners of the three classes being Ken Bolingbroke, Russ Mantle, and Hamish Smith.  An Isle of Wight weekend, a disco, and a Christmas tea have been enjoyed.

Guildford borough councillor Bill Bellerby, guest speaker at the annual dinner, explained to the 70 present the many ways in which cyclists can influence matters which affect them at local level, and urged members to make more use of them.  His wife presented awards which included the Edwards cup (attendance) to Bill Inder, and the Benstead cup and Bernard Howell memorial trophy to Chris Jeggo.

Volunteers are requested by Keith Parfitt (tel Guildford 60776) to help publicise cycling and lead Saturday half-day rides for newcomers - see small-ads pages.

February / March 1978, p.68 - "Small Ads"

WEST SURREY members:
WE NEED HELP for new activities.
Please contact Keith Parfitt, 24 Elmside,
Onslow Village, Guildford, tel. 60776
evenings only

1978 - various issues - "Notice Board"

Sunday and Thurs eve runs from Woking and Guildford area.  List, s.a.e, R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot.
Feb  25    Crockham Hill YH w/e.  CTC HQ, Godalming, 11 am.
Mar11 Burleigh YH w/e.  K. Parfitt, Guildford 60776.
Mar18 Slide show, '50 years of our DA'.  Scout hut, Horsell, 7 pm.
Apr23 50 in 3½ and 4.  Mayford Green, 8.30 and 9 am.
Apr23 50th anniversary tea.  U.R. church hall, Elstead, 5 pm.  Bookings R. Mantle (above).
Apr29 Godalming rally.
May6 Blackboys YH w/e.  K. Parfitt, 24 Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford.
June4 Aldershot-Stonehenge and back, 200/250 km in 13.  Entries from other DAs welcome (see small-ads).
June15 Speed judging comp.
June29 Roughstuff.  Pirbright 7.30 pm.
July9 100-mile reliability round DA border.
Aug5 CTC 100th birthday ride & tea.  Book R. Mantle (above).
Sept2 Guildford town show, Stoke Pk.  (and 3rd.)  K. Parfitt, 24 Elmside, Onslow Village.
Sept10 Tourist trial.
Sept23 Totland Bay YH w/e.  K. Parfitt (above).
Oct8 Hillclimb and freewheel.
Oct14 Crockham Hill YH w/e.  K. Parfitt (above).
Nov11 Photo comp & slide show.  Scout hut, Horsell 7 pm.
Nov11 Goudhurst YH w/e.
Nov25 Dinner (reunion), Cotteridge hotel, Woking, 6.30 pm.
Dec16 YH w/e, Beachy Head.  K. Parfitt.
Dec17 Christmas tea, St Augustines hall, Addlestone, 4.30 pm.  Book, R. Mantle.

April / May 1978, p77 - Editorial

SPRINGTIME sees the outdoor events of this CTC Centenary year gather momentum, with Godalming, the CTC Headquarters town in Surrey, well in the picture during the next two months - first for the London & Home Counties Rally and then the start of the Relay Ride.

Round Britain Relay Ride

TO SEE the unusual start of this unusual ride, try to be at Cotterell House, the Club's Headquarters in Meadrow, Godalming, at 11 am on the morning of Saturday May 27 for the send-off by David Shepherd, the well-known wildlife and locomotive artist who lives in the area.

A large group of vintage cycles, including some fine examples of early machines, owned by the Southern Veteran-Cycle Club and local enthusiasts, will accompany, for the initial couple of miles, the first relay team composed of members of the West Surrey DA.  The Silver Jubilee bicycle, presented to HM the Queen last year and later auctioned in aid of the British Heart Foundation, will also be making a guest appearance.

And to remind us that this is not the first event of its kind, some of the riders who participated in the 1928 Relay Ride organized to celebrate the Club's Golden Jubilee will be present.

Five days later, on Thursday June 1, the final team, composed of junior members from DAs throughout the British Isles, will cross the Thames into Windsor and roll to a ceremonial halt in view of the great royal castle.

Led by Ivy Thorp (Chairman of the CTC Council) and Les Warner (CTC National Secretary), they should arrive at 5.20 pm and members are invited to join the Club's President, William Oakley, in welcoming them.  Assemble at Home Park, just to the north of King Edward VII Avenue (the B 470) which runs between Windsor and Datchet on the south side of the river.

April / May 1978, p.82 - "Touring Miscellany"

Book NOW for Godalming Rally
on the May Day bank holiday weekend (April 29-May 1), organized by the London and Home Counties DAs.

Based on 'home-ground' for West Surrey DA who are leading the runs, the programme of events - open to all CTC members - starts on the Saturday afternoon with two short circular runs, both visiting the National Trust's Winkworth Arboretum.

There is ample camping space at the local Rugby Club ground, which has a pavilion with good toilet and washing facilities, lockable cycle storage, tea room/hall and kitchen.  The nearest youth hostel is at Ewhurst Green (about six miles away), and other accommodation possibilities are outlined in a leaflet describing the weekend.

A barn dance is planned for the Saturday night.  Sunday will give a choice of three runs - one including lunch in Windsor Great Park (41 miles), another west through attractive lanes and villages (56 miles), the third south to Bignor Roman villa and Petworth (58 miles).  There is a slide show on the Sunday evening, and on Monday morning a choice of two short local runs.

Please note that tickets for buffet meals, packed lunches and social events can only be purchased in advance, using the official booking form.  For this and further information, write immediately to J. L. Chappell, 45 Underhill Road, Dulwich, London S E 22 (tel 01-693 1044).

April / May 1978, p.99 - "from our district reporters"

All together

WEST SURREY DA manned a stand at a Sport for All exhibition in Guildford in early March. The noise of rollers on the adjoining Charlotteville CC stand brought the crowds, and potential tourists were steered to the CTC.  This presentation of a 'unified face' for cycling worked well, and further joint displays are planned.

The new Intermediate Section is enjoying such good support that the committee have been 'ticked off' for not having formed it before!

A 'bikers dozen' riders took part in the first of the YHA Southern Region's CTC Centenary year weekends at Arundel.  Runs attendances have remained steady despite wintry weather.

April / May 1978, p.107 - "Small Ads"


Centenary 250 and 200 km in 13 hrs open reliability ride organized by
West Surrey DA for any number of wheels or legs.

Refreshments - Centenary certificates


Start 6 am from Ash (NOT Ash Vale) railway stn, nr. Aldershot, Hants.
Entries 40p; on line 60p - Ray Craig, Sigs/Eng. Registry, RAFSCSHQ,
RAF Benson, Oxford OX9 6AA, tel Wallingford 37766, ext 6213.


June / July 1978, p.140 - "Godalming Rally beats rain"

OVER 400 cyclists attended the Godalming Rally - the Home Counties DAs' contribution towards the Centenary celebrations.  Born out of an idea early in 1976 by the Home Counties Inter-DA Conference, it was planned by cyclists for cyclists on the basis of 'All that's good in DA life'.

CTC Headquarters, just along the road from the rugby club ground and pavilion where the rally was based, opened up specially on the Saturday, and a brisk trade was done in Centenary souvenirs.

The event was not blessed with fine weather, but it was gratifying to see that this in no way deterred the majority from participating each day.  After Saturday warm-up runs, both taking in Winkworth Arboretum (National Trust), Sunday saw large groups joining rides to Odiham, Windsor, and Bignor in Sussex.  Led by West Surrey DA members, they seemed to reach their destinations though, perhaps due to the rain, a few corners were cut here and there.

On the Saturday evening 200 or more packed into the hall, conveniently situated next to the bar, for a barn dance, called by Les Skinner.  Here members from all DAs, plus individuals from Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand joined CTC Headquarters staff in riotous foursets and lively polkas, finally getting tied into knots in the cowboy reel.

More sedately, but with great interest, even more rallygoers saw Jack Cotton from Bristol treat us on the Sunday evening to excerpts from previous shows, plus more recent slides of touring and Birthday Rides.

The campsite provided occupants of the 80 or so tents with good views of the lake.  The caterers did us proud with occasional refreshments during the day, at the events, pack lunches, and buffet meals.  Only the poor old milkman failed to turn up.  Thanks are due to all who helped in the organization, particularly Julian Chappell (West Kent), Harold Coleman and Bill lnder (West Surrey), and Brian Young (West London) who 'held the fort' so loyally that he had all too little opportunity to take part in the rides.

Most rewarding for the organizers was the tremendous participation by everybody.  To see good numbers reporting on the Monday morning in pouring rain for the final runs typified the spirit that CTC members have always shown.

June / July 1978, p.141 - Five celebrate their Fiftieth

Golden tribute to Surrey stalwart

THE 50th anniversary celebrations of West Surrey DA began in March when Harold Coleman gave a short illustrated talk on the history of the bicycle as a prelude to the 'History of the DA' in slides - many prepared specially for the occasion from old prints.  Stuart Jackson's 1977 tour of Yugoslavia completed the evening.

In perfect weather 34 rode the 50 in 3½ or 4, and ten old-timers enjoyed a leisurely ride for a '50' certificate (untimed).  All met at Elstead for the 50th birthday tea, complete with cake, when we were pleased to welcome National Secretary Les Warner and family.

As DA secretary, Harold Coleman made a presentation to Bill Inder, leading light in founding the DA in 1928 and continuously in office since as secretary, treasurer, and now president.  In his 74th year, he hardly ever misses a run, and does more than his share of the work of running the DA in addition to involvement with the cycling proficiency and Duke of Edinburgh's award schemes.

Nothing less than gold would suffice to demonstrate our esteem and affection, and the subscriptions of his many CTC friends provided a Centenary filigree badge.  A slight surplus enabled us to add a CTC tea-towel - just in case he could not pay for his tea!
Chris Jeggo

August / September 1978, p.182 - "The Great Ride"

A REMARKABLE WEEK of continuous summer weather at the end of May ensured a pleasurable - if somewhat perspiring - ride almost all the way for the teams covering the 1300 road miles (1150 by the alternative 'Irish' route) on the CTC Centenary Relay Ride, in which over 500 members took part.

From the Godalming start, John Way sets the scene:  'Cotterell House had an air of carnival, with a gleaming roadside banner, a marquee on the lawn for refreshments, a cake iced with a British Isles map, Headquarters staff girls - in colourful Centenary tops - selling copies of the Book of the Route, crowds lining Meadrow with cameras at the ready, and smiling co-operation from the police.

'Billed as official starter, David Shepherd, the well-known wildlife artist who lives in the district, was a popular figure as he signed autographs, posed for photos, and cut the cake.  He did more than "start" the event:  he led the parade on a tricycle dating from the 1880's which he rode for some distance through the town, waving to the Saturday shoppers.  This machine was one of several kindly loaned by Peter Hoyte, an enthusiastic Surrey collector of historic cycles who also brought along the Queen's Silver Jubilee bicycle he had acquired in last year's charity auction and which was ridden by his wife.

'Closely following David Shepherd were members of the Southern Veteran-Cycle Club, in period costume and riding an interesting selection of their own vintage machines including several High Ordinaries.  Then, on conventional cycles, came three CTC members who were proud to have ridden in the Club's Golden Jubilee Relay Ride in 1928 - Tom Hart of Monmouth, Les Hayter of Yeovil, and Reg Newman of Gloucester.

'Finally the first of the Relay teams proper, colourful with blue and gold waistbands, set off on the first "leg" of the great ride.  It comprised 30 members of West Surrey DA, led by secretary Harold Coleman, and included 15-year-old Fraser Pett who was also to take part in the final ride-in to Windsor.  After a police escort for the first few miles out of town, the old-timers turned aside and called "Cheerio" as the team cycled south towards Sussex'.

Over to Portsmouth DA president Chris Davies:  'It was all plain sailing outside The Ship at South Harting where the first changeover saw our contingent of 16 (including one member from East Kent) carry the Birthday Book from the foot of the Sussex Downs across the border into Hampshire and along lanes flanked with cow parsley to the village of East Meon.  With the afternoon temperature climbing to 75°F, several members rode bareback by the banks of the Meon, and the undulating route over Corhampton Down at Deacon Hill proved a warm prelude to the drop down St Catherine's Hill into Winchester, where the Book was handed over to Southampton DA at the base of King Alfred's statue right on schedule.'
. . . . . . .

Relay Ride CTC HQ
Relay Ride leaving CTC HQ, led by Keith and Kath Parfitt on their tandem.

August / September 1978, p.196 - "from our district reporters"

Getting up steam!

WEST SURREY DA's new Intermediate Section has been well supported, particularly on the run which visited the 'Watercress Line' steam railway in Mid-Hampshire.

A special run for less conventional machines attracted 4 tandems and a tandem-trike, while 2 other DA riders, Stuart Jackson and Edwin Hargraves, were occupied chopping an hour off the London-Bath-and-back tandem-trike record.

Success crowned the DA's new venture, a longer reliability ride.  Ten cyclists, riding mainly on minor roads, covered either 200 or 250 km. to Stonehenge and back well inside the 13 hours allowed.  George Alesbury and Les Sutton were notable participants in this year's speed-judging competition.
Chris Jeggo

October / November 1978, p.219 - "Reader to Reader"

Let's keep together

WE ARE ALL enjoying, with nostalgia and pride, this CTC Centenary year.  When the special celebrations come to an end, I am sure that in retrospect we will realise that the finest part of it all has been the bringing together of CTC members from all parts of the country and the increased communication between District Associations.

It would be a great pity if the present spirit of involvement and co-operation were not to be built upon.  To this end I do hope that DA committees will be adventurous in their planning for next year and include events aimed at attracting participation by riders from other areas.

Harold Coleman
Westfield, Woking, Surrey

October / November 1978, p.239 - "from our district reporters"

Keeping fit!

WEST SURREY DA's three sections rode to Hurley for a game of football in a meadow beside the Thames.  Our 74-year-old president, Bill Inder, amazed everyone with his nimble footwork.  Only Harold Coleman was brave enough to swim in the river (someone had to retrieve the football - good boy!).  At the special tea afterwards, Bill recounted how the DA started when he and some friends took up cycling to keep fit outside the football season.

Congratulations are due to the seven riders who completed a tough '100' course around the DA's boundary.  Weekend tours have visited youth hostels at Blackboys and Slimbridge, and the DA's roughstuff competition was an entertaining event won by Graham Richardson.
Chris Jeggo

December 1978 / January 1979, p.32 - "DA News in Brief"

The tourist trial was won by Chris Jeggo, the hillclimb by Mark Langham (an outstanding performance for a 15-year-old), and Graham Richardson re-asserted his mastery of the gentle art of freewheeling.  Intermediate Section enjoyed a fascinating visit to Peter Hoyte's collection of old cycles.

February / March 1979 - cover

W Surrey General Section clubrun approaching East Worldham from Wyck.
That's me on the right looking back at Ken Bolingbroke, who simply
dropped back to take the photograph while riding along.  -  CRJ

February / March 1979, p.71 - DA News

CTC Merit Medallion for West Surrey stalwart

There was only one complaint about West Surrey DA's golden jubilee social (writes Chris Jeggo) - it was over too soon.  Guest of honour the Mayor of Woking entered into the spirit of the occasion with a few deftly aimed cross-toasts, including one to members of the 'chain gang' (DA president Bill Inder had a true cyclist's 'chain of office':  (Shimano + SunTour + Brasso)!

CTC National Secretary Les Warner spoke on the past, present, and future, and the applause was tremendous when, on behalf of the CTC Council, he presented to Bill Inder the Merit Medallion, the Club's major national award for distinguished service.  Bill's great work during 50 years was referred to when the DA made him a special jubilee gift (June 1978 issue report).

Other awards, presented by the mayoress, included the Benstead challenge cup and the Bernard Howell memorial trophy to Chris Jeggo, and the Edwards cup to Bill Inder.  Cycles (old, new, and miniature), DA scrapbooks, photos, posters etc, were on show.

In the annual photo competition, winners of the three categories were E. Hargraves, G. Alesbury, and C. Jeggo, and slides of 1978 tours were shown by S. Jackson (Greece) and H. Coleman (Pyrenees).

Bill Inder

1979 - various issues - "Notice Board"

Sunday and Thurs eve runs from Woking and Guildford area.  List, s.a.e, R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot.
Mar  10    Slideshow.  Horsell Scout hut 7 pm
Mar31 Arundel YH w/e, with E. Sussex & W. London DAs.
Apr22 50 in 3, 3½, 4, 4½, 5;  veterans 50.  Mayford Grn, S. of Woking, 8.30, 8.45, 9, 9.15.
Apr22 Birthday tea, Chiddingfold 5 pm.  Book, R. Mantle (above).
Apr28 Winchester YH w/e.  K. Parfitt, Guildford 60776.
May20 Meriden memorial service.  C. Jeggo, 4 Carlyon Close, Mytchett, Camberley.
May26 Dorset YH w/e.  K. Parfitt (above).
June3 Aldershot-Stonehenge-Aldershot reliability, Ash stn 6 am.  Entries from other DAs welcome:  K. Parfitt (above).
June23 Night ride.  Central Library, Guildford 10.30 pm.
June28 Roughstuff.  Pirbright Grn 7.30 pm.
July8 100 in 7/8/9.  Mayford Grn, 9, 8.30, or 8 am.
Aug25 Afternoon invitation ride, Camberley.
Sept1 (and 2).  Guildford Town Show.  Volunteers for DA stand, K. Parfitt, Guildford 60776.
Sept8 Afternoon invitation ride, Guildford.
Sept15 I. of Wight w/e with E. Sussex DA.  K. Parfitt (above).
Sept16 Tourist trial.
Oct14 Hillclimb, Oakhanger (morning);  freewheel, Kingsley (afternoon).
Oct26 YH tour (Litton Cheney, Steps Bridge);  see national hill climb.  R. Mantle (above).
Oct27 Inglesham YH w/e.  D. Whittle, 48 Church Rd, Guildford.
Nov3 Photo comp & slide show.
Nov10 Goudhurst YH w/e;  meet E. Sussex DA.  K. Parfitt, Guildford 60776.
Nov24 Dinner/social, Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.
Dec22 Arundel YH w/e.  K. Parfitt, Guildford 60776.
Dec23 Christmas tea.  Bookings, R. Mantle (above).

April / May 1979 pp.108-9 - DA news

Major road re-organization is planned for Guildford, and West Surrey DA, in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, have submitted comments to Surrey County Council for consideration.

*  *  *  *  *

WEST SURREY.  Only a few runs were abandoned because of the weather, the remainder being well attended.  The events programme for 1979 is published in the latest newsletter.  Also, a DA information sheet and a 'handout' on the Benstead Cup competition have been prepared.  Any of these may be obtained from DA secretary Chris Jeggo (s.a.e. please), 4 Carlyon Close, Mytchett, Camberley.

April / May 1979, p.116 - "Small Ads"


West Surrey DA

250 and 200 km reliability ride on minor roads

Sunday June 3

Start:  Ash railway stn, nr Aldershot, Hants.
Refreshments. Certificates.

Details s.a.e:  R. Craig, 45 Second Ave,
Ravenswing Mobile Home Park,
Aldermaston, Berks.


June / July 1979 - DA news

Surrey girl wins youth trophy

West Surrey DA's 50-mile standard ride attracted several new riders by the offer of certificates for longer times than in previous years.

On the same day the veterans '50' finished at the birthday tea, when about 70 members were joined by Les Warner, CTC National Secretary, who presented the Renold Adventure Trophy to Emma Harper, winner of last year's competition for participants in the annual CTC/YHA Youth Adventure Holidays.

'Long lost' David Wells has returned to Surrey with many tales of his travels round the world with his bicycle.

A new venture, a barn dance run jointly with the Charlotteville CC, was so enjoyable (and profitable!) that it will certainly be repeated.  Cycle accommodation at Arundel YH was congested when 18 members met a further 16 from East Sussex and West London DAs for a weekend.  The DA have enjoyed a slideshow, 'Hostelling Hotch-potch' by Peter Smith.
Chris Jeggo

August / September 1979, pp176-8 - Reader to Reader

Why the guesswork?

The conflicting information arising from the correspondence on tyres and pressures is a sure sign that cyclists have no authoritative reference to turn to on this important subject.  G. H. Lansdell quotes an 'informative' letter from Michelins, but the information he was given seems to conflict with what was told to me

It is misleading of Michelins to emboss on a Fifty cover 'inflate to 70 p.s.i' if they intend this to be a maximum pressure.  It is even more misleading to emboss on another Fifty cover 'inflate to 90 p.s.i'.  The covers were purchased within three days of one another, so the questions 'which is correct and what is the reason for the change' were put to them.  Their initial response was that they did not know the answer, but the person I spoke to seemed to remember seeing a recent memorandum and in due course phoned me back to say that the recommended pressure had been increased from 70 to 90 p.s.i.  There had been no change in the tyre's construction;  just a change of mind by the technical staff!

Inflating to 90 simply lifted the covers off the rims, so I compromised at 80.  The inner tubes are Michelins' recommended Airstop, and the net effect is that they look like balloon tyres - much fatter than High Speeds, but on the credit side they are wearing extremely well and seem to have a far higher resistance to cuts.

Perhaps Michelins could be persuaded to respond authoritatively to this correspondence.  As things are, the touring cyclist just has to 'back his hunch' when it comes to choosing a cover or deciding on pressures.  There must surely be quantitative and qualitative evidence in manufacturers' records which could minimise the guesswork for us.

John Harper
Woodham, Woking, Surrey

* * * * *

Another good rally

My thanks to the West London DA for a very enjoyable Home Counties Rally in May.  They found an excellent site at Weston Turville, with good facilities and plenty of room for camping for the 150 attending.

We were conducted around some beautiful countryside via delightful lanes and one or two most convincing hills.  In contrast, a visit to the engine sheds at Quainton was fascinating, and the elevenses stop in Amersham on the Sunday was superb - the sort that cyclists dream of.

The evening meals filled that ever-present gap very pleasantly, and suitably fuelled the energetic for barn dancing.  The less energetic yarned, watched the pretty girls, or propped up the bar.  I am told that I did the last-mentioned - don't seem to remember too clearly;  must have been riding too hard!  At Johnny Helms' evening show we all enjoyed the humour of his cartoons and the appreciation of the countryside so evident in his slides.

Thank you, Tom Jarvis, Alan Rapsey, and Brian Young, and all who helped them in the organization.  I look forward to next year's rally, now being planned by another DA.  Why not join me there?

Harold Coleman, CTC Councillor
Westfield, Woking, Surrey

August / September 1979, pp.192-3 - "from our district reporters"

Tandem honeymoon

Cambridge, Derby, and Nottingham DAs were all represented at the wedding of Helen Leheup (daughter of former CTC Councillor Doreen Leheup) and Chris Juden, both well-known active cyclists in all three areas.  After the service, in the chapel of Churchill College, Cambridge, and reception, the couple left for a tandem honeymoon in the Pyrenees.

Surrey on the move

West Surrey DA's second Stonehenge-and-back reliability ride was completed by 16 riders - a good increase on last year's.  Nine members enjoyed the Home Counties DA's rally, and 17 joined the London-Brighton ride.

Four members wonder if they cycled the furthest to attend the Meriden memorial service, having set out at 1 am;  in any case, can anyone better (if that is the right word!) their 100-mile ride home in continuous rain?  Weekend tours have taken riders to the Test valley, Dorset, and Somerset, and the first night ride for some years gave an opportunity for a dip at Brighton before breakfast.

Les Sutton and Hamish Smith tied for 1st place in the speed-judging competition.
Chris Jeggo

October / November 1979, p.229 - "from our district reporters"

Graham Richardson emphasised his bike-handling skill by winning the roughstuff competition for the third year in succession.  A new route for the 100-mile standard ride attracted a greater number of entrants than the previous year and proved popular.

December 1979 / January 1980, p.38 - "from our district reporters"

'Consider the Cyclist'

West Surrey DA members were kept busy in early September.  Some assisted with the BCTC Final, others manned the DA stand at Guildford Town Show or rode in the carnival procession.  Also gaining useful publicity was our collaboration with Guildford Friends of the Earth in a "Consider the Cyclist" campaign to win popular support for pressure on the local council to provide facilities for cyclists.

A new style of tourist trial, with the speed element removed, was won by Graham Richardson.  A golden October day saw Edwin Hargraves fastest up one hill, and Chris Shambrook able to freewheel farthest down another.  Graham Richardson also won the attendance competition and the Benstead cup for the best overall performance in competitions and standard rides.
Chris Jeggo

1980 - various issues - "Notice Board"

New sec:  J. Whatmore, 10 Bridge Rd, Chertsey, tel 65390. 
Sun & Thurs eve runs, Woking/Guildford area.  List/newsletter, s.a.e. R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot.
Apr  20    50m in 3½, 4, 4½, 5.  Mayford Grn, 9-9.30 am.  Veterans 50 (over-50s), 9.30 am.
May3 Group to attend Home Counties Rally w/e, E. Sussex.
May11 Speed-judging & roughstuff.
June1 Stonehenge and back (see 'box', ad. pages).
July6 Benstead cup 100 in 7, 8 or 9 hrs.  Mayford Grn, 8, 8.30 or 9 am.
Sept8 Special event at new clubroom, Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Rd, Guildford, 8 pm.  Details, J. Whatmore, Chertsey 65390.
Oct12 Hillclimb, Oakhanger 12 noon;  freewheeling comp, Wheatley Hill, Binstead (combined event with Charlotteville CC).
Oct24 Barn dance.  Brook Hall, Ottershaw, 8 pm.  Tkts £1, J. Whatmore, 10 Bridge Rd, Chertsey, tel 65390.
Oct29 Club night, Rowing Club, Shalford Rd, Guildford, 8 pm.
Nov8 Slideshow & photo comp results.  Guildford Rowing Club (above) 7 pm.
Nov29 Annual dinner/social.  Cotteridge Hotel, Woking, 6.30 pm.
Dec14 Christmas Tea, St Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone, 4.30pm.
Dec25 Christmas Day Appetizer.  Horsell Scout Hut 11am.

February / March 1980, p.85 - "from our district reporters"

Triple crown

At the West Surrey DA dinner the Benstead challenge cup, the Howell memorial trophy and the Edwards attendance cup were presented to Graham Richardson, the first member in the history of the DA to win all three in the same year.

Guest of honour was CTC Councillor Colin Quemby, and the evening included a "light show/disco" arranged by Harold and John Coleman, and a display of photographs, many dating from the early years of the DA.

The photo competition attracted 91 slides, and prizes went to Robert Pidgeon and Russ Mantle.  DA rules were adopted at a well-attended AGM.  A pre-Christmas meet with East Sussex DA at Arundel YH, the Christmas tea, and Christmas morning appetiser run were all well supported.
Tim Staton

April / May 1980, p.112 - "Cycling in Town and Country"

Surrey helpers needed

West Surrey DA's planning officer, Chris Jeggo, who has achieved considerable success in gaining the attention of county and borough authorities, would like to hear from anyone willing to help him, e.g. by studying local road plans at libraries or council offices.  He appeals particularly to members who do not take part in DA activities and are as yet unknown to him:  please contact him at 4 Carlyon Close, Mytchett, Camberley, Surrey, tel Farnborough (Hants) 46472.

April / May 1980, p.120 - "Reader to Reader"

Use this opportunity

The time for local authority elections draws near again - the time when councillors, candidates and their supporters go out of their way to meet their constituents.  Members who are visited by canvassers have an excellent opportunity to increase official awareness of cyclists' needs and problems.

They could ask candidates, for instance, whether they have read the Department of Transport's document, "Ways of helping cyclists in built-up areas"*, or whether they have seen the DTp film '.Freewheeling"* or would arrange a screening of it at the highways committee.  They could point out hazardous conditions on local roads, and suggest improvements.

If you say something you might achieve something.  If you say nothing you will achieve nothing.

Chris Jeggo
Mytchett, Camberley, Surrey
*Information from the Traffic Advisory Unit, Department of Transport, 2 Marsham Street, London  SW1P 3EB.

April / May 1980, p.128 - "Small Ads"

West Surrey DA
200km Randonnee
'Brevet Stonehenge'

Aldershot - STONEHENGE - Aldershot
(Audax U.K. Regs)

Sunday, June 1

S.a.e. Ray Craig 45 Second Ave, Ravenswing Park,
Aldermaston, Berks RG7 4PU, for entry form and
details.  Entry fee 60p.  Entries close May 24.


April / May 1980, p.138 - "from our district reporters"

Round-the-world marathon

West Surrey DA members were out in force to see the long-awaited slide show by David Wells, after his return from a three-year cycling marathon round the world, including visits to remote areas of Iran and Afghanistan.

It is hoped that a tour of Normandy and Brittany in April will be the first of several overseas trips.  Plans are well under way in organising the southern section of the CTC's Triennial Veterans' Rides in June.

Runs attendances continue to improve, and it is encouraging to see two younger members riding with the General Section.  On a different note, DA members were saddened to hear of the death of Mike Sharples.
Tim Staton

June / July 1980, p.181 - "from our district reporters"

West Surrey out for recruits

A publicity sub-committee has been formed by West Surrey DA with the object of recruiting club members who do not normally ride with the DA.  Also planned are two new Sections in the more 'distant' parts of the DA area.

Despite poor weather, 20 of the 32 entrants finished the 50 in 3½, CTC Councillor Harold Coleman riding the course on a 1906 Dursley-Pedersen in a creditable 3 hours 38 minutes.  The veterans had their own '50' and all met at Elstead for the birthday tea.

Some DA riders achieved success in the Reading-Salisbury and Dorset coast 'Audax' randonnees.  Camembert cheese, caviare, and red wine seem to have been the staple diet on a recent expedition to Normandy, and reports also indicate that the locals enjoyed free entertainment at selected restaurants by courtesy of the DA!
Tim Staton

August / September 1980, p.224 - Veterans Day - the 18th CTC Triennial '100s'


CTC Headquarters at Godalming was the popular start and finish for this ride.  "Seen off" by National Secretary Les Warner, the 64 veterans followed their West Surrey DA leaders on a delightfully scenic route designed by local president Bill lnder.

Vets at HQ
Surrey HQ start:  photo by Tim Staton
(That's DA member John Harper in the centre. - CRJ)

Most of the journey to elevenses (at Selborne, Hants) was ridden in pleasant sunshine, including a private road through the beautiful grounds of Hampton Lodge near Puttenham.  Later, however, heavy showers alternated with dry spells - to the extent that some riders decided to keep their capes on and get hot;  others to keep them off and get wet.

Lunch was taken at Tilford, in the picturesque village hall overlooking the cricket green.  The route then headed east for a refreshment stop at Cranleigh and on to Ockley and Weare Street, one of Surrey's prettiest lanes.  An excellent home-made tea was provided by the ladies of the WI at Bucks Green, with a colourful display of flowers on every table.

Tea inside them, and most of the miles behind them, the riders started confidently on the run back to Godalming.  Except for one lady who retired at this point, so as not to delay her husband and risk his certificate!  Unfortunately, the day's heaviest shower was still to come, but at least it was followed by bright evening sunshine and a fine rainbow.

At Cotterell House 56 successful members received their certificates, including 81-year-old Henry Stanislas, 76-year-old Bill lnder, and six of the seven lady entrants (the seventh deserves a medal!)  Of all the finishers, Henry and Bill seemed the freshest and most cheerful - further proof of the healthy longevity awaiting cyclists.
Harold Coleman

August / September 1980, p.241 - "DA News in Brief"

The annual Stonehenge ride, organised by Ray Craig and held under Audax UK rules for the first time, attracted 28 entries.  Seven riders spent the spring bank holiday weekend hostelling in Kent.

October / November 1980, p.278 - "Cycling in Town and Country"

Watch on Traffic Schemes

The CTC's Town & Countryside Committee is becoming increasingly concerned about the number of new traffic schemes being introduced which reduce the rights of cyclists, either by according them less priority than other vehicles using the same route, or by treating cyclists as pedestrians.  The Committee intends to keep a close watch, and would appreciate hearing of such developments in any part of the country.

Kingston Bypass.  West Surrey DA's planning officer, Chris Jeggo, has written to Surrey County Council, pointing out that cycle lanes recently introduced along part of the Kingston Bypass are causing problems for cyclists, because lane markings require them to give way to traffic entering or leaving the main road at an intermediate minor junction.  The CTC view is that cyclists should receive the same priority as other traffic using the main road.

October / November 1980, p.290 - "from our district reporters"

Ad hoc runs

Local (to CTC HQ) West Surrey DA are running what they describe as an 'Intermediate Group' aimed at new riders.  The idea is that the pace is gentle and destinations are agreed at the meeting place.  Keith Parfitt is anxious to contact anybody who would like to try club riding.  He can be reached on Guildford 60776.

Monthly meetings continue to take place at the new clubroom, and the second evening featured a wheelbuilding demo by Harold Coleman.

Back in May the annual roughstuff and speed-judging events were held, blessed by good weather, with new member Clive Paxman taking away the roughstuff prize.  In July several members finished the 100m reliability trial inside seven hours.  Touring hasn't been forgotten, however, and over the August bank holiday eight travelled up to Shropshire for the weekend.  (Report by Tim Staton).

December 1980 / January 1981, p.42 - "from our district reporters"

The Locals

West Surrey now has its own badge showing the Surrey Oak Leaf in green and it should be available for the annual dinner, says Tim Staton.  In September six members had a good weekend at Mottisfont led by president Bill Inder - three of them founder members from 1928.  Runs secretary Russ Mantle won this year's Benstead Cup as the best allrounder, while Grahame Barnes took the cup for best attendance.  The hillclimb and freewheeling event also drew good support for which the DA joined forces with the local Charlotteville CC.

1981 - various issues - "DA Events"

Clubroom.  Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Rd, nr Jolly Farmer, 7pm.
Details Keith & Kath Parfitt, Guildford 60776.  Bring a mug and watch Gillian light up etc.
Club nights Feb 18, Mar 18, April 15, May 13, June 10, July 8, Aug 5, Sept 2 & 30, Oct 28, Nov 25, Dec 23
Runs list & Newsletter, SAE R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot.
Invitation rides, Chris Jeggo, 4 Carlyon Close, Mytchett, Camberley.
March  7    Slide show.
April26 50m reliability trial and birthday tea, Mayford Green 9am.  Russ Mantle tel Aldershot 28275.
May2/4 Home Counties Rally, Kent.
May10 Speed Judging & Roughstuff comps.
June7 Stonehenge and back 200km Audax ride.  7 am, The Heron PH, Lower Farnham Rd, Aldershot.  SAE Ray Craig, 45 Second Ave, Ravenswing Park, Aldermaston, Berks. (Tadley 6867).
June13 Midsummer social.  Boat trip & supper.  7 for 7.30 pm. Guildford Rowing Club.  Gillian Smith, Woking 61294.
July5 100m Reliability Ride in 7/8/9 hrs.  Mayford Grn, 8, 8.30 & 9am.
Oct11 Hill Climb & Freewheeling comps - R. Mantle details.
Oct28 Slide show and talk on Israel - John Whatmore of the Guardian.
Nov14 Slide show & photo comp results.
Nov25 Illustrated talk by Surrey Trust for Nature Conservation.
Nov28 ANNUAL DINNER - Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.
Dec20 Christmas Tea.  St Augustine's Church Hall, Addlestone.  4.30pm.  Bookings to R. Mantle.
Dec23 Club social.
Dec25 Christmas Appetizer Run.  Horsell Scout Hut.  11am.  Raffle, drinks etc.  Home for lunch.

February / March 1981, pp.87-8 - "from our district reporters"

Any anecdotes for Bill?

West Surrey's president, Bill Inder, is currently trying to track down information and anecdotes for his DA history which he is compiling in memory of Don Field.  Kathleen Parfitt writes to say that he would be delighted to receive contributions from past and present members.  You can contact him at 33 High St, Horsell, Woking, Surrey.  The annual dinner and Christmas tea were well-supported, she adds, and 12 members took the train part-way to explore the Meon Valley.

West Surrey

The new years tend to come round more quickly, remarks Harold Coleman (I'll drink to that - Editor), going on to spread the news about an Audax 'Super Grimpeur' event to be organised by Ray Craig and Chris Jeggo (he designed the course).  In essence, it will be four or six laps of a hilly course in the Leith Hill area, 100km for the full distance.

April / May 1981, p.126 - "DA News"

West Surrey

Members currently bathe in the reflected glory of chairman Harold Coleman's appointment as vice-chairman of Council.  Harold is also making great strides with the newsletter, Kathleen Parfitt says.  The latest issue has a cartoon by Simon Doughty - Johnny Helms, you have competition it seems (readers can judge for themselves).  Meanwhile the DA would like to hear from members in Walton, Weybridge and Camberley who might be interested in forming new sections.  Contact Keith or Kathleen Parfitt on Guildford 60776.

April / May 1981, p.134 - "Small Ads"

West Surrey DA
200km Randonnee
'Brevet Stonehenge'

Aldershot - STONEHENGE - Aldershot
(Audax U.K. Regs)

Sunday, June 7  (7 am)

S.a.e. Ray Craig, 45 Second Ave, Ravenswing
Park, Aldermaston, Berks RG7 4PU, for entry
form and details.  Entries close May 31.
95% of riders successful in 1980.


June / July 1981, p.183 - "DA News"

West Surrey

Five members went to St Lo in France for the Cider Meet (wish they could write it up for us.  Editor).  On the following weekend 50 celebrated the DA's 53rd birthday with a tea party at Elstead, we learn from Kathleen Parfitt.

June / July 1981, p.187 - "Small Ads"

West Surrey DA
100km Super Grimpeur

Based on Holmbury and Leith Hills
Refreshments - Audax U.K. Regs

Sunday, 26th July, 9.30am

Social Evening Sat 25th,
Tanners Hatch YH

S.A.E.  R. Craig, 45 Second Ave, Ravenswing
Park, Aldermaston, Berks RG7 4PU, for
entry form and details.


August / September 1981, p.208

Encore de Cidre

Encore de Cidre
The large village of Canisy was on our route, approached on a
straight road (D38) passing the chateau in its attractive wooded park.

Traditionally Easter provides the first tour of the year, increasingly it also seems to come up with some lousy weather.  Despite this many took up the invitation from the Cycle Touring Club of St Lo, in Normandy, to join their 'Cider Rally'.  A plaintive note in our last issue 'that we wouldn't mind a write-up' elicited this report from Guardian staff man John Whatmore (who didn't have any pictures) and Ron Healey, who was also there (and did).  So like the man with a thousand left boots we are now able to bring you the following.  Gentlemen, Thank You.

CIDER RALLY? we said.  Cider . . . you mean that they give away drink?  Assured that the French were dispensing it, if not by the barrel at least by the bucket, five West Surrey DA stalwarts (more or less) joined the ferry queue at Dover, heading for St. Lo in Normandy.

There was a work-to-rule under way by emigration men, but they quailed at the thought of poking about in our grubby saddlebags, so we got on first, even ahead of the South Bucks DA.  They had Audrey Hughes, loaded down with camping gear, leading their lot, but we had our 76-year-old president, Bill Inder (two merit medallions) so we felt superior.

It was a stormy crossing and made much more interesting by two of our party, who were feeling seasick, needing to fight off the attentions of a cuddly lady who thought that knobbly knees were sexy.  What might have happened had they not been so indisposed is an interesting thought.

Four hours later we pedalled off on to French concrete at Cherbourg and hammered towards our night stop at Cartaret.  Half way there, the South Bucks caught us - fast bunch that.  Must remember to nobble their bikes, sometime.

Day Two saw us rising neither bright nor early, due to having too much wine the night before.  However, we battled off into a head-wind - only to be passed by the dreaded South Bucks - with frequent stops for coffee.  St. Lo appeared over what passed for a horizon, and there we were, bikes everywhere, solos, tandems, trikes, kiddie seats, Rann trailers.  Bikes on cars, bikes on caravans.  The French seemed to have brought two bikes each - and then a spare.

The Touring Club of St. Lo had its own headquarters - none of your room in a pub nonsense like we poor Brits.  'English this way' said a sign, though it was later altered (perhaps by the Cardiff contingent?) to ''Welsh and English this way'.

Two days of feasting

Then began two days of superbly organised feasting, cycling, and more feasting.  We were provided with dormitories in a local school which was on holiday.  There's no nonsense about segregating the sexes in France, and we found ourselves sharing the dormitory with a dozen French girl cyclists.  Bill, at 76, was noticed to be clutching the bedclothes unusually tightly around his neck next morning, and one girl did tickle my feet as she went past, but apart from that, nothing happened.

After breakfast, with enormous bowls of coffee, we set off on an organised ride, check-in cards at the ready.  We were led away by an official car fitted with a loud-hailer over which, in rapid-fire French, the locals were treated to a full account of who we were and where we were going.  It became a bit like the Tour de France as we sped out of the town, big gears turning.  Our Bill had wisely decided to go for a ride along the canal.

The first checkpoint was in a farmyard where a barrel of cider was waiting - we found that there were others around the course.  It looked like becoming an interesting ride.  Back at base we found a bottle of cider waiting for each of us.  Dinner, on both days, was spectacular.  Course after course arrived, served by French club members who worked at fever-pitch.  We got the impression that any member of that club who failed to do his bit at the weekend would have been something less than popular for the rest of the year.

A barn dance followed with prizes for the British riders who had come the furthest.  There were other prizes too, but we never found out what they were for as our French was too poor.

Goodbye Bill too

With handshakes and hugs all round, we finally said goodbye to our French hosts and set off into a roaring gale and torrential rain back to Cherbourg.  We lost our president in the one-way system of St. Lo, but he has been riding for some years - about 60 actually - so we felt he could find his way, and we hammered on for two hours, got lost and eventually returned to the right road.  After another couple of hours we saw the familiar silhouette of our Bill ahead of us.  Sometimes it pays to go a little slower and choose the right road.

Eventually, we made it back to Cherbourg just in time to buy tickets for the ferry.  Buy tickets?  No way!  The boat was full and it was ticket-holders only, so we watched the South Bucks, who had bought tickets in advance, climb the gangway.  In fact, the scene was reminiscent of the last boat out of Saigon.

We pedalled back into town, booked into a hotel and ordered the biggest dinner available.  We felt better after that.  Next morning, the sun came out and we went for a ride until the boat was due.  But it just wasn't the same without the cider stops.  We'll be back for the next event in two years' time.  Let's hope it's a good year for cider apples.

Encore de Cidre
Most people stopped to take photographs and here is a number of the
group about to leave.  Mrs. Healey is with the yellow tandem.  We stopped
to assist a fellow Anglais who had one of those elusive slow punctures.

August / September 1981, p.236 - "DA News"

West Surrey

Members and friends made up a 70-strong party for a river trip on the Wey from Guildford.  It was followed by an enjoyable supper at the rowing club.  A good time was had by all says Kathleen Parfitt.  Ray Craig organized the 200km Audax Stonehenge ride which drew 48 riders.

October / November 1981, p.281

'In the land of Audax the Grimpeur is King'

Audax penetrated deep into the heart of Surrey recently when West Surrey organized their very own 100km hilly ride under AUK rules.  Chris Jeggo was there with his wife and wrote this report.
Stamping cards
Arthur and Doris Broadhurst (on R) stamping the brevet cards at
the Leith Hill control point - men rode six laps for their 100km.
Stamping cards
The main control (mission control?) on Leith Hill was manned by Arthur
and Doris Broadhurst and by Chris and Lynette Jeggo, seen between the
two nearest cyclists, who are (on L) Claire Swarbrick of W London DA,
the first lady to complete a 'Super Grimpeur', and Ray Craig (on R).

The morning of Sunday, 26th July found the Surrey hills shrouded in mist, but with better weather forecast by the BBC, fifty-seven cyclists assembled at Forest Green to ride 'Your Route to the Stars', the very hilly 62-mile ride organized by Ray Craig.  The route used minor roads, ascending Leith Hill by way of the rather pot-holed Tanhurst Lane (1-in-7), descending to Abinger Common, then climbing Holmbury Hill from Peaslake, to drop down to Forest Green again.  After the initial ascent of Leith Hill, men had to ride six laps, to climb a total of 2300m in their 100km, while ladies and juniors faced four laps, to amass 1600m of climbing in 68km.  The French equipment manufacturer TA sponsored the event, giving away their products to all who completed 100km in 5 hours (or 68km in 3½ hours).  These riders qualified for the Audax UK gold, or the TA, 'Super Grimpeur' medal, while those who adopted a more leisurely pace to finish in 7 (or 4½) hours earned the AUK silver 'Super Grimpeur' medal.

Among those participating was Harold Coleman, vice-chairman of the Council.  He has been known to take part in DA Reliability Rides on a Dursley-Pedersen, but chose a more conventional mount to be sure of completing this event in the shorter time.  Also finishing in 5 hours were John Else, organizer of this year's Birthday Rides, and Rumtin Alipour, an Iranian student who only took up cycling after coming to this country three years ago, and who was riding his first Audax event.  Two entrants obviously thought that the course was not hard enough.  The preceding day, Jim Churton rode a 25m time trial near his Sutton Coldfield home and then cycled to Surrey, while Graham Peddie, warden of Tanners Hatch YH, ran a 40m road race.

Riders reaching the main control atop Leith Hill appreciated the cups of squash which were thrust into their hands as they stopped to have their brevet cards signed, and Chris & Lynette Jeggo did a brisk trade in chocolate bars and bananas.  Doris and Arthur Broadhurst of West Kent also did sterling work at this control, as well as manning a secret control for part of the time.

Did the BBC get it right?  Yes, the sun appeared in mid-afternoon to match the smiles breaking out on the faces of the successful entrants at the finish ordering their medals, which they had well earned.

October / November 1981, p.285 - "DA News"

West Surrey

Attendance was good for the 100m reliability trial in July which followed the same route as last year and attracted several new members, reports Kathleen Parfitt.  She notes that the new clubroom has now been operating for over a year and is well supported.  The next few months will see a programme of talks from such as the secretary of the Rough Stuff Fellowhip and the Surrey Trust for Nature Conservation.  But, it is stressed, the bar and darts are still available and there is a projector on hand for those who might want to show their holiday slides.

Moves are in hand to establish a new section in the Walton and Weybridge area and 'we welcome enquiries from interested members' - contact Keith Parfitt on Guildford 60776.  On a lighter note Mrs Parfitt says that Dave Bolingbroke was last seen heading towards Norway on his trike to link up with honorary DA member Ole Skaane, but he hasn't been seen since.  'Perhaps the trolls have got him.'

1982 - various issues - "DA News"

Clubroom:  Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Rd, Guildford.  Weds monthly.  7.30pm.
Clubroom details:  Keith & Kath Parfitt, Guildford 60776.
Club nights:  Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 17, April 14, May 12, June 9, July 7, Aug 4, Sept 1 & 29, Oct 27, Nov 24, Dec 22
Runs lists (three groups) & Newsletter.  SAE to R. Mantle, 68 Haig Rd, Aldershot.
Sec:  Mrs K. Parfitt, 24 Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford.  Tel. 60776.
March  6    Slide show - Horsell Scout Hut, 7.00pm for 7.15pm, including 'A Cycle Tour of Israel' by our very own John Whatmore of the Guardian.
March  17    Club Night. - 'A high walk in the Pyrenees' by Pete Smith.
April25 50-mile Reliability Ride and Birthday Tea.  R. Mantle, Aldershot 28275.
May9 Speedjudging & Roughstuff competitions.  R. Mantle.
June5 'Ship-Shaped' Sausage Supper on the River Wey at Guildford.  7pm.  Social Sec Gillian Smith, Woking 61294.
June6 'Stonehenge and Back' 200km Reliability Ride.
June27 Sponsored tandem ride.  Gillian Smith, Woking 61294.
July4 100-mile Reliability ride.  H. Coleman, Guildford 66202.
Aug15 West Surrey's Tour of the Hills.  100km 'Grimpeur'.
Sept19 Tourist Trial.
Oct10 Hillclimb & Freewheeling competitions
Nov13 Slide Show & Photographic competition results, Clubroom.
Nov27 Annual Dinner & Social, Cotteridge Hotel, Woking.
Dec19 Christmas tea at Addlestone.
Dec25 Christmas day appetiser run to Horsell Scout Hut.

February / March 1982, p.95 - "DA News"

West Surrey welcomed National Secretary Alan Leng and his wife Judith as guests of honour at their Annual Dinner and Social in November.  The evening was a great success, the only complaint being that it was over too quickly.  To maintain the general bonhomie all three riding groups met up for lunch at Wisborough Green on the Sunday run the following day and were also joined by members from Haslemere, led by Doreen Lindsey.

Another highlight (apart from the AGM) in November was the annual photographic competition held in the convivial atmosphere of the Guildford Rowing Club.  The slides were ably judged by Gordon Appleby and winners of the four categories were Jim Cheatham, Harold Coleman, Russ Mantle and John Whatmore.

An illustrated talk on local nature reserves was given by the Surrey Trust for Nature Conservation at a recent club night and proved to be quite an eye-opener for those of us who cycle on the highways and byways of Surrey but don't often get an opportunity to visit these havens for wildlife and plants that are on our doorsteps.

April / May 1982, p.136 - "DA News"

West Surrey has survived the unaccustomed snow and ice and only two Sunday runs were badly affected by the winter weather.  Rides continue to be well supported and the relatively new Intermediate Group now has a regular following of at least 12 members with a fair sprinkling of lady riders.  The DA is very fortunate in its Sunday tea places and several members have kindly provided refreshments in their homes.

A new venture to be held on August 15 will be "West Surrey's Tour of the Hills" (see the advert in this issue for further details).  It's the brain child of Chris Jeggo and Harold Coleman who assure me that the lucky participants will never climb the same hill twice!  We were all very sorry to learn of Russ Mantle's recent accident and hope that he will soon be back on the bike.

April / May 1982, p.142 - "Small Ads"

Weybridge Wheelers Cycling Club
200km Randonnee
Aldershot - STONEHENGE - Aldershot
and 100km "Populaire"
Aldershot - ALRESFORD - Aldershot
SUNDAY June 6th

T.A. AUK "Super Grimpeur" 100km
Leith Hill Circuit
Sunday July 18th

All under Audax U.K. Regs.

S.A.E.  Ray Craig, 45 Second Avenue,
Ravenswing Park, Aldermaston, Berks
RG7 4PU for details and entry forms.

Sunday, 15th August, 1982
"Tour of the Hills"

100 km "Grimpeur" (Audax UK regs)
The North Downs, Leith Hill, etc ...
Never climb the same lane twice!
For details send s.a.e. to:
Chris Jeggo, 4 Carlyon Close,
Mytchett, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 6JQ.

Entry:  75p + s.a.e. by 1st August

June / July 1982, p.154 - "Small Ads"

Sunday, 15th August, 1982
"Tour of the Hills"

100 km "Grimpeur" (Audax UK regs)
A scenic ride through the lanes and over
the hills of Surrey - thirteen different climbs
totalling over 5,000 ft.  For details send s.a.e.
Chris Jeggo, 4 Carlyon Close,
Mytchett, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 6JQ.
Entry:  75p + s.a.e. by 1st August

June / July 1982, p.193 - "DA News"

Efforts to encourage relatively new members to ride with the DA have recently been made and we are grateful to several volunteers who gave up their spare time to deliver many runs lists and information sheets.  We look forward to seeing some new faces on our Sunday rides and other events.

The clubroom is still proving popular and we have been entertained and educated recently by Peter Smith with an illustrated talk on walking the Pyrenees, by Jim Cheatham with slides on the River Thames from source (or nearly!) to sea, and by Harold Coleman who, at the request of several members, outlined the work of the CTC Council.

August / September 1982, p.239 - "DA News"

DA events including our 50-mile reliability ride, with more than 50 taking part, and roughstuff and speedjudging competitions have been very well supported and a large contingent rode the Audax 200km Stonehenge-Aldershot event.  Members also took advantage of half-price rail travel in May when there was a mass exodus to the Isle of Wight.

The River Wey once again provided the setting for our Midsummer Social and on a beautiful June evening a sausage supper afloat was enjoyed by 60 members and friends and the evening rounded off at our riverside clubroom.

Doreen Lindsey is keen to start a Haslemere Section and anyone interested should contact her on Haslemere 2090.  Starting in September the Intermediate group hopes to organise monthly Sunday rides based on both the Farnham and Walton and Weybridge areas of the DA - if you are interested please contact Keith Parfitt (Guildford 60776) or Dave Butler (Guildford 810356) for further details.

October / November 1982, p.293 - "DA News"

A sponsored tandem ride organised by social secretary Gill Smith proved most successful and raised over £600 for the White Lodge Centre for Spastic Children at Chertsey.  The following Sunday 20 members took part in a rather more strenuous event - the DA's 100-mile reliability ride.

The Intermediate group continues to flourish and has visited several places of interest on recent Sundays including the Watercress Line at Alresford, Hants, when members plus bikes took a ride on a 'real' train, and the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton in the lovely Sussex countryside.

Moves are afoot to launch a programme of Sunday morning rides.  Anyone interested should contact Keith Parfitt (Guildford 60776).  Don't forget to enter your slides and prints in the 1982 Photographic Competition - entries to be with Russ Mantle by October 24th.

December 1982 / January 1983, p.35 - "DA News"

This has been a good year for West Surrey and there have been record numbers on Sunday rides and participating in competitive events.  The year ended on a high note with hillclimb and freewheeling competitions, won respectively by Graham Barnes and Peter Heenan.  The Tourist Trial was revived this year and attracted a large entry;  Les Moss was the proud winner of the Bernard Howell Memorial Trophy.  Overall winner of the Benstead Cup competition was Graham Richardson, with Harold Coleman runner-up and Clive Paxman third.

A West Surrey contingent enjoyed a weekend's cycling in France with the Audax Club Boulonnais, and Michael Jeggo 'walked off' with the cup for the youngest participant in an Audax ride.  The following weekend, 23 riders took a train to Brockenhurst and spent a day cycling in the New Forest.  The DA stand at the two-day Guildford Town Show proved most successful and a 'Guess the Mileage' competition attracted attention as well as raising funds.

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