West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 7 - January/February 1979

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Newsletter No. 7

Benstead Cup 1978  The AGM decided to delete the rule prohibiting the use of sprints and tubs in Benstead Cup events, and agreed with the committee's recommendation that last year's hill-climb and free-wheeling should be so judged.  The results are therefore
Hill-climb:  1 Mark Langman (2m 38s) 2 Chris Jeggo (2-44) 3 John Essex (2-54)
Freewheeling:  1 Graham Richardson 2 Harold Coleman 3 Gary Evans
The final result of the 1978 Benstead Cup competition is
1 Chris Jeggo (582 points) 2 Graham Richardson (540) 3 John Essex (481) 4 Harold Coleman (480) 5 Fraser Pett (422) 6 Mark Langman (373)

Benstead Cup 1979  The other change voted by the AGM is that Thursday evening runs no longer count towards the attendance competition.  Otherwise, this year's competition will be run on much the same lines as last year's, but with a better "100" course, and we hope to make the Tourist Trial much less of a race.  Provisionally, the same events will be held on corresponding dates to last year's;  a hand-out giving full details will appear after the next committee meeting.

Annual General Meeting  The officers and committee elected for the year are:-
President:  Bill Inder, 33 High St., Horsell, Woking (Woking 72074)
Vice-presidents:  George Alesbury and Harold Coleman
Secretary:  Chris Jeggo, 4 Carlyon Close, Mytchett, Camberley (Farnborough 46472)
Treasurer:  George Alesbury, 12 Spencer Ave., Weybridge (W 43285)
Runs Secretary:  Russ Mantle, 68 Haig Road, Aldershot, Hants.(A 28275)
Committee Members:
  Harold Coleman, "Lane End", Highlands Lane, Westfield, Woking (60385)
  Keith Parfitt ) 24 Elmside, Onslow Village, Guildford
  Kathy Parfitt )   (Guildford 60776)
  Les Sutton, 62 Chobham Road, Ottershaw
As you can see, the cabinet has been re-shuffled a little, and there is one newcomer, whom we welcome with open arms.  It was encouraging to have an excess of keen candidates for committee places, and it is hoped that the two who were not elected for this year will not be discouraged from standing again.

Congratulations are due to Harold Coleman for his success in the recent CTC Council election.  He is one of five councillors representing London and the South-East, and he wishes to thank all those who voted for him.  Knowing Harold, he will certainly attract attention to the DA, which has not returned a councillor before.  It will be beneficial for the DA to have a say in the running of the club and to know about decisions as soon as they are made.

Forthcoming events.
10 March  Slide Show, Horsell Scout Hut, 7 pm
23 March  Disco at Ottershaw
31 March/1 April  YH w/e, Arundel, with E.Sussex & W.London DAs
22 April  50-mile standard ride, same route as last year, certificates for 3½, 4, 4½ or 5 hours, start at Mayford Green at 8.45 am (but those going for the longer times may have to start earlier)

If anyone knows of cafés suitable for elevenses or tea which we have not used, please speak up.  We are a bit short in some areas;  one particularly big blank on the map is the Crowthorne-Bracknell-Wokingham area.

Keith Parfitt would like to see a YH weekend every month on the runs list, and would welcome suggestions for tours, and offers to lead them.

Enjoy your cycling in 1979!

Chris Jeggo (Editor)

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