"The West Surrey Cyclist" - Winter 1990-91

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Front cover - same as Issue 1
Editorial - by Ian Parker
DA Committee 1990/91
Annual Report 1989-90
A Tale of Two Days! - by Ian Parker
Surrey Wildlife Trust appeal
The State of the DAs - Review of the DA Reports for 1989/90 - by Keith Matthews, CTC Councillor
Events Programme (Runs List, January-March)
Woking to Lyme Regis and Back in Five Days - by David Nightingale
Letter to the Editor - from David Pinkess
Tricyclathon - by Geoff Davis
DATC Competition Report - by Ian Parker
Union des Brevets Internationaux Calendar of Events 1991
Back cover - advertisement - Get On Your Bike

Selected items transcribed from the original printed copy:


Well here you are my last offering as magazine editor , I hope you enjoy this edition .  I cant say its been easy over the last year , having to rely on the few stalwarts that the club has , to supply articles for the magazine ,all the time .  I hope that David is going to find it a little easier to get material .  All of you can help its not that difficult to write a little article for the mag. , you can write about all manner of things , the tour you did in 1910 , the 1000km reliabilty trial in 1952 , the club run in 1966 , anything.  So come on get pen too paper and get writing , it doesn't matter if you can't spell , we can always correct your draft .

Another matter that springs to mind , which I'm sure a lot of you will have heard about and have on your minds is the accident Chris and Colin had on the way too Newlands Corner after Christmas lunch .  I'm glad to report both Chris and Colin and well on the way to recovery and will be out soon.  I've heard a few mumbles on the grapevine that some of you seem to be concerned with the bad publicity that this accident might have on the club , but this is a load of cobblers , riding two abreast as some of us do ( I'll include myself here - because I won't deny that I have done this ) and the way some of the racing/time trialling fraternity seem to think traffic lights don't apply to them , has a potentially more damaging publicity effect on cycling as a whole ;  than ever Chris and Colin's accident may have had .  So lets get this accident into perspective , and although it was a bad accident , I'm sure Chris and Colin will ; as we all should ; put it down to experiance .

As I stated in the last editorial the club was well represented in the results table of the D.A.T.C competition ( a fuller report appears further on ) and I feel a big thankyou and congratulations is in order to the seven people who feature in the results shown.

Lastly but not least , I would like to thank all the people who have helped me over the last year with this magazine , without whose help it probarbly wouldn't have appeared and I would like to take this opportunity to thank David for taking over as Editor and to wish him all the best with a thankless task.


DA COMMITTEE 1990/1991

President Mr. Bill Inder, 33 High Street, Horsell, Woking Tel. 0483 772074
Chairman Mr. David Pinkess, 17 Hawkswell Walk, Goldsworth Park, Woking, Surrey. Tel. 0483 724093
Secretary Mrs. Helen Pinkess, address as above.
Treasurer Mr. Roger Philo, Hunters Moon, Cumberland Ave., Guildford  GU2 6YH Tel. 0483 233381
Runs Secretary Mr. Alan Darling, 104 Fleming Close, Farnborough  GU14 8BT Tel. 0252 524549
Events Mr. Ian Parker, 30 Bishops Way, Egham  TW20 8EW Tel. 0784 462246
Publicity Mr. Colin Harris, 49 Wildfield Close, Wood Street, Guildford Tel. 0483 234086
Hardriders Mr. Russ Mantle Tel. 0252 28275
Woking Wayfarers Mr. David Pinkess Tel. 0483 724093
Intermediates Mr. Roger Philo Tel. 0483 233381
Guildford Wayfarers Mr. David Whittle, 30 Sycamore Road, Guildford Tel. 0483 576067
Councillor/Librarian Mr. Keith Parfitt, 24 Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford Tel. 0483 60776

Magazine Mr. David Nightingale, 11 Waverley Court, Woking, GU22 7XJ 0483 725674

West Surrey District Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club


1990 has been another active year for the DA, inasmuch as the number of rides, events etc. has been maintained, but the decline in the number of participants continues.  Sunday rides are our main activity, and the following figures are illuminating.  (The figures for 1985-6 are representative of fairly steady attendances over the period 1981-6.)

1989-90 1988-9 1987-8 1986-7 1985-6
Averages for:
  Riders out for some or all of day
  Riders out all day
  Riders at tea

Total number of people who have joined at least one Sunday run during year

DA Membership

The Hardriders and Intermediate Group are both numerically weak.  The Hardriders have suffered from the lack of a regular leader:  DIY runs are not to everyone's liking!  This has caused a slight problem for the Intermediate Group, which has had to try to cater for too wide a range of rider ability, from those who want to go only a little faster than the Wayfarers to those who ought to join the Hardriders but who are unwilling to do so because of the very real risk that they will be the only ones to turn up.  The Intermediates have nevertheless increased in numbers slightly over the year, and it looks as if the present experiment of combining the two groups is having some success.  The combined group can agree to split between refreshment stops into a slow group and a fast group following different routes.

The Woking Wayfarers have been very successful in attracting large numbers of people out for a leisurely morning ride (typically 20 at elevenses), but most then go home for lunch, leaving only 3 people, on average, to ride together for the rest of the day.

The Guildford Wayfarers consist essentially of two families who continue to enjoy monthly informal rides in each other's company.  Their numbers were swelled by the birth of Amy Juden in November.

The Midweek Wayfarers, organised by George Alesbury, have continued to attract an average of 6 or 7 riders.  All regular attenders take their turn at leading runs.  Five most enjoyable train-assisted runs were held.  Of these the one to Brockenhurst, visiting Beaulieu, was outstandingly memorable.  Particular thanks are due to Marguerite Statham for organising it, and also the Thames boat trip.

The Mountain Bike Group has continued to meet once a month.  An average of five Thursday Nighters have continued to frequent pubs in the Woking area, with Ken Howell winning the attendance trophy.  Informal Tuesday evening runs starting in Godalming have once again been held through the summer.

Benstead Cup

The Attendance Competition was again won by Roger Philo with 143 points, with Helen and David Pinkess tying (surprise!) for second place with 124 points, and Geoff Smith coming fourth with 122 points.

This year the 50-mile ride, organised by Roger Philo, reverted to a morning event, with a new route following 35 of the most popular miles of the "traditional" '50' route which we used up to 1988, but in the reverse direction, making a delightful change for the 22 riders who took part.  Ian Parker's 100-mile ride, following a similar route to last year's, attracted 14 entrants.

Our two Audax UK rides had lower entries because for some reason the details failed to appear in AUK's calendar of events at the beginning of the year.  Chris Juden's "Stonehenge and back" 200km attracted 18 entrants, with a new ceramic medal offered to successful finishers.  Ian Parker's "Tour of the Hills" 100km 'Grimpeur' attracted 39 entries and 32 starters of whom 29 finished within the 7 hours.

The map-reading competition, organised by Roger Philo, attracted only five entries, and was won by Peter Bonson of Reading DA.

The Tricyclathon, organised by Ian Parker, was won by Chris Avery, with Philip Hampton second and Bernard Daws third.  Chris won both the hill-climb and the pace-judging parts of the competition, and Bernard Daws won the free-wheeling.

The Benstead Cup was won by Chris Avery, with Colin Harris second and Ian Parker third.  At the AGM it was questioned whether the scoring system had been correctly applied to the results of the Attendance Competition, so that the winner of the Ladies' Shield is in question.  The Committee will decide whether this should be Ann Daws or Helen Pinkess.

District Associations' Tourist Competition (DATC)

All the above Benstead Cup events were DATC events.  Enough members have taken this seriously this year to obtain 596 points and second place in the team competition, which was won by North Yorkshire DA with 631 points.  The people who contributed to this extremely good result were

Roger Philo  . .  104 Ann Daws  . . 103
Bern Daws  . .  103 Chris Avery  . .  99
Phil Hampton  . .  94 Ian Parker  . .  93
Colin Harris  . .  89

Tours have taken place on the Isle of Wight (3), visiting Gillian and Hamish Smith at Alveston (Avon) (2), in Dorset, in Wiltshire, and to the Easter meet at St. Lo in Normandy.

Charity Rides

The DA organised a Woking-Worthing-Woking sponsored ride to raise money for a new lightweight wheel chair for David Statham.  Over £600 was raised, roughly half the cost, which made it easier to obtain the rest of the money from other sources.  The ride finished at "The Paddocks", where other DA members joined the riders at a sausage supper.

Some members took part in the Woking "Bikeathon", two as "Dr. Bikes".

Clubroom and Social Events

The Clubroom has now been running for 10 years, thanks to Keith Parfitt.  Rory Fenner has acted as deputy barman.  The varied programme including slide shows, an informal photographic competition, a Christmas Social and a summer barbecue has continued.

A successful Christmas Lunch was held at "The Paddocks".


Keith Parfitt has been involved in Guildford's traffic calming in Park Barn, Chris Juden, Sue Hall and Chris Meeks have sought better facilities for cyclists in connection with the Godalming centre relief road, Colin Kent and others have looked after cyclists' interests in the Farnham area, and Chris Jeggo has raised a number of points with Surrey Heath and Runnymede Borough Councils.  Three members attended the CTC Rights Conference in Reading.  Representatives on Road Safety Committees are

Guildford Keith Parfitt
Woking Bill Inder
Waverley Chris Juden
Surrey Heath Chris Jeggo

Participation in National Events

DA members have participated in the DA Secretaries' Conference, the National Dinner at Cheltenham, the London and South-East DAs' Conference, the Home Counties Rally, the Birthday Rides, BCTC heats, the National 400km Randonnee, and the London-Brighton and London-Oxford charity rides.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Keith Parfitt has been the DA's representative for cycling aspects of the Award scheme, and Chris and Helen Juden have helped some aspirants with instruction in expedition planning and cycle repair and maintenance.


Your Committee has met eight times in members' homes during the year.  Its members were as follows:
Hon. President Bill Inder (Thursday Nighters)
Hon. Secretary Chris Jeggo
Hon. Treasurer Roger Philo (Intermediates, Minutes Secretary, Assistant Runs Secretary)
Hon. Runs Secretary Russ Mantle (Hardriders)
Committee Member Colin Harris (Publicity)
Committee Member Keith Parfitt (Clubroom, Librarian, Councillor)
Committee Member Ian Parker (Events coordinator, Magazine Editor)
Committee Member Marguerite Statham (Chair, Woking Wayfarers)

As approved at the AGM,
18 November 1990
Chris Jeggo, DA Secretary


As some of you may be aware some of us in the club took an active part in the D.A.T.C. competition this year (a fuller account appears elsewhere).  This is a tale of two of these events one weekend in September.


I awoke bleary eyed , the alarm bringing me back from the desert island that I was shareing with Madonna , but that is another story.  It was six a.m. and Chris , Roger and I were going down to 'The New Forest' too take part in Southampton D.A.'s 'New Forest Tracks' roughstuff event.  I had aquired a van from work and so was going too pick up Chris and Roger and go on down to the event.  As usual I rushed around like a lunatic ;(I really must try to organise myself a bit better , I'd save hours , one of these days); but soon it was time that I departed to pick up the others.  We were soon all aboard and on our way.

We arrived at our destination with not another cyclist in sight.  "Where is everyone ?" I said .  "Probably gone!" came the reply.  " What I thought it was a 10 am start ?"  "No , a 9.30am start !" came the reply in unison.  Chris and I pulled the bikes out of the van , whilst Roger went to book us in , but the organiser had seen us pull up and she came out to meet us.  We were handed our cards ( it being an AUDAX event ) and was kindly lent a booklet on The New Forest , that showed the tracks that we were to use in greater detail.  We were soon departing and after a mile we left the tarmac onto our first track .  We made good progress ( I had taken the precaution to go too the New forest a couple of weeks earlier to cycle over the route ) and the tracks were easy - Yes they were, Roger - and after alternating tracks and tarmac we came into the outskirts of Lyndhurst , where the first control was.  Earlier Chris had expressed his dismay in not getting too the start on time , because he had hoped he might be able too cycle with Bernard and Ann , who were also taking part in the event.  I had tryed to consol him by saying I thought we might be able to catch them as I thought they wouldn't be travelling all that fast .  It had been rumoured that they might be borrowing Marguerite's and Harry's Mountain Bikes , and I thought that they wouldn't be able to go quite as fast on them as there road bike's.  Chris was highly delighted therefore as we rounded the turn just before the control to spy Bern and Ann , and showed his delight by wizzing to the control and trying a rear wheel skid , which he overdid , and so promptly fell off , to the obvious delight of everyone .  Bernard ,Ann and Roger Chambers who was cycling with them, departed the control a few minutes in front of us them and cycle with them , I told him we would follow behind and would meet them at the next control , which was at a pub where we could have a short break and have a quick snack .  Chris sped of with Roger and I following, but Bern and Ann where not travelling at there normal pace ;  Ann was indeed on Marguerite's MTB ; and although Chris did join up with them about a mile up the road , Roger and I caught up to them after about another mile , just before we left the tarmac for another track.  We rode together as a group for the rest of the day , having lunch at the next control .  We alternated tracks and tarmac for the rest of the event .  The course taking us through Brockenhurst and Burley , past the Canadien War Memorial and through quiet little hamlets.  We also managed to get 3 punpunctures within a mile.  Alas we were soon into the home straight with Roger getting his second wind and leading the rest in as though we had only done a couple of miles.  We pulled up outside the organiser's cttage and parked our bikes and went around the back to hand our cards in to be offered steaming cups of tea and Bolognaise , they even had a veggie Bolognaise for veggies like our Roger.  Afterwards we were offred plates of trifle, very civilised I thought.  We all ate our fill and bade our fairwells & thanks to our hosts.  We stood outside, and after loading our bikes , we had a chat and all agreed it had been a good day in pleasant surroundings , and with amiable company and that we would come back again if held next year.


7am saw me back around Chris's and as I got out of the van to go and get Chris and Colin I was greeted by an almighty clap of thunder .  It had been raining , a rare event this year , and as I strolled up to Chris's I thought we might have a wet and muddy ride in front of us later on.  It took us about two hours to get down too Dorchester and the start of Wessex D.A.'s 'Dorset Dirt' roughstuff event.  But thankfully the weather was clearing from the West and it was a lot brighter as we got our bike's out of the van.  We went and found the organiser and got our Brevet cards (this being another AUDAX ride) .  We filled in the 15 minutes to the start having a cuppa and giving the bikes a final check over.  10a.m. saw us and 39 other eager competitors departing from the car park , we left behind about 12 other riders .  We sped of on the first part of the course , which was on road .This continued for about a mile , and in this distance we had pulled up to be in the first five.  The first track was gently uphill along a overgrown rutted track , where Chris and Colin managed to get too the front .We crested the hill and I hesitated here just to check my route sheet , but no such thing for Chris and COlin , they had pulled in front off me by about a 100yds by the top and had gone flying of down the other side .  I followed down the track, struggling to avoid the big flints lying about and in the process lost my water bottle .  I soon caught the other two up though as they stopped to check there route sheets and we continued , being caught in the ascent of the next hill by about 6 other riders.  At a turn at the top off the hill I had to stop as my boot lace had caught in the chainset and as I freed it I was passed by 3 or 4 other riders who chased of in Chris and Colins wake.  This was unfortunate for them though really because about 3/4 mile further on we had to turn right onto another track and the 6 or 7 riders in front of me ,including Chris and Colin went flying past this turn, they did say though later that they did have a nice downhill run for there troubles .  At this turn I was with 4 other riders, but two stopped here , one having a puncture and the other being the mechanic.  The two off us left sped down another nice downhill missing our turn in the process , nesitating us too backtrack .  We arrived at the first control and we handed our cards to the marshal I enquired if anyone else had been through to be told "No" , great I thought , I'm in the lead , whoopee .  I pressed on soon leaving the other fella behind and pushed onto the next control as fast as my legs could go .  Stupid though really because as I handed the marshall my card he informed me I was 15 mins. early and I would have too wait for the official control opening time before I could proceed .  As I patiently waited for the off , I was rejoined by Chris and Colin and about 10 others.  We all got our cards together and the three of us sped off ,hotly pursued by two teenagers , who were to stay with us for the rest of the day apart from a short time when the three of us got lost and couldn't decide which way to go.  The five of us even managed to get a drink in at a pub about a mile from the fourth control .This was really great as when we had arrived at the control we had 35 minutes before the opening time so we went and had our drink and arrived back at the control too find about 15 other riders there , waiting for the return of there brevet's .  We handed ours in last but got them back first , great !  It was just past here where we managed to get lost .  But we rejoined the other riders at the last control as they rested weary legs waiting for there cards .  This control was on top of the downs between Weymouth and Dorchester and we had a marvellous , but windy veiw down over Weymouth and the sea.  We left this control enmass , having a laugh and a joke with the other riders as we crossed the fields and tracks on route.  As we came of the last track with about three miles to run into Dorchester on road , Chris , Colin and I had managed to get work our way into the first 6 , after about 2 miles 2 of us fell away from the leading group leaving Chris and Colin to uphold club honour and get back to the finish in the top 3 .  ( I've got a feeling they were 3rd and 4th ) I came in 5th, not bad out of 42 , and us being old men ?

As I handed my brevet in Chris took the vans keys off me and ran across too the van eager to get the bikes away as there was about 15 minutes to closing time , and Chris and Colin never turn the opportunity of a quick drink!  We shut the van and did a quick march to a pub about three hundred yards from the car park , Chris getting in 1st, but as I got there they were back out and off up the road at a brisk pace , I gave up and went back too the car park , and the open cafe there to have a cuppa .  25 minutes later and they rejoined me at the cafe and we set off for home.  I dropped Chris and Colin at Chris's about 6 pm and they went back to my works to drop of the van .  I got home at about 7.20 pm , very tired but elated and happy.

So there you are two roughstuff events in September , both with differing rides and character in two beautiful parts of the country .  The 2nd being quite a bit harder than the 1st , but neither were to difficult .I had gained 20 points towards the D.A.T.C. competition , I'm not sure what Bernard , Ann , Roger , Chris and Colin scored , or what they had thought about the events although I get the impression they enjoyed them .  I shall certainly endeavour to take part in 1991 if they are in the D.A.T.C. competition .


Woking to Lyme Regis and back in five days.

First here is the News Summary :

In September I undertook a tour of Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Devon.  This covered four days of riding and one of rest.  The stages of the 305.2 miles where as follows:
Woking - Cotterell House - Salisbury  80.8 miles 6h 49' 
Salisbury - Lyme Regis  76.8 miles 7h 40'
Lyme Regis - Godshill ( New Forest )  69.2 miles 7h 15'
Godshill - Woking 78.4 miles 7h 10'

OS maps 183,184,185,186,193,194,& 195

Please read on if you are interested in the route, although I have full details the more local part of the route has been omitted.  Futher details please ask, and should anyone wish to come on a similar tour next year please let me know.  ( Train and car assistance strictly prohibited ).

The Tour    (185) = change to this map.
Abbreviations FR/FL First Right / Left 
RT/ LT Right / Left Turn 
RF/ LF Right / Left Fork 
CR Cross Roads 
PH Public House

My first task was to visit Cotterell House to buy a few provisions.  I then aimed for Long Sutton via Farnham.  I had left CTC HQ at 13.00 and arrived to late for a pub lunch so in the PH car park I consumed some Strawberry flavoured soya milk, yumee !  From LS I crossed the A32 and followed the road around through Bidden and Upton Grey south west crossing the A339 to Bagmore (185) following the signs to Preston Candover.  The B3046 to Northington is very pleasant, and not to busy.  Taking the RT here and on up the hill to the CR, where I took the road to East Stratton.  On reaching this village FL through to the old A33 which I followed south, then FR to Micheldever, a very nice village.  Keeping straight on under the railway bridge to Sutton Scotney, a scenic ride.  I then took the A30 through Stockbridge and onto Salisbury (184).  I had a race with a tractor keeping ahead at 20mph until a hill, where it had the advantage.  The A30 becomes a giant roller coaster as you approach Salisbury.  I stayed at Mrs G M Spiller's B&B, Nuholme, Ashfeild Rd. SP2 7EW. 0722 336592.  This is just past a closed pub on the right , and a hospital on the left, on the A30/A36.  Coming in on the A30, you need to take A36 dual carriageway west.  The accomadation was nice, no cycle cover.

Tuesday  I left around 9.00 for Lyme Regis, on the A30 just over the railway bridge taking the immediate LT into Bemerton and Quidhampton, along by the River Nadder.  South on the A3094 and at the first corner, straight on to the race course and down into Sratford Tony.  I followed this beautifull valley route through to Berwick St John.  From here I jouneyed north west to the A30 and Ludwell.  There is a nice Post Office/Store which was ideal for restocking fruit juices and bananas.  The A30 to Shaftesbury (183) and then down hill on the B3091 to Sturminster Newton (194).  The A357, A3030, B3143, B3146 then second left on this road across to the A352, and south west up the hill, the lowest gear for this one !  The road was quiet as part was closed further on and a diversion in force, this did not affect the part I needed.  Taking the second right at Dogbury Gate, up the wooded hillside to Telegraph Hill (Trees needed watering).  From here I followed the road around Batcombe Hill, some splendid views.  Crossing the A37 ( avoiding the attentions of two hitch hikers) and on to Evershot to eventually crossing the A356 onto the B3163 through Beaminster and at Broadwindsor (193) taking the B3164 to Birdsmoorgate.  Nice views, and south onto the B3165.  This road takes you to the A3070 and down into Lyme Regis via Devon.  LT at white 3 story flats into Woodmead Rd. to Brier Lodge and Mrs Applebee, 02974 5169.  This was a nice B&B for two nights with a well appointed room, my bike had a room as well !  There is plenty of History in Lyme Regis, the meuseum is well worth visiting.  I went for a cliff walk on Wednesday.  Dorset has plenty of hills !

Thursday I decided to take the coast road out, A3052, A35T to Bothenhampton and onto the B3157 to Abbotsbury.  On this route one touring cyclist was spotted, and two local ladies over taken up a hill.  From the hill approaching Abbotsbury one gets an excellent view of Chesil Beach.  The decent into Abbotsbury is very fast and with a slight bend which needed caution at 39mph.  In the village the LF up the hill, after a long climb with excellent views leads past the Hardy Monument to Martinstown.  Onto the B3159, taking the LF to Winterbourne Monkton, with Maiden Castle to the north.  Oh !  A354, A35T ( via Dorcester ring road) to Puddletown and then, the A354 to Blandford Forum.  (195)  The B3082 to the LF at the golf club, through to Witchampton ( nice route no witches ! ) and right over the River Allen onto the B3078 and north upto Cranborne.  Here taking the signs to Fordingbridge, passing pottery onthe right before Alderholt ( to heavy to carry).  The Cadnam B3078 signs were the clue for Godshill.  When almost out of Godshill there is a turn on the left before the last pub and behind it on the right on the sandy lane is the Old Post Office.  This again was very nice, nice people and the bike had a very spacious acommadation.  Mr & Mrs J Grigg 0425 653719.

Friday 9.00 home ! (195) B3078 to Crows Nest Bottom (184), left to Nomansland, right on the B3079, right to Furzley, right past telephone box, at the CR to Blackhill (185) .  Right on the A36T then left following through to the A27, straight across then first right and east on the B3084.  Left at the Dukes Head then right, past the Arboretum through to the A31 and Ampfield.  Then right at the Potter's Heron Motel, straight across the B3043, following the road through to Otterbourne ( stopped and bought a litre of orange juice from a milkman ).  Road works etc , down into Otterbourne taking the first right under the railway bridge to the A355 taking a right then left through to the A333, south then left before the fish pond.  Following the signs to Owslebury, then left keeping straight on to the A272, then FL to Cheriton and the B3046 to New Alresford.  The A31 to Chawton, and finally cross country to Woking.  Whew !

D Nightingale  24 11 90

Dear Editor

Most people will have realised by now that I have taken over the running of The Woking Wayfarers group .  I already have some plans for the next few months , to revitalise the existing group and hopefully gather in some new members.

As from January 1st , 1991 please look extra carefully at the runs list .  I will be introducing some small changes ,that hopefully will take us out of the regimental routine that we seem to have got into of late.  Sunday runs will start at 09.15a.m. and will not always start at Woking market .  These arrangements will give us a longer day , especially in the winter months.

David Pinkess


It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I cycled towards Horse Block Hollow for the annual Tricyclathon.  This was not only due to the fact that it was my first 'CTC event' but also because we were late.  At 10.55 we had just cycled over Newlands Corner with a good few miles ( mostly climbing ) to go and only five minutes left before the start .  Fortunately , we arrived before the first event had got underway and were able to jump in at the end of the queue .  Unfortunately our contingent from the Woking Wayfarers , had become split up leaving only two representives ( myself included ) for the Freewheeling and Hillclimb.

The actual events are best glossed over as rapidly as possible .  The freewheeling was enormous fun but without some local knowledge I found myself using a little ( cowardly ) brake power which was reflected in my final position . - ED's note:  he did actually beat two more experianced riders , - The hillclimb can be best described in three words :  pain on wheels !  Back at the top of the hill ' competitors ' struggled to get their breath back before heading for well earned refreshments .  Peaslake was the venue for the third event , the speedjudging .  This was again a most enjoyable but difficult challenge which people approached with a variety of tactics .  It emerged that going flat out on both laps was the most successful approach .  Unfortunately I had decided to try a slow and steady pace - with predictable results.

The day was rounded off with a gentle ride back to Newlands Corner for tea and cakes.  Overall it was a most enjoyable day and I would personally like to thank all those involved in its organisation .  I would also like to encourage any other new members to take part in such events in the future - after all you only have your dignity , breath and way to lose.

Geoff Davis


If you peruse the two tables I have printed on the next two pages you will see that West Surrey D.A. name appears quite a lot.  The club finishing as runners-up in the D.A.T.C. competition , 35 points behind North Yorkshire D.A. and 50 points in front of third placed Lincs. D.A.  Then if you look through the individual's competition we had members appearing in 8th = - Roger Philo , 10th = - Ann and Bernard Daws , 20th - Chris Avery , 24th = - Philip Hampton , 26th = - yours truly, 36th - Colin Harris and Geoff Smith even appeared in the top 208, which out of 2037 riders who participated through out the year is bloody marvellous.

The list of locations we rode at the during the year reads like an atlas of the U.K.  We rode in events in Surrey , Sussex (East and West) , Kent, West London (actually held in Herts) , Buckinghamshire , Dorset , Wiltshire , Devon , Staffordshire, Yorkshire , Hampshire , Norfolk , Suffolk and a few other places that slip my mind at the moment .  So as you can see we travelled far and wide getting our points for the competition .  I can't speak wholly for the other people mentioned above , but for my part I cannot say that it wasn't difficult at time's , getting to and from events and taking part .  But I don't regret it for a moment , I've had a wonderful time , riding in parts of the country I don't normally get to ride in , meeting other riders from all over the country and generally having a good time.  I shall certainly take an active part in next years competition and hopefully get a few posistion's higher , but that will not be the full reason for me taking part as I mentioned above .  Give a few of the events a go in 1991  I'm sure you won't be disappointed .

Lastly , as I said in the editorial, CONGRATULATIONS and THANKYOU to the people mentioned above for making an otherwise dull year a bit more pleasant and bearable.  Thanks a lot .



First Overall : Chris Delf North Yorkshire D.A.
Second Overall : Roger Chambers East Surrey D.A.
Third Overall : Michael Bedford East Surrey D.A.
First Junior : Diane Wright North Yorkshire D.A.
First Lady : Christine Johnson North Yorkshire D.A.
First Veteran : Roger Chambers East Surrey D.A.
First Team : North Yorkshire D.A.



1. North Yorkshire D.A. 631
2. West Surrey D.A. 596
3. Lincolnshire D.A. 542
4. Hull and East Riding D.A. 539
5. SYNDDA 488
6. Leicester D.A. 485
7. Essex D.A. 448
8. West Kent D.A. 425
9. West Yorkshire D.A. 409
10. Northants. and Milton Keynes D.A. 405
11. East Surrey D.A. 402
12. Bristol D.A. 364
13. East Sussex D.A. 325
14. Cardiff and South Wales D.A. 311
15. West London D.A. 308






1 DELF.Chris North Yorkshire 111 10
2 CHAMBERS.Roger(V) East Surrey 108 10
* 3 BEDFORD.Michael East Surrey 107 10
* 4 JOLLY.Peter Essex 107 10
* 5 SUFFOLK.Kim Leicestershire 107 10
6 JOHNSON.Christine(L) North Yorkshire 106 10
JOHNSON.Ray North Yorkshire 106 10
8 PHILO.Roger West Surrey 104 10
ROBINSON.Andrew(V) Chester & N.Wales 104 10
10 DAWS.Ann(LV) West Surrey 103 10
DAWS.Bernard(V) West Surrey 103 10
HOWLETT.Roger Lincolnshire 103 10
KNIGHTON.Gary North Yorkshire 103 10
WRIGHT.Wally North Yorkshire 103 10
15 RAILTON.Brian(V) Hull & East Riding 102 10
WRIGHT.Diane(LJ) North Yorkshire 102 10
17 DEVILLE.Mark Essex 101 10
RAILTON.Ann(LV) Hull & East Riding 101 10
STEVEN.Ben(V) Lune & Lakes 101 10
20 AVERY.Chris West Surrey 99 10
21 HOWLETT.Carrie(LJ) Lincolnshire 96 10
KIRBY.Andrew North Yorkshire 96 10
23 ANDERSON.Geoff East Kent 95 10
24 CROWDER.Graham Lincolnshire 94 10
HAMPTON.Philip West Surrey 94 10
26 PARKER.Ian West Surrey 93 10
POSTLETHWAITE.Jill(L) Lincolnshire 93 10
28 BONSON.Peter Reading 92 9
SIMPSON.Sheila(L) SYNDDA 92 10
UNDERWOOD.Steve Portsmouth 92 10
31 CLARKE.Neil Nottingham 91 9
32 COULSON.Peter N'Hants & M.Keynes 90 10
DOVE.Peter(V) Hull & East Riding 90 10
DOVE.Steven(J) Hull & East Riding 90 10
GIFFORD.Peter Nottingham 90 10
36 HARRIS.Colin West Surrey 89 10
37 LORD.Gillian(L) Leicestershire 87 9
39 REEKS.John Reading 86 10
SPOONER.John Swansea & W.Wales 86 10
41 HILL.Ian Derby 85 10
KERSHAW.Carl West Yorkshire 85 10
LIGHTLY.Alan Cardiff & S.Wales 85 10
44 WOOD.Brian Cornwall 84 10
45 CREESE.Elizabeth(L) West London 82 10
GOODE.Ricki N'Hants & M.Keynes 82 10
GREEN.James Birmingham & Mid. 82 10
LEE.Stuart Portsmouth 82 10
POSTLETHWAITE.Wally(V) Lincolnshire 82 9
SELLEN.Stan West Kent 82 9
WITTING.Peter Leicestershire 82 8
52 MIALL.Richard SYNDDA 81 10
53 BRANCH.Frank(V) West Yorkshire 80 9
JACKSON.Tom West Kent 80 9
LEACH.Jonathan Hull & East Riding 80 8

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