West Surrey CTC Newsletter No. 21 - May/June 1981

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Our News Letter has "Come of age" with this issue. What do you think to the idea of it growing into a magazine with articles contributed by members? Of course it could not be given away as our present Runs List and News Sheet is - thanks to the generosity of one of our members, a system which cannot last forever anyway.

"MIDSUMMER MADNESS" Saturday 13th June, D.A. Clubroom, Glfd. How does this grab you - the evening commences with a Pleasure Boat voyage up the uncharted regions of the River Wey - if you must dangle fingers or toes in the water make sure that they are some one elses, the crocodiles are ravenous. Upon return Customs and Excise have promised to keep delays to a minimum so that you can enjoy the fine food and refreshing drinks, soft music and subdued lighting(the Electricity Board have threatened to cut the supply off). All this for a mere £2. BOOK NOW with our Social Secretary Gillian Smith(woking 61294)

Sunday 10th May, the next two events in our Benstead Cup Competition - SPEEDJUDGING in the morning, ROUGHSTUFF in the afternoon. They are both good fun, don't miss them.

GOT A TANDEM? - if so please offer your services(Together with your tandem) and help in a Sponsored Ride in aid of the blind. Sunday 17th May is the day. Keith Parfitt can tell you all about - this is worth giving up your normal run for PLEASE HELP.

Another Benstead Cup event and a TRIP INTO HISTORY! -'STONEHENGE AND BACK' Sun 7th June 200km Reliability Ride(125 miles) run under Audax rules - there is a badge available. Start Aldershot, finish Mytchett for tea with the Jeggos. Contact Ray Craig for entry forms and details,Tadley 6867.

Future CLUB NIGHT dates are Wednesday May 13th and June 1Oth - Guildford Rowing Club, Shalford Road, Guildford(just past the Jolly Farmer P.H.) 7.30pm onwards - see you!

If you like the SURREY HILLS or just a challenge then the SUPER GRIMPEUR is for you. Only 100kms but a few thousand feet of climbing thrown in. It is on Sunday 26th July with a SOCIAL EVENING on the night before at TANNERS HATCH Y.H. Contact Ray Craig - there are specials allowances for ladies and old men like me, and Gordon Appleby and George Upton and John Whatmore and Roy Banks and John Clark - I think that only leaves Graham Barnes on the full ride!

The THURSDAY NIGHTERS are away for their special weekend, over 9th and 10th May, at Culworth near Banbury. There has been much secret training on thursday nights - it must have cost them a fortune!

Five WEST SURREY MEMBERS attended the CIDER MEET at St Lo in France over Easter. Bill Inder, George Upton and John Whatmore were refused upon sight by the captain of the ship upon which they had intended to return, and they were forced to spend another night consuming FRENCH FOOD AND WINE will there be no end to their suffering?

Are you interested in keeping STEAM RAILWAYS going? If so Ray Craig would you to join him on a sponsored walk in aid of the Mid Hants Railway Line on May 17th. Contact Ray on Tadley 6867.

On May 5th West Surrey will have a SPECIAL NEW MEMBER - the new NATIONAL SECRETARY, ALAN LENG will be in his office at Godalming for the first time on that day. He will be very busy no doubt but assures me that he will be riding his bike through our Surrey Lanes with us. We look forward to your company Alan.

For the first time almost in living memory the 50 mile Reliability Ride un Sunday 26th April suffered from rain - at least it didn't snow as it did the day before. in spite of the weather there were 25 starters, only one of which failed to finish. We all met up at Elstead for the D.A. BIRTHDAY TEA WHICH WAS DELICIOUS as usual.

There are yet more new and expensive cameras around - have you seen Dave Whittles - so we should be getting some good slides in the PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION on Nov 14th. Don't forget that there is NEWCOMERS CLASS as well as the standard Land & Seascape, Clublife, and Record and General

I have just gazed at my typewriter for ten minutes and can't think of any else to say - who said that makes a change - I can't even think of anything rude about David Whittle!


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