"The West Surrey Cyclist" - Autumn 1990

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Front cover - same as Issue 1
Editorial - by Ian Parker
DA Committee 1989/90
Secretary's Notes
News and Notes
Events Programme (Runs List, October-December)
Swaledale and the mountain bikes - by Marguerite Statham
Marshalling for the Stonehenge Ride - by Marguerite Statham
Back cover - advertisement - Get On Your Bike

Selected items transcribed from the original printed copy:


Well here you are :  the inevitable has happened.  This magazine is a thin one due too the lack of article's from the members.  If you do not want a magazine you're going the right way.  But it will save a lot of work and hassle if you just said so .

I suggest you read the article about the 'Secretarys Notes ' because as it states I need to ease my workload next year - on the cycling side - to spend more time on other things and so I've decided that I will resign my posistion as EDITOR of this magazine.  I will continue for the time being as event's organiser , because now that the events have been stabilised and set and because a few other willing people organise some of the events the workload as far as the events are concerned should be a lot easier in 1991 .  So if you wish this magazine too continue someone had better offer to be EDITOR .  (I will see the next issue out but that will be it ).

On a lighter vain, you may or may not be pleased to know that WEST SURREY D.A. will be well represented in the D.A.T.C. competition results this year ;  with possibly two or three people being placed in the top 20 in the individual competition and the club itself hopefully finishing in the top three of the club competition ;  watch this magazine , as hopefully I'll be able to report some good news in the next magazine.  Also with the A.G.M. coming up we need some nominations for the 'Wooden Crank ', we have a couple of possibles but the more the better.


DA COMMITTEE 1989/1990

One change this quarter:

Woking Wayfarers:  Mr. David Pinkess, tel. 0483 724093

Secretary's Notes

Annual General Meeting

The DA's AGM will take place at 5pm on Sunday 18th November 1990 at St.Augustine's Church Hall, Albert Road, Addlestone.  The meeting is open to all current CTC members.

The Agenda will be as follows:

  1. To read the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To elect a Chairman for the meeting.
  3. Apologies for absence.
  4. To read and confirm the minutes of the 1989 A.G.M.
  5. To receive and adopt the Annual Report.
  6. To receive and adopt the Annual Accounts.
  7. To elect the officers and committee for 1990-91:

  8. a) President
    b) Secretary
    c) Treasurer
    d) Runs Secretary
    e) To decide the number of and elect other Committee Members
  9. To elect other positions:

  10. a) Vice Presidents
    b) Auditor
    c) Map Librarian
  11. To consider motions.
  12. Any Other Business.

Members may be nominated for election either in writing in advance or verbally at the meeting.  In either case, a proposer and a seconder are required.  There is an important difference however.  If sufficient nominations are received in advance for any particular election, then nominations are not sought from the floor of the meeting.  So, if you want to nominate someone, or be nominated, fill in the form elsewhere in this issue and make sure it reaches me by Sunday 11th November.  You do not have to use the printed form - any piece of paper which conveys the essential information is acceptable.

The Committee positions which are the subject of elections are President, Secretary, Treasurer, Runs Secretary and Committee Member.  The number of these latter non-specific Committee Members is decided at the AGM.  We do not elect a DA Chairman at the AGM - rather, the committee elects one of its members to chair Committee meetings during the year.  Neither does the AGM elect an Events Co-Ordinator, nor a Publicity Officer, nor any other specialist.  It has been customary in recent years for the Committee to allot such responsibilities for the year amongst its members, but it does not have to be done that way.  That is something for each year's Committee to decide.  It also happens quite often that we have people who help to run the DA or its activities on a regular basis who are not members of the Committee.

Don't be Shy

Why am I telling you all this?  It must be fairly obvious by now.  I want nominations, lots of nominations for this year's elections.  Marguerite and I are not standing for re-election, and there may be others.  Ian wants to take on less next year.  If nobody new comes forward to fill these gaps, then some DA activities will have to be abandoned, for lack of effort.  That would be a great pity.  It can be a long, painful process building them up again if they are allowed to lapse.

There is more to it than that however.  Although parts of the DA are thriving, the overall picture is one of a gentle but steady decline ever the last few years, in contrast to the fortunes of the CTC as a whole.  Perhaps we are not keeping up with the times.  No doubt there are other reasons.  One thing is certain.  We need new people with new ideas and new enthusiasm.  Those are the main requirements, together with common sense and commitment.  All of the jobs are within the capabilities of most people.

The DA and its activities can only be run by the people who take part in them.  No-one else is going to do it.  We have to find our volunteers from amongst ourselves, or else dissolve.  So, if you are willing and able to do your bit, don't be shy, send me your nomination.  If you would like to know more about what is involved, ask any Committee member, or if you are worried about treading on someone's toes, then why not discuss it with Marguerite or me, because you won't be treading on ours.  Finally, if you would like to do something, but can't stand committee meetings, please let me know.  We'll be delighted to hear from you.


Motions for discussion at the AGM must be submitted to me in writing by Sunday 11th November and require a proposer and seconder.  They cannot be accepted from the floor.  Members may raise matters informally during 'Any Other Business' at the end of the meeting, but if the formal agenda is long, there may be little time for this, so it is better to submit a formal motion.  Don't be put off by the word 'formal'.  It merely means that the business is conducted along the lines laid down in CTC rules for DA AGM's.  In practice we conduct the meetings as informally as possible within these guidelines.

The DA Committee, at its most recent meeting, agreed to a number of motions which will appear on the Agenda.  Two straightforward ones are:

The next two motions are prompted by the Committee's feeling that changes are necessary to reverse the decline mentioned earlier, and that such changes need to be proposed by, or at least be fully backed by the membership as a whole.  There have been informal discussions at past AGM's but in the absence of a formal motion, such discussions have often been inconclusive.  The motions are: These motions are deliberately too vague to be worth passing as they stand.  They are meant to be amended, which can be done from the floor of the meeting, unlike the proposing of motions.  The Committee hopes that a concensus will emerge from the discussions in these areas, and that these motions will be amended accordingly and voted on.  Alternatively, further motions on these subjects are welcomed.

Finally, I shall propose:

Your Committee will serve you better, the more clearly it knows your views, so come to the AGM and let us hear them.  It is not the only time and place to do so - but it is a very good one.

See you there,




David Pinkess has now taken over the Woking Wayfarers .  If you have any queries contact him on 0483 724093

Editors Note:-  I would like to thank Marguerite for all the hard work she has put into gettng the Woking Wayfarers established and would like to thank David for taking over this thankless task .  I hope members will support him as they have Marguerite.


This lunch, scheduled for October 14th, has been abandoned for this year as no-one was willing to book a venue.


Marguerite will not be organising this weekend (June 6-9th).  If anyone else is willing to book the accomadation , Marguerite will then possibly be willing to help lead the rides.

Swaledale and the mountain bikes

With the car loaded (what bliss not to have to squeeze everything into panniers) and the mountain bikes on the back, Harry and I set off up the M25 and the A1 to Yorkshire to visit my mother who lives in Grassington, nine miles south of Skipton.

On arrival we unloaded the bikes and put them in a friend's garage until the next morning when we put them back on the car!

We stopped for lunch in a C.T.C. listed pub in Horseshoe and were made to feel very welcome by the landlord, who hires out mountain bikes and route sheets as well as doing B & B.  When we found out what was to be our B & B in Reeth in Swaledale we were told that we had been put in the annex as the Old Temperance was fully booked.  As it transpired we were highly delighted with our new accommodation.  The Old Smithy in Grinton is also C.T.C. listed and Lucy, who is now 79, used to be a C.T.C member and rode tandem with her husband.  We were made very welcome and every time we walked in the front door we were asked if we would like a cup of tea with biscuits;  as well as the cups of tea before breakfast and late at night.  All for 8.00 each.  We shall certainly return.  On Saturday night we really felt that we ought to ride the bikes that we had carried around for two days, so we rode the mile to meet Michael and Diane, who were to be our guides for the weekend.  Eventually the bikes were assembled and we set off up a vicious hill to some old lead mines opposite Hall Farm at Hurst, where we took to our first rough stuff.  The rain was wet and the weather so misty that we couldn't see any of the views so I asked Michael for a description of what we were missing!!  We almost got blown off a 600ft cliff before descending to Langthwaite, where we had a second lunch (having had a wet picnic earlier) and a "blow dry" under the heaters in the bathroom!

Feeling much better, particularly as the rain had stopped, we remounted our bikes and cycled over the hump-back bridge that can he seen in "All creatures great and small".

As we turned onto a bridleway across the moors we could look across the valley and see the "mountains" on the other side where we had been a couple of hours earlier and could hardly believe what we had achieved.  We carried on struggling up and bumping down various tracks until we reached Healaugh where we turned left and so back to Reeth for a cream cake tea - and a shower before joining our hosts at the Old Temperance for our evening meal after which Harry and I went for a drive on the Leyburn road.  As we sat gazing at the superb views all around I vowed to return one day on my tourer.  Sunday dawned a little brighter and once again we left Reeth by climbing a hill before encountering some rough stuff.  We were told that, part way down a steep hill, we would be turning right down a track leading to the now disused Old Grange Smelting Mills.  Harry bombed away in front and although Michael bellowed twice we really thought that Harry had missed the turning and we might never see him again!

After a bit of back-tracking in the mist we met a couple of walkers who were completely lost so Michael pointed them in the right direction before we descended into Gunnerside for a picnic lunch followed by "pudding" and a drink in the pub.  We then followed slightly more level tracks towards Low White where we picked up the Yorkshire Dales Cycle way before crossing a suspension bridge - on the condition no one rocked it while I was half way across - which took us back to Reeth for more tea and cake.

We then said our "good-byes" and thankfully put the bikes back on the car and returned to Grassington remarking that this really was an excellent way to take bikes up a hill.

In spite of the rain and mist it was an excellent weekend where I was taught a new ( to me ) technique for travelling downhill on the ATB.  Harry fell off the bike four times and I ended up with a buckled wheel.

However, one day we shall probably return for more ----!

Marguerite Statham

Marshalling for the Stonehenge Ride

5.45am I get up to make a cup of tea
6.25am Downstairs for breakfast and to get things together - like maps, cassettes and picnic.
7.20am Out with dog.
8.00am Off in my luxury machine, with automatic drive, radio cassette and sun roof.
9.30am Get to Little Chef just east of Andover.  Switched off radio.
10.15am Arrived at my "secret" control point.  Put Cliff Richard in the tape slot and study maps to see how to get from Woking to Gillian's place at Alverston.
10.40am Maps away;  Book out - "Round Ireland in low gear".  Cliff still singing away.
11.05am Chris and Colin plus 3 others arrive.  I watch them wobble and apply brakes as they see my notice.
11.18am 1 other arrives.
11.25am Then 1 more - Cliff still singing.
11.27am 3 more stop.
11.28am Bored with reading.  Cliff now red hot so I turn him off and start writing ATB article for next mag.
11.42am Roger, Ann and Paul turn up and then its back to writing.
11.45am 3 others make it.
12.07pm Peter and Barry heave to.
12.40pm Finish article so put a cooler Cliff back on.
12.41pm Hungry, so out with picnic lunch and start writing this account.
1.09pm Only 3 minutes left before I can officially leave my secret control.  Must find a hedge....!
1.18pm Found a hedge but didn't see the stinging nettles.
1.19pm I'm off to watch Ireland play Egypt.  World Cup football of course.
2.40pm Cup of tea with Helen.
3.45pm Home - 15 minutes to football.
6.47pm Another goaless draw!!


Marguerite Statham

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