West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 6 - November/December 1978

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Newsletter No. Six

     No-one seems to have spotted the deliberate mistake in the last newsletter, which should have been No. 5.  The prize, a slightly worn freewheel block kindly donated by Fraser Pett, will have to be thrown in the dustbin after all.

     A total of £11 was collected in memory of Don Field and sent to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, who have sent us a letter of thanks, relayed here to those who kindly contributed.

Benstead Cup Results
     The Tourist Trial on 10 September attracted ten entries.  The first three places went to Chris Jeggo, Harold Coleman, and Graham Richardson.  The committee has not had much feedback from members on what are considered to be the good or bad points of this competition.  Why not voice your opinion at the AGM?
     The surprise winner of this year's attendance competition is someone by the name of Inder.  "Competition" is a bit of a misnomer:  you might as well have the Edwards Cup for keeps, Bill - well done!  Second and third places went to Keith Parfitt and Graham Richardson.
     The final results of the hill climb, free-wheeling, and Benstead Cup competitions were not available at the time of writing, and will appear in the next issue.  Fraser Pett managed to strip half the teeth off one of his sprockets in the hill climb.

     Congratulations are due to Simon Doughty and Tony Pryce who have both cycled round the entire Centenary Relay Ride route (1300 miles), for which they will receive a special certificate from headquarters in due course.  Additionally, Simon was the first in the country to achieve this feat.

Forthcoming Events
     11 November  Photographic competition and slideshow.  95 slides have been entered this year - well up on last year.  In addition, "Greece" (No, nothing to do with John Travolta!) will be the subject of Stuart Jackson, and Harold Coleman will tell the story of his tour of the Pyrenees with Bob Kemp's CTC party.
     25 November  Grand Jubilee Dinner and Social, following the successful pattern of previous years, but with special extra touches for this special year.  Our guests are the Mayor of Woking and Les Warner and their wives.  The menu is mouth-watering.  Tickets (£5.50) are obtainable from committee members, particularly Bill Inder and Russ Mantle.
     16/17 December  Youth Hostel Weekend.  The outline plan is to take a train for the first few miles and then cycle through country too distant for normal day runs to Beachy Head.  This scheme will be reversed the next day, using the train to ensure that we get back to Addlestone in time for ...
     17 December  Christmas Tea.  No-one needs to be reminded what a feast this will be, but don't forget to book!
     25 December  Appetiser run.  Details overleaf.

     Those who visited Peter Hoyte's collection on the Intermediate Section's run on 15 October were fascinated by his wide variety of old cycles, mainly Victorian, and his mechanical musical instruments - musical boxes, hurdy-gurdies, etc..  He described the problems of re-spoking a "penny", and showed us a Dursley-Pedersen frame newly nickel-plated - a real lightweight.  But why did so few riders turn up, when someone had taken the trouble to arrange the visit, and Mr. Hoyte had given up part of his Sunday morning?  What sort of run does the Intermediate Section want, a plain bike ride, or a day out on bikes?

Chris Jeggo

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