West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 20 - March/April 1981

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MARCH ALREADY! The snowdrops and crocuses have been blooming since early February and the primulas haven't stopped blooming since last spring - what does this portend? An early summer followed by an even earlier winter? Snow on midsummers day?

JOHN WHATMORE ALREADY! MY LIFE, has just returned from several weeks touring in Israel. Whilst the rest of us have to be content with our 'Fortnight Away', John; being a journalist; even has to exagerate his holidays - the clever guy(or goy, according to your religion). Judging by his many postcards and the tantalising snippets of information John has obviously had a fascinating time and has been volunteered to give us a Talk and Slideshow in the near future.

SPRINGTIME IN KENT - sounds superb - well it must be better than a wet Sunday in Basingstoke! If you would prefer the former join your D.A. friends at the HOME COUNTIES RALLY 2/3/4 May - details in Cycletouring - stop at Goudhurst Y.H. or camp if you want INTENTS EXCITEMENT - that must be my worst ever!

Did you know that DAVID WHITTLE has used a CAVITY INSULATION firm to prevent heat loss through his head!

D.A. 50 MILE RELIABILITY RIDE Sunday 26th April - a ride for everyone - Surrey and Sussex lanes in the springtime + CERTIFICATES + for 3½, 4, 4½ and even 5 hours. Start Mayford Green, finish Holmbury St Mary, D.A. BIRTHDAY TEA in the afternoon - fantastic!

The INTERMEDIATE are hoping to impress the RACE RELATIONS BOARD by meeting up with the MID SUSSEX D.A. on March 1st and 22nd, and April 12th. Seriously, the more we can meet with other D.A.s the better, we all belong to the same club - remember?

'WHITTLE'S EUROPE' - Slide Show. Well that must be good for a laugh. D.A. CLUBROOM, Guildford Rowing Club 7.30pm Wednesday 18th March. Further CLUB NIGHTS - 13th May, 10th June - pretty girls, good beer, ME, what more can you want!

The MILD WINTER has brought out more than just the spring flowers - Gillian Smith, George Alesbury and Tim Staton have all been out on a Sunday. Don't break the habit now that you have aquired it again.

TOURING IN VENEZUELA - a slide show by that well known CYCLIST, RACONTEUR, AND PHOTOGRAPHER - CHRIS DAVIES - D.A. CLUBROOM, Saturday 7th March. Not to be missed.

Looking ahead, don't forget the SPEEDJUDGING and FREEWHEELING on Sunday 10th May and MID SUMMER SOCIAL, D.A. CLUBROOM Saturday 13th June.

HAS THE PETROL RUN OUT ALREADY? Robert Pidgeon and Geoffrey Findlay have been seen on BICYCLES!!!!!!! Not a pretty sight.

RAY CRAIG invites you to join him on the Audax 200km starting from Stouton on Wye Y.H. on April 11th. Details & entry forms from Ray - Tadley 6867. The route is through Mid Wales.
The D.A. has the dubious pleasure of another tricyclist in its midst. JOHN CLARK has joined the MOBILE GYMNASTS. He seems to have mastered the nasty thing with indecent haste and has been observed obtaining final tuition on the most hair raising manoeuvres in the DAVE BOLINGBROKE repetoire.

CIDER MEET, ST LO - contact RAY CRAIG immediately - 10.30am ferry from Southampton on GOOD FRIDAY - staying the week, very reasonable.

I have proved that you don't have to be an expert to win in our PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION but if you are still doubtful take some - pictures(slides) and enter them in the NOVICES SECTION later in the year - any subject - open to anyone previously unplaced.

SIMON DOUGHTY drew this specially to save you
from having to read anymore - you can thank
him when you see him.


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